Jets To Trade Jordan Willis To 49ers

After dealing starter Steve McLendon, the Jets are trading another defender. The 49ers will acquire edge defender Jordan Willis from the Jets, per Tom Pelissero of (on Twitter).

This is a low-profile move ahead of the Nov. 3 deadline. The 49ers will send the Jets a 2022 sixth-round pick and get back a 2021 seventh in this swap, per Pelissero (on Twitter). Willis’ profile has lowered considerably over the past two seasons, but he will have another chance at raising it soon.

The former Bengals third-round pick has worked as a backup with the Jets. He has played 46 defensive snaps this season and was a nine-game backup in 2019, after the Jets claimed him off waivers from the Bengals. Willis, who was a regular rotational cog in 2017 and ’18 in Cincinnati, has not played since Week 3.

The 49ers have seen injuries deplete their once-vaunted defensive line this season. Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas are out for the season, and Dee Ford has no return date in sight. Willis has just three career sacks, but the 49ers will have some extra depth after Willis clears the lengthy COVID-19 protocols.

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11 comments on “Jets To Trade Jordan Willis To 49ers

  1. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Let’s those tears of joy flow, Mr. Willis. It’s ok, we won’t judge you. Just like Kurt Russell, you have escaped NY.

  2. itslonelyatthetrop

    The last man standing for NYJ should be GM Joe Douglas. The team may not be very good, but he’s stocked a ton of draft capital. And he didn’t hire the HC. They should can Adam Gase and let Douglas hire his own guys, draft accordingly, and see what happens.

    It can’t get any worse!

    • DVail1979

      After Gase guarantees them the 1st pick he will be fired … Seems obvious … But it is the Jets

    • He got two additional 4th rounders in 2020 and a 6th for 2021 during last year’s draft. Good, not great.

      But these recent moves are *very* minimal. He traded McLendon, Willis, and two 7th rounders for two sixth rounders. Since the Jets are terrible, those 7th rounders they sent away would be at the very beginning of the round. The 6ths they received back will probably be middle of the pack.

      So they traded away McLendon and Willis to move up a dozen or so spots in the 6/7 round range. Almost a meaningless move. In addition, 6th and 7th rounders are practically worthless.

      • RyanO

        Lol did you forget he traded Leonard Williams in a contract year for a 3 & 5 plus Jamal Adams for two 1s.

        • JoeBrady

          The best part about that trade is that, in addition to the two picks, had the NYJ kept Williams, they might be the 1-5 team and the NYG might be the 0-6 team.

          Basically, in a year where the NYGs might finish last last, they lost two good picks and might lose the Lawrence sweepstakes.

  3. dave frost nhlpa

    Yes a lot of draft capitol but he still has to hit on those choices. Dan Marino comes to mind.

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