Patriots Unlikely To Trade Stephon Gilmore?

Before the early afternoon games on Sunday, the Patriots were mentioned as trade deadline buyers. A few hours later, they were clobbered by the 49ers, a sobering defeat that dropped them to 2-4 and made their deadline plans difficult to predict.

There is plenty of speculation that, if New England falls to the Bills this weekend, the Pats will look to trade away some veteran assets in exchange for draft capital. And perhaps the biggest name that could be available in a deal is star cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

The Pats reportedly shopped Gilmore before this year’s draft and during training camp, but then they gave the 2019 Defensive Player of the Year what was called a pay raise in September. As Albert Breer of writes, however, the team actually just moved $4.5MM from Gilmore’s 2021 salary to his 2020 pay. That indicated to other clubs that 2020 was going to be Gilmore’s last year in Foxborough, and if the Patriots do indeed lose to Buffalo, they should expect their phones to start ringing off the hook. According to Breer, they have already told teams that they would be willing to listen to offers for almost anyone currently on the roster.

That said, Ian Rapoport of has not heard of any new developments on the Gilmore front (via Ricky Doyle of While that could certainly change at any time, there is nothing imminent just yet. Plus, talks could be complicated by the knee injury that has put Gilmore’s availability for this weekend’s divisional battle in doubt.

In addition to the high-level draft picks that a Gilmore trade would entail, the acquiring team must also be prepared to pony up a massive extension soon. Gilmore’s contract runs through the 2021 campaign, and even though he is not performing at the same level this year as he was in 2019, he will surely demand a top-of-the-market contract this offseason.

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21 comments on “Patriots Unlikely To Trade Stephon Gilmore?

  1. despicable_you

    Titans need help big time in their secondary. Semi hot take saints could him, latimore and co get beat over the top all the time

  2. jacobsigel1025

    Gilly for Christian Kirk and a 4th. Cards have depth at receiver and Patrick Peterson is gonna be a FA

    • PapiElfIsATool

      For an all pro db who just won d player of the year. Go smoke some more crack Hunter Biden

      • jacobsigel1025

        I’m a Pats fan lmao. You don’t get jack for corners past 26 or 27. Darius Slay only fetched a 3 and a 5

      • wagner13

        Just because someone disagrees with you, does not mean you have the right to vigorously insult them.

        Gilmore has not been the same player this year, is aging, and will want a pricy extension. I happen to think the OP’s proposal is a reasonable one. Arizona is stacked at receiver and New England is completely devoid of weapons. The Patriots would be smart to retool for the future

  3. itslonelyatthetrop

    Give up pick(s) and pay a CB on the wrong side of 30?

    Thank you, no.

  4. jay13

    Any team would take Gilmore right now. Price will be to high, I doubt he leaves New England.

    • stug14

      That’s an interesting idea. But the Pats would likely want a subsequent deal to send out Stidham and Newton

    • Who plays QB for the 49ers in this scenario? Nick Mullens is not a good QB and his numbers are only remotely close to Garoppolo’s because his three opponents this year were the Jets, Giants, and Eagles.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    The Patriots have won 15 of the past 16 meetings in Buffalo but if they lose Sunday Belichick is going to hit the panic button? That’s hilarious!

    • wagner13

      I don’t think trading an aging cornerback when you are clearly going nowhere is a “panic” move. Bill recognizes the pitiful state of his offense and will retool accordingly. Would you rather New England acts like the Falcons and perpetually wins seven games each season?

    • If they lose Sunday, they’ll be 2-5. You think Belichick will pass on the opportunity to trade some current assets for draft picks? The Browns are currently in the 2nd wild card at 5-2, so 2-5 is almost an unsurmountable climb. It would be foolish for Belichick *not* to trade assets for picks.

    • JoeBrady

      Seriously? I hate Belichick, just like most normal-thinking Americans, but the dude doesn’t have a panic button.

      Further, imho, ‘panic’ usually refers to someone buying, in order to shore up a weak team because they are scared of losing.

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