Adam Gase: Jets Won’t Trade Quinnen Williams

Despite the speculation, the Jets won’t trade defensive lineman Quinnen Williams between now and Tuesday’s deadline. At least, that’s what head coach Adam Gase says. 

He’s going to be here,” said Gase (Twitter link via SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano).

Gase went on to say that there’s “nothing” to the “false” rumors of the first-round pick being shopped. However, at multiple beat writers have heard that the Jets are willing to listen on Williams, and one recent report indicated that the Jets are actively looking to recoup draft compensation for him.

The Jets took Williams with the No. 3 overall pick just last year. With the talent to be a defensive cornerstone for years to come, a trade would be shocking. Still, at 0-7, the Jets are expected to be active in the coming days.

The Jets reportedly more than a second-round pick for the former Alabama standout, though Gase claims he’s practically untouchable. Given his ability and improvement as an NFL sophomore, that seems like an achievable asking price. Through seven games, Williams has five tackles for loss and ranks as one of the league’s very best run-stoppers on the interior, according to Pro Football Focus.

If Williams stays put this week, he’ll line up across from Patrick Mahomes on Sunday.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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13 comments on “Adam Gase: Jets Won’t Trade Quinnen Williams

  1. Oooof

    Makes sense. He’s starting to flash in a way he didn’t last year, even though he’s on a dead end team with holes all over the defense. Maybe he’ll never justify his draft position, but trading him at a discount is really gambling that you can properly evaluate him when he’s playing for Gregg Williams with these players.

  2. mstockw1

    It would have been the last thing Gase would have done as a Jet lol. Admittedly I had hoped he’d burn it all down and send Williams to Buffalo as one final middle finger to that organization…. but that’s just me as a Bills fan so…

  3. M Haworth

    I wouldn’t move him right now. I’d imagine the Jets will clean house in the front office and they can make the call. With all the draft capital and cap space, he could be a building block since he has three years control left.

    • myaccount

      Zero chance. GM Joe Douglas (who aided in building 3 super bowl champs and demanded a 5 year deal to become Jets GM so he’d have security) has done a fine job recreating the team in his vision since taking over last season. He hasn’t been perfect but he was brought in to make a losing roster a winner. That was impossible. Anyway, he’ll have 3 years left on his deal. He’s going nowhere, but Gase will be gone.

  4. brave new world

    Packers for a 2, 4 & 5. They have extra 4th, 5th, & 6th round picks this year due to comp picks. So it’s manageable. Williams would fit next to Kenny Clark & the Smith bro’s and really help against the run.

    • Perksy

      I’m not a Jet fan, but they would need to give up more. He’s the #3 overall in his 2nd year of the rookie deal.

      • padam

        Exactly. Kid is barely in the NFL and already in rumors. His upside and ceiling are high, just needs to adjust and can take time. Wouldn’t be smart to bail, especially when he’s beginning to progress. And anything short of a first rounder wouldn’t be sufficient in my opinion.

  5. TJECK109

    It’s rather interesting that I guy that won’t be there next year is still having input on personnel

    • Rocket32

      TJECK109 Well at least he thinks he still has input. You don’t tell the guy he’s 100% fired at the end of the season and that going forward his input means nothing to you right now. You don’t interrupt the Tank Commander while he’s driving.

      Gase is probably delusional enough anyway to believe he’s doing fine, everyone else is wrong, and that he’s about to get to coach Trevor Lawrence

  6. Greg M

    Prayers and thoughts to Quinnen Williams and his family in this difficult time.

  7. wagner13

    I personally believe the speculation about a potential Williams trade has been overstated. Mehta was the one suggesting the Jets were openly shopping him and he can’t even be trusted to accurately report what he ate for breakfast.

    It sounds more like the Jets are just listening in and would only bite if an offer blows them away. Considering they invested such a high pick on him and he’s developing smoothly thus far, I do not see how moving him would be to their benefit. That said, this is the Jets, so who knows?

  8. seaver41

    Much ado about nothing cuz of Manish and his usual made up stories. Gase will be gone and the GM will have a large day in who the next HC will be- keep in mind this GM was hired AFTER Gase.

  9. JoeBrady

    As a Raider fan, I’d love to see Williams in the middle of our line. But I also wouldn’t give up a #1, which might be ~ #15-16. OTOH, I think it require a good #2, plus another decent draft pick. Maybe a 2 + 4?

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