Trade Rumors: Giants, Ryan, Fuller

After dealing Markus Golden to the Cardinals, it appears the 1-6 Giants have officially declared themselves sellers at this year’s trade deadline. Though GM Dave Gettleman may be reluctant to trade away veteran talent that could theoretically help Big Blue win a few games — and perhaps save Gettleman’s job in the process — players like Evan Engram, Kevin Zeitler, and Golden Tate could be available, as Ryan Dunleavy of the New York Post writes (though Ian Rapoport of says the club is unlikely to deal Engram).

2017 second-round DT Dalvin Tomlinson could also be on the move, per Dunleavy. Tomlinson is playing out the last year of his rookie contract, and while he has expressed interest in staying with the Giants long-term, there has been little progress in contract talks.

As we creep closer to the November 3 deadline, let’s round up a few more trade rumors from around the league:

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28 comments on “Trade Rumors: Giants, Ryan, Fuller

  1. case7187

    The pats will do nothing as much as they need a wideout they won’t pull the trigger it just seem the way they go when they need something they don’t get it and when they don’t the get it

    How many special teams players and CB does this team need and y do they keep players they never us it’s the same guys sitting out every week

  2. wagner13

    Why would the Vikings trade Irv Smith Jr. already? There’s no way they would acquire fair value in return after just 22 games.

    Tomlinson seems like a good bet to get moved. The Giants are stacked with run stuffers on the defensive line, with Lawrence likely taking his place. BJ Hill should probably be dealt as well.

    The Jets need to stay patient with Quinnen. He is getting double teamed without any surrounding talent to take away blockers. Give him more than a season to develop.

    Finally, Houston really should deal one of Cooks or Stills. They have a surplus of fairly good but not elite receivers. Fuller has too much upside and his injury history will lower his stock

    • Ak185

      Nail on the head here.

      What I will just never understand is getting rid of young drafted talent for picks to do another rebuild: i.e., Williams with NYJ and Tomlinson with NYG. You drafted them-fairly recently-and they’re starters. At this point, you’re building for the future. You’re selling for the sake of selling.

      • rocky7

        Agreed…young, talented players don’t need to be dealt just to start over again with college draft choices that may or may not live up to their hype…..players like Tomlinson and BJ Hill are the Giants future not some other teams!

      • Perksy

        True. But the Giants rarely ever resign their own drafted players. So they probably wouldn’t bring back Tomlinson anyway. They have cap issues so I see them letting him walk like a Landon Collins. If this is the case might as well see what you can get.

    • JoeBrady

      I think you are completely wrong on Quinnen Williams.

      But just for funnsies, what’s the price?

      Sincerely yours,

      A Raiders fan who still thinks interior sacks count.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Will Fuller and a fifth rounder for Kevin Zeitler

    Texans suck thanks to BOB but this helps give Watson some more protection which hopefully results in him being able to lead drives better. Texans have targets (Cobb, Cooks, Coutee, Stills and both Johnson’s).

    Giants get Fuller for the 30 year old lineman. Fuller has some injury history but has huge upside and proven ability to be a good WR. It also means you can trade away Golden Tate who is 6 years older than Fuller and continue to build the offence around Daniel Jones. Plus you’d be getting a decent pick from the Texans

    • case7187

      Not going to lie I had to look up BOB for them I didn’t realize it was you were saying Bill O’Brien BO’B would’ve been better but anyways you he is but the owner is too he should of been fired 2-3 season ago

    • wagner13

      Why would the Giants bother? Fuller is going to be a free agent once the season wraps up and they clearly aren’t going anywhere. I would think protection would be more crucial to Jones at the moment. Slayton and Shepard can hold the fort until the offseason. Even if they do trade Zeitler, it should be for either a controllable young player or draft capital

    • Not sure the Giants should be trading Zeitler. Their O-line is not very good; I don’t think it’s a good idea to trade away one of the few good linemen. *Someone* needs to protect Jones if you’re riding with him into the future.

    • rocky7

      Thanks but no thanks about Fuller….the Giants don’t need another “talented player with a huge upside but with an injury history” …..and especially if he’s going to be a free agent once this season is over……protecting Jones right side is far more important right now.

  4. wishyouwerehere

    No chance the pats bring cooks back. And frankly I’d like to see the pats sell some pieces at this point

  5. jjleavelle

    Packers should go after Fuller, but they won’t. He’ll probably wind up with the Pats for a 5th round pick and a bag of potatoe chips.

    • rocky7

      Don’t think even Jones is that stupid to trade for “the league done messed up”…saw him on the sidelines today whopping it up with a smile on his face before the game even though he was benched this week…guess he was pretty proud of that 1 win prior to todays win…..14 game wonder that Washington should have passed on.

  6. bravesfan

    I see no reason why the falcons wouldn’t at least be open to trading Matt Ryan and even Jones. This team needs a lot of helps and a rebuild is most definitely needed. If someone gave us a offer worth the draft picks or even cash we are eating, it makes no sense to not take it

    • arthur blank_for owner

      no one’s gonna take on that contract for 35 year old QB, cap hit is massive if we cut bait or eat money in a trade. Kinda stuck next 2 years at least….the Bears are the only team I can see has the talent to compete but just lack a QB, plus they don’t already have a massive QB contract on their hands. Could go there but not gonna get much in return but simply more a salary dump trade

      • bravesfan

        Right. I agree. It’s more we need to free up cash and/or get a draft pick to rebuild regardless how lucrative the return. I personally wouldn’t expect much and would be willing to take almost whatever is offered. Which is why it’s sorta frustrating to see us say we aren’t gonna trade them. Maybe it’s that cat and mouse game where we are trying to artificially increase there value somewhat by saying we won’t trade them? I’m probably reaching to make sense of it..

  7. Gus Leggett

    Ok, have the trade all set up. 3 team trade where Minnesota send Cousins to Dallas, Dallas sends Amari Cooper to Green Bay and GB send a 2nd Rd draft pick to Minnesota. And yes, I AM a delusional Vikings fan.

    • jessethegreat

      Cousins was a playoff quarterback just a season ago with a serviceable offensive line and Diggs. Vikes seem to have hit with Jefferson, but why on earth would Dallas get cousins with his cap hit and send out their best receiver? Dallas offensive line is in complete shambles right now. Cousins has better targets and a better offensive line right now in Minnesota. Dallas is better off tanking for Lawrence at this point.

      As a Packers fan, I cannot say I wouldn’t approve of an upgrade at this point. But at what cost? They’re going to have a hard enough time resigning Baktihari and Aaron Jones as well as either resigning Kevin King or using a pick for him next draft. They will be fine with Davante and spare change going forward. Tonyan has started to emerge as a legitimate threat (more so than Graham ever displayed in green and gold anyways) and Lazard should be headed back soon.

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