No Trade Offers For Saints’ Michael Thomas?

Depending on who you ask, the Saints might be willing to trade Michael Thomas before the deadline. The wide receiver’s camp is working to find potential deals but, so far, the Saints have yet to receive a concrete offer for the superstar, according to PFT’s Mike Florio.

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Thomas’ talent is undeniable, but his contract stands as a major hurdle. A Thomas trade would lead to a $20MM cap charge in 2021, a hit that would be compounded by Drew Brees‘ potential $22.65MM hit. If Thomas gets traded and Brees retires, the Saints would be left with $42.65MM in dead money for two players that are not on the roster.

Thomas inked a massive five-year, $100MM extension in July of 2019 that made him the highest-paid receiver of all time. Lately, he’s been at odds with the team, including a Week 5 benching for an altercation with teammate Chauncey Gardner-Johnson during practice. He’s also been limited due to injuries, including a high ankle sprain and a hamstring issue.

All in all, Thomas has appeared in just one game for New Orleans this year, giving him a stat line of three catches for 17 yards. There’s still reason to believe that Thomas can duplicate last year’s production, though he won’t match the stat line. In 2019, Thomas finished with a single-season-record of 149 receptions to go along 1,725 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.

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22 comments on “No Trade Offers For Saints’ Michael Thomas?

  1. itslonelyatthetrop

    “Hey, want a not so healthy, bad tempered top 3 wide receiver with a $20 million cap hit?”

    • xpackyank

      Heck I thought Randall Cobb looked pretty good yesterday. Fuller is more affordable tho…

        • bigmo

          Depends what they are looking for. Fuller contract expires at the end of the season. Cobb is signed for 2 more years after this one.

    • I think Will Fuller would be a great get for the Packers. Makes way too much sense though, so the Packers will never do it. I’m 49 and been a Packer fan as long as I can remember what a football was, but they always seem to have a different idea of how to do things. Every year I watch the draft and free agency, and the Packers routinely pass on players that the rest of the world and all the football prognosticators think would be perfect for them. Could’ve had D.J. Metcalf a few years ago, for example, or TJ Watt a year before. Both fell right into their laps, but they passed. Now this year they trade up for Jordan Love and take TJ Dillon in the 1st/2nd round instead of going after a Justin Jefferson or Aiyuk to help that PATHETIC WR corp (Valdez-Scantling? Please!). Not saying that they haven’t been semi-successful they way they’ve chosen to do things, but it sure would be nice to have a superstar WR along with Adams or a pass rushing stud right now. I guess they have gotten 2 rings out of 30 years of HOF QB play, so maybe I shouldn’t complain

  2. letmeclearmythroat74

    Thomas to 49ers makes most sense to me or the Bears … or possibly the Raiders

  3. bigeasye

    Jon Gruden has traded for 17 wide receivers since he’s been with the a Raiders. May as well dump some draft picks on another malcontent?

  4. Appalachian_Outlaw

    I’d like to see Thomas in Las Vegas. When you look at WR by routes, Thomas is consistently near the top for performance on the short routes. He’d be a great fit with Carr’s strengths and be a nice compliment to Ruggs’ downfield ability. You add Waller in there and the ability to pound the ball with Jacobs and that’s a fairly well-rounded offense.

    The injuries worry me a bit, but not concerned about the other stuff. It was one fight and we don’t know the story.

    • Ak185

      It would be interesting to send your best weapon to the team that derailed your season early, wouldn’t it?

      Slightly kidding, but Thomas would be a good fit schematically, I agree. Thomas has the ability to bail out a quarterback on short slants as long as he has good timing. I’m not sure whether Mayock would be in the mood to take on another mercurial top end receiver, but perhaps he feels that the locker room culture has evolved enough to be able to withstand a potential distraction.

      On the other hand, his attitude may be a throwback to the old Raider aggressiveness, as long as he directs it towards opponents and not teammates. Just wondering out loud on that one, though.

  5. jacobsigel1025

    If you look at recent big receiver trades like Diggs and OBJ (excluding the garbage Hopkins deal, Diggs was dealt for a 1 plus 3 day 3’s i believe and OBJ was for a 1 2 and Peppers. New Orleans should still have ample leverage given MT’s contract length and AAV if you look at it in retrospect after Hopkins signed his deal. A 1st, 2nd, 4th, and two other day 3 picks may be able to get it done. Don’t think he’d get dealt to an NFC team. Indy, Miami, Baltimore could all be reasonable suitors

    • Ak185

      Agreed, but with one or two stipulations regarding the teams. Indy may be a stretch, given the capital they gave up for Buckner, but Miami has plenty to use if they do choose, plus plenty in cap space. Baltimore just gave some mid-grade picks for Ngakoue and doesn’t throw enough to justify a heavy investment into a star receiver-but, with that said, Thomas’ value just on slants alone could really help Jackson heavily.

      I’m not sure Miami WANTS to invest that much in a trade, but they have a spot open, a young QB, cap space, and picks. I’m not sure about the other AFC teams that would have that ability-Cincinnati and NYJ-would also have the willingness. I could see Cincy dumping Green and trying a trade for Thomas. They’re pretty far from contention as of now, so New Orleans may not have a problem with doing that trade if Cincy so chooses.

    • Wow, after watching this year’s crop of WR light it up, why would any GM cripple his team’s future for an overpriced, fragile veteran WR ever again? OBJ didn’t do much for Cleveland.

  6. jacobsigel1025

    I wouldn’t really call Michael Thomas fragile. Before this season, he only missed one game over 4 years. He’s still only 27 and very much in the prime of his career. Sure you can rely on the draft for receiver help to an extent, but trading for studs aren’t sure fire so to speak but they’re a safer bet than drafting a rookie.

    • If you’re replying to Alec Kinnear, he was calling OBJ fragile, not Thomas. I don’t know why any team would want these malcontent “mouths” on their team anyways…way too many talented players who are happy with their lives and/or know how to keep their mouths shut. Earl Thomas is finding that out right now, albeit at a different position

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