49ers Searching For Temporary Practice, Game Sites?

Santa Clara County has imposed new COVID-19 restrictions, and they will likely require the 49ers to find venues to hold practices and games over the next few weeks.

To help combat the skyrocketing pandemic, the county where the 49ers play is implementing a temporary ban on contact sports, Fiona Kelliher of the San Jose Mercury News reports. The new policy begins at 12:01am Monday; the 49ers will not be exempt. Santa Clary County is also imposing a 14-day quarantine for visitors traveling into the county from beyond 150 miles.

California teams spent time searching for potential training camp alternatives this summer but ended up holding camp at their respective facilities. This time, the 49ers may need to make a major in-season adjustment. The team has begun to look for emergency replacement sites, The Athletic’s Matt Barrows tweets. A 49ers exemption should not be ruled out, especially given the uprooting the team would need to go through to comply with the new measure.

The 49ers have two home games that would be impacted — Sun., Dec. 7 against the Bills and Sat., Dec. 13 against Washington. It appears the team hit hardest by injuries this season will need to make more adjustments.


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22 comments on “49ers Searching For Temporary Practice, Game Sites?

  1. JoeBrady

    I wonder why ‘150 miles’ is the magic marker? The folks in CA and Santa Clara need to know that they are the sick ones. The virus doesn’t discriminate, and virtually everyone in the world are seeing spikes, but the folks from neighboring states are probably healthier than the one in Santa Clara.

    • ioh2710

      What are you seemingly upset about again? The ‘150 miles’ marker is your problem? That’s incredibly hilarious if that is all you have gotten from reading this.

      • JoeBrady

        I’m not upset. I don’t come from CA, nor do I root for either team involved. I am curious how they arrived at the 150-mile rule.

        For example, is there an infestation of people 160 miles away that they are trying to avoid?

  2. Cokeman1959

    Lots of local law enforcement offices have already said they won’t be enforcing these kinds of edicts. I laugh at politicians who are egotistical enough to think that their decrees can stop any virus.

    • tedtheodorelogan

      It’s Dr. Sara Cody who has been coming up with these draconian measures for the better part of a year. She is an idiot who thinks that somehow having a bunch of unemployed people during a pandemic is better than just having a pandemic.

      • dr.rosenrosen

        Anyone who listens to Sara Cody is an idiot. She is the worst human being alive. Who does she think she is? I moved out of the Bay Area because of people like her…

    • aloop

      And laugh at people like you who are the reasons local officials have to put these restrictions in place.

      • Cokeman1959

        We’ve been wearing masks and social distancing for 8 months, and now the outbreak is at its worst? If government mandates didn’t work before, why should we expect them to work now?

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