49ers To Play Home Games In Arizona

The 49ers have officially come up with a plan after Santa Clara county officials barred them from playing at home. The team will play their home games in Arizona at the Cardinals’ stadium for the rest of the year, they announced Monday.

“The San Francisco 49ers have come to an agreement with the National Football League and Arizona Cardinals which allows the 49ers to host their Weeks 13 and 14 home games against the Buffalo Bills and Washington Football Team at State Farm Stadium in Arizona,” the release reads. “Information regarding the 49ers future practice arrangements will be shared at the appropriate time.”

We heard yesterday that a stadium in Texas was also a possibility, but that the league office preferred they play in an NFL arena. Head coach Kyle Shanahan said after his team’s game yesterday that it was “extremely disappointing” the county didn’t give them more notice, and that they were essentially blindsided by the announcement.

The 49ers also have a home game in Week 17, although since it’s more than three weeks away (the timeframe of the halt in Santa Clara county), they may still be able to play that one in their normal stadium. As their statement says it’s unclear what they’ll do for practice, although NFL Network reported over the weekend that the team might just get a hotel in Arizona and form a bubble of sorts out in the desert. It’s a tough situation for the players and their families, who will likely now have to be separated for the time being.

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21 comments on “49ers To Play Home Games In Arizona

  1. JJB0811

    This is really the silliness of it all. Who knows if any member of there 9’ers have COVID and now they have to play in another state? Their RB had a some excellent points on it. He has to miss time with his family. Not only him, but all members of the organization. What if 1 office manager, not trying to be rude, has COVID; will they cancel the AZ location? Why can Baltimore still practice & play in Baltimore? I get each city and state have their own rules; but It’s endless questions w/o any concrete answers.

    • ‘Who knows if any member of there 9’ers have COVID’

      The players are tested constantly. They’ll be tested before leaving California and once they’re in Arizona. It’s really no different than when they play a road game.

    • blake

      Yeah no concrete answers are what happens during a pandemic. Everyone is trying to figure out what to do. So go back to Fox News.

  2. Bluemarlin528

    The players are tested constantly and the teams do contact tracing. California is an absolute joke. Mean while during all these shutdowns the Governor of California is having dinners with all his friends and traveling to Hawaii.

    • robluca21

      Same thing with the New Jersey governor. Funny the only people not taking these shutdown seriously are all the people in power

      Nancy Pelosi
      Mayor lightfoot
      Governor Newsom
      Govenor Murphy

      Makes you wonder why the people at the top don’t seem to be worried….

      • sports is life

        Add King Cuomo to that list of lecturing and not following his own rules

      • aircobra

        May as well add most of the Republican party then. When the President doesn’t take it seriously, you can’t expect others to.

        • markdavisbarber

          Throw Governor Black Face Ralph Northam on to the pile. He has consistently ignored his own “COVID Executive Orders”.

          DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is another one that lays down the law yet can’t practice what she preaches.

        • compassrose

          Because noisy of the people listed are Dems. Not really a bright argument when the list is Dem governors. Add Inslee in from Washington he is over in Hawaii worth all his cronies. Probably still trying to get into Biden’s cabinet. Joe tells him to go talk to Pamela because she is putting together her cabine

  3. FireJames

    Arizona plays Sunday on same field that the Niners plays on Monday… No one worried about getting the locker rooms disinfected in time or damage to field after a game being played the day before? 49ers get screwed again! They could of played in Oakland of in SF but NFL wants a current NFL arena!!! Ridiculous!

  4. Geoff Bonn

    This is disgusting! They’re safest at Levi’s!!!! F Santa Clara county and Newsom!!!!

      • jjabrony

        With about 2200 players and about 800 staff, that would be very difficult. But maybe come playoff time, it could be more manageable so that the NFL can insure that the Suberbowl happens without a hitch

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