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Despite the recent rumblings, Adam Gase‘s job as the Jets’ head coach will not be on the line in tonight’s game against the Broncos, Ian Rapoport of hears. Gase’s far from safe, but the Jets want to give him the opportunity to turn things around.

The Jets feel that firing Gase after just four games would be counterproductive. They’re also concerned about making a change that could stifle the development of quarterback Sam Darnold. Privately, the Jets probably recognize that they haven’t given the 42-year-old coach much to work with.

The Jets sat on their cash this offseason, mostly handing out one-year deals or contracts that are light on guaranteed dollars for 2021 and beyond. The Jets ultimately whiffed on most of their top targets and declined to go deep into talks for Jaguars star edge rusher Yannick Ngakoue. Then, just before the start of the season, the Jets shipped star safety Jamal Adams to the Seahawks. Publicly, Jets CEO Christopher Johnson claims that he gave GM Joe Douglas “complete discretion” in managing the roster, but finances were undoubtedly a factor.

After opening the season with three straight losses, Gase now has a combined 30-37 career coaching record. Things haven’t gone according to plan since the Jets hired Gase in January of 2019, but the team did manage to go 6-2 in the second half of last season. The Jets will hope for a similar spark starting tonight when they face the winless Broncos.

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27 comments on “Latest On Jets, Adam Gase

  1. goldenmisfit

    They don’t want to stifle the development of Darnold? Sam is worse now than he was in his rookie year under Todd Bowles. Basically they do not want to fire him and will give him every opportunity to turn this around I get the feeling even if this team finishes 2-14 as expected they still might sit there and try and come up with a reason to keep him. The franchise is starting to realize what a huge mistake it was hiring Adam as a head coach but just refuse to admit it. As I said at the beginning of last season when you hire a head coach that was just fired by one of your rivals buyer beware. Also this garbage of not giving him much to work with Todd had less to work with but they had no problem firing him. This is really all about not wanting to admit they made a huge mistake in the head coach hiring process.

    • compassrose

      Ig money is tight they will probably keep him around close to the end of his contract. Tough to pay that much to a coach who is sitting home eating chips and laughing at how bad his old team is.

    • julyn82001

      Question, no a Jets fan, but is Gase really that bad? Some outlets recognize his work. Just wondering what exactly is the problem with the Jets…

      • Oooof

        Yes. Look how many guys he had on the Dolphins excelled as soon as he or they were gone. He’s supposed to be a great offensive mind, but no offensive players have thrived under him. His game plans have been uninspired. Darnold has regressed. And he doesn’t even seem interested in the other stuff that goes with the job. As a Jets fan who also watched the Dolphins a lot, it’s impossible to say what he’s actually presently good at, other than staying in Peyton Manning’s good graces.

    • “when you hire a head coach that was just fired by one of your rivals buyer beware.”

      It should also be noted that he was fired with cause. It wasn’t like he was around along time and they were just looking for something new. It wasn’t like there was new ownership or a new GM that wanted to start fresh.

      He was actively very bad. In Miami, he took over a really bad offense and made it worse. He took over an OK defense and turned it into one of the worst in football.

      It blows me away that an NFL team would make such a bad, uninspired hire for head coach. I feel bad for Jets fans because that team is so poorly run.

  2. Oooof

    Sure, the Jets have figured out that he’s bad at talent evaluation, player development, game-planning, and in-game management, but they just can’t resist keeping his sparkling personality around.

  3. joeyrocafella

    So say the Jets finish with the #1 pick in the draft… What do you do with Darnold? Do you try to deal him for a 4th or 5th round pick and draft Trevor Lawrence? Do you draft Lawrence and let him sit behind a lame duck QB whose 5th year option won’t be picked up? Do you trade away the first pick? I’m so lost on my Jets

    • Oooof

      Same. The fact that there’s no good answer because they invested so much in Darnold and then did so little to make sure they could actually give him a real evaluation is just so frustrating.

    • bradthebluefish

      Could trade Sam Darnold away for picks if Joe Flacco is willing to teach Trevor Lawrence the playbook.

    • You draft Lawrence. imo, this isn’t a tough decision. Darnold may be good down the line or with better coaches, but if he plays bad enough where they’re the #1 overall pick, go with Lawrence.

      To me, the Giants would have a more difficult decision with Jones, but even if I was the Giants, I’d take Lawrence and cut my losses.

      • bradthebluefish

        Great points! If I were the Giants, it would depend on what I could get for the first draft pick and the team I could draft around Daniel Jones… versus what I could get for by trading away Daniel Jones and the talent I could surround Trevor Lawrence with.

  4. bradthebluefish

    “They’re also concerned about making a change that could stifle the development of quarterback Sam Darnold.”

    What development has there been thus far?

    • bradthebluefish

      Thus far as in this year. I’ve seen little to no progress. Especially given the Jets lack of receivers.

    • Technically correct

      The development is that they are competing for the #1 pick and right to draft Lawrence. They don’t want to stifle it up.

  5. Stat

    They just need to completely scrap this team. The talent on that roster and coaching staff has been a joke. The offensive mind of Gase has actually made Darnold regress

  6. crosseyedlemon

    If the Jets axe Gase too quickly they’ll miss out on the exciting Matt Patricia sweepstakes at the end of the season.

    • Pretty optimistic to think Patricia will last the season. Another Pats flameout.

  7. Oooof

    If Greg Williams is made interim head coach again, maybe he can try offering bounties to offensive players for not getting hurt.

  8. Ak185

    Darnold still has potential. Gase does not. Seems like an easy choice on who to save from the other.

    Gase has shown what kind of talent he needs to be productive. Peyton Manning is retired.

  9. bigcat20

    The Jets May be the worst sports organization of the four major sports.
    They need new ownership ASAP.
    That’s the start.

  10. Julio Franco's Birth Certificate

    I’m still shocked that Mark Sanchez led the Jets to the AFC Championship Game, or was that just a complete blackout and mirage?

    Just fire Gase, trade Darnold for Baker Mayfield, and sell the team to some crazy Saudi oil baron. It’s the only hope left.

    • How is Baker Mayfield any better than Darnold? He has an embarrassment of riches in offensive weapons (Chubb, Landry, OBJ) and yet his numbers aren’t much better, despite Darnold having zero help.

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