Chargers’ Tyrod Taylor Has Punctured Lung

A Chargers team doctor accidentally punctured quarterback Tyrod Taylor‘s lung just prior to Sunday’s game while administering a pain-killing shot, sources tell’s Adam Schefter (Twitter links). Taylor was preparing to play through broken ribs before matters were made worse by the complication. 

Taylor is now looking at an extended absence and doctors have advised him to stay home “indefinitely,” according to Schefter. Rookie Justin Herbert — who was thrust into action against the Chiefs — is now slated to start against the Panthers on Sunday. Odds are, Taylor will need even more time to heal after that point.

The NFLPA is looking into the matter, Schefter hears. Meanwhile, Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn insists that Taylor will resume his role as the team’s starter once he’s able to return to the field. For what it’s worth, the Bolts pushed the defending champs to overtime on Sunday with Herbert under center. If he’s able to keep up the good work, the Chargers could be looking at a tricky situation when Taylor is finally cleared.

Taylor, 31, was a three-year starter for the Bills between 2015 and 2017. During his 2015 Pro Bowl campaign, Taylor averaged 8.0 yards per pass, threw 20 touchdown passes, six interceptions and ran for 568 yards. All in all, he owns a career 23-21-1 record as a starter. Taylor is historically safe with the football: among quarterbacks with at least 1,000 attempts since 2015, Taylor ranks third in interception percentage.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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21 comments on “Chargers’ Tyrod Taylor Has Punctured Lung

    • bestno5

      Probably tried to administer the shot with a full face mask on which clouded their view

  1. phenomenalajs

    Lawsuit? It won’t be the first time he was brought in as a caretaker quarterback then supplanted earlier than expected.

  2. Ak185

    Herbert looked great, much better than expected, but I understand how Lynn would stick up for Tyrod after this. I mean, bringing in a guy who you’re familiar with and supplanting him with a first rounder due to poor play is one thing. A team doctor ending your season and losing your job because of it and not your own play is another.

    I am NOT saying that I have more confidence in Taylor than Herbert, but the circumstances would make me understand why Lynn wants to honor his role as a starter. If Herbert continues to play well, however, there really is no choice and Taylor should get all the money he can out of that doctor.

    • Yep it is

      Why if Herbert plays well and you used a high first rounder on him would you put in a career journeyman QB? Sounds to me like Lynn is being stubborn about it.

      • Ak185

        I agree with that, and I said that. If Herbert lights it up, then yes, the Chargers have no choice and neither does Taylor. But Taylir did not lose the job because of his play, or even because of Herbert’s upside. He lost it because of a screw-up by a doctor-a team employee, at that. It would be pretty bad to not give him a chance to match Herbert after that.

        If Herbert is utterly fantastic and blows Taylor’s production out of the water, then Taylor would have no choice but to chalk it up to bad luck, tip his cap, and move on. But at least there would be no questions about how Lynn and the Chargers handled it. Players take note of how teams conduct themselves, just like we do, and Taylor has a pretty good reputation and has been a good teammate everywhere he’s been. Nobody would revolt if Herbert started or feel disinclined to go to the Chargers because of that, but a coach making his players feel secure in doing their jobs is something that will likely be in the back of their minds. Again, it’s hard to take someone’s job under these circumstances because it can make players less secure in their own roles.

        Also, and this is important, this gives the Chargers the chance to let Herbert get valuable experience without completely throwing him into the fire. He can operate as the “backup” and feel safe as he learns with real experience, and by the time he is declared the starter, he should be confident in his grasp of the offense and his teammates’ tendencies. And if he ranks, the Chargers can safely retire him to the bench to continue to learn while Taylor starts. This is really much safer a strategy until Herbert gets a few good games under his belt and proves that he is ready for the franchise responsibilities.

    • compassrose

      What is he supposed to say? If Herbert plays good enough to win the job he will keep I am sure. Would be stupid to say Herbert had the job then he poops the bed the next couple games they play. Will be harder to take out Herbert and he could lose confidence. Smartest play Taylor has his job until he doesn’t.

    • GoLandCrabs

      Taylor is not good. If he is your starter espically on a win now team like the Chargers you are in bad shape. He is a serviceable backup but how can an NFL team actually look at Tyrod then look at Mahomes or Jackson and think you have a chance. Give the starting nod to the hopeful franchise QB you just took at #6.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Doctor: “I told you I could take your mind off the pain in those ribs.”

  4. bigun

    Just a little pinprick
    There’ll be no more, ah
    But you may feel a little sick
    Can you stand up?
    I do believe it’s working, good
    That’ll keep you going through the show
    Come on it’s time to go

  5. nutznboltz

    Taylor has one 300 yard passing game in 47 nfl games played. Herbert has one 300 yard passing game in one nfl game.

  6. hoosierhysteria

    Where did the Chargers get these doctors? The last guy was doing illegal doses. Dr. Chow as I recall

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