Patriots Cancel Practice Due To COVID-19 Positives

The Patriots canceled Friday’s practice after another player tested positive for COVID-19, a source tells’s Tom Pelissero (on Twitter). They’ve also received another positive on the team, though that test is being rechecked to confirm.

The Pats are going ahead with virtual meetings today, but Sunday’s game against the Broncos is now in flux. That game, of course, was already delayed one week due to previous Patriots positives. Both teams have already burned their bye weeks, so it would be difficult to reschedule the games to be played any later than Monday or Tuesday. Unfortunately, playing the game early next week won’t be an option if the Patriots are not quickly cleared from coronavirus protocols.

Meanwhile, the Colts announced that their previously reported four positives have come back negative after being re-tested. Their game against the Bengals will go on as planned. The Patriots will keep their fingers crossed for a similar outcome. Meanwhile, the league has launched an investigation into their recurring testing issues, which have brought back a number of false positives throughout 2020.

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13 comments on “Patriots Cancel Practice Due To COVID-19 Positives

  1. case7187

    I wonder if a team decides to sit out the rest season what would happen ?

    Do they just forfeit the season or would the league even let them also what happens with the games they already played

  2. Technically correct

    Ladies and Gentlemen, your first official week 18 football game!

  3. At what point do they forfeit? They already made the Broncos adjust where their bye week is, and now they might have to move the game again because of the Pats.

    • louwhitakerisahofer

      It’s the Patriots. The league would make an excuse to let them have a play in game for the playoffs even if they forfeited the rest of their regular season games.

      • louwhitakerisahofer

        I don’t disagree with you though. The more likely outcome is to cancel the Pro Bowl, move back the playoffs by 1 week, and extend the regular season with a “week 18” of make up games.

  4. madmc44

    The Pat’s are no different than other teams. The NFL needs to require the players to wear masks before, during and after the games.
    The idea of fraternizing after the games, being in each others faces is rediculous especially at this time. Then going back to the locker rooms before leaving for a day or two off or hoping on a plane.
    If the players refuse fine them; the same with the coaches.

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