Bears To Start Mitchell Trubisky In Week 12

Mitchell Trubisky will receive another chance. The Bears are turning back to their initial 2020 starter against the Packers, Matt Nagy announced Friday.

Nick Foles is battling a hip injury but has struggled after enjoying brief success upon replacing Trubisky earlier this season. The Bears have lost four straight and rank 31st in both points and total yards after 10 games. Foles has not practiced this week.

The Bears lost Trubisky to injury as well, but the former No. 2 overall pick has recovered and will attempt to mount one last contract-year push ahead of a potential free agency bid. Chicago used Tyler Bray as Foles’ backup while Trubisky sat. Despite being a 2013 UDFA, Bray had one career pass attempt going into that ill-fated relief effort. Trubisky, 26, will return to a stat line that includes a career-low 59.3% completion rate and a 6.5 yards-per-attempt figure. He ended last season at 6.1.

Trubisky’s return to action illustrates how dire the Bears’ offensive situation has become. Nagy benched the fourth-year starter in Week 3, and Foles led a comeback victory over the collapse-prone Falcons. Trubisky struggled against Atlanta, continuing a swoon that prompted the Bears to pass on his fifth-year option in May. Trubisky regressed across the board last season, and the Bears traded for Foles. The latter, however, ranks 28th in Total QBR. Nagy handed off the play-calling reins to OC Bill Lazor in Week 10, but the Bears accomplished little on offense in a loss to the Vikings.

All of this has resulted in the Bears continuing to largely waste the work of their top-tier defense — a familiar refrain in Chicago. The Bears’ losing streak has moved them to the “In the hunt” sector of NFC playoff picture graphics.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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16 comments on “Bears To Start Mitchell Trubisky In Week 12

    • xxtremecubsguy89

      Or they are finally going back to the guy who can move in the pocket and isn’t a sitting duck. Foles is hurt as it clearly states in the article. Nagy hasn’t called an offense suited to Mitches best abilities since he injured his shoulder in the 17/18 season. Rather have Rex come out of retirement than watch the garbage that is Foles anymore.

      • rondon

        Mitch’s “best abilities”? Mobility? He ran one play and injured his throwing shoulder. You can s–t on Foles all you want, but honestly, behind that horrendous mess of an offensive line and no running game, it doesn’t matter who the QB is.

    • I mean, what do you want them to do? Trot out an injured Nick Foles? There’s nothing else they can do here.

  1. Simmons>Russ

    The Bears get a lot of smack from fans for how bad they are but in reality they are 5-5 which has them second in the NFC North 2 wins off the Packers. But they have conceded the second least point in the NFC with 209 with only the Rams 192 conceding less.

    They are without star RB Tarik Cohen and have a terrible QB if they could find and settle on a QB they would be atleast 9 win team and make the playoff every year.

    Obviously with 5 wins already they probably won’t be drafting anyone good enough to start so I think they will need to clear cap room and eventually try get someone in FA or have to make a trade. Dak Prescott would’ve been a good target to go for this offseason but they wont have the money

    • Hannibal8us

      Star running back Tarik Cohen? He’s above average at best and a gimmick play backup at worst.

    • andremets

      If they just settle on quarterback, they would be a 9 win team? I’m going to assume you mean if they could just “acquire” a good qb as opposed to just sticking with same qb all year from their their existing pool. That being said, do you realize how hard it is to develop a good QB? And by good, we mean top 10, preferably top 5. It takes years, tons of draft capital, excellent coaching and some luck. It’s the most important thing to get right. Bears had the third pick overall and still couldn’t get it right. Time to start over.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    The offense is a dumpster fire so it matters not who is behind center at this point. Time to start looking for replacements for Pace and Nagy.

  3. Dorothy_Mantooth

    Quite frankly, this move should have been made two weeks ago before Foles got hurt. Foles has been absolutely horrible in Chicago. Sure their O-Line is bad but Foles can’t even complete a screen pass anymore. While Mitch makes dumb mistakes, he can at least put the ball on his WRs in stride and let them make plays. I’m guessing the Chicago WRs are excited about Mitch getting back under center.

    With all that said, it still amazes me that Chicago drafted Trubisky over Mahomes & Watson. This decision set the Bears back 5+ years.

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