Drew Brees Has Multiple Fractured Ribs, Collapsed Lung

We heard early this morning that the Saints were bracing for the possibility of Drew Brees missing time, and now that sounds like an absolute certainty. Brees is dealing with multiple fractured ribs as well as a collapsed right lung, Ed Werder of ESPN.com reports (on Twitter).

In a follow-up tweet, Werder notes that Brees suffered two fractured ribs during New Orleans’ win over the 49ers, and he had three other fractures on the other side from their win over the Bucs the week before that weren’t discovered until Monday’s X-Rays. He also writes that doctors have advised Brees to be cautious with the collapsed lung, which makes it sound like his return to the field won’t be imminent.

Brees has also been on the injury report this year with a shoulder issue, and all these ailments explain why Brees called it an “accumulative thing” after the game on Sunday. On the bright side Ian Rapoport of NFL Network tweets that injured reserve is not currently being discussed, so it sounds like there’s still a chance the injuries aren’t too long-term.

For however long Brees has to be sidelined, it will presumably be Jameis Winston under center, although Sean Payton could easily go with Taysom Hill as well at a moment’s notice. Winston filled in for Brees in the second half against the 49ers, completing six of ten passes for 63 yards. When Brees was on the shelf last year the Saints had Teddy Bridgewater start five games.

Even if it’s only a game or two, this is a massive opportunity for Winston to redefine his narrative and reset his value heading into unrestricted free agency next offseason. The former first overall pick signed a one-year deal with the Saints back in April. Many already believed this would be Brees’ final season, as he lined up a deal with NBC Sports for his post-playing days this offseason, and the toll his body is clearly taking might only make that decision easier. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have more information on the situation.

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21 comments on “Drew Brees Has Multiple Fractured Ribs, Collapsed Lung

  1. inkstainedscribe

    A game or two? I’m no NFL athlete, but I had three fractured ribs and a collapsed lung last year and it took six weeks for the ribs to heal. It was at least a month before I was breathing normally. And I didn’t have 350-pound guys who can run 4.5 40s chasing me down.

    • markdavisbarber

      Drew better hope he doesn’t try to push it and end up getting the Tyrod Taylor treatment.

      What if Sean gets to see his boy Taysom Hill go off like Justin Herbert…. Mr Brees could end up finishing off his career with a ring in Chicago.

      • bingbong

        can taysom hill throw the ball? cute runner but do you really think the saints could get by w him as qb1 for more than a few games?

      • lmao there’s a reason Taysom Hill is always the third string QB and throws the ball only a handful of times a year, and it’s not because he’s as talented as Justin Herbert. Most overpaid and overrated player in the sport.

        • bradthebluefish

          Right? Hill is fumbling the ball all over and his passes aren’t the best ever. I like him but not right now. And not over Winston.

    • compassrose

      I was going to say put some dirt on it then realized that was baseball.

      My HS coach told us if we walked off the field we better have bone sticking out the upper body or they came out it better be legs. We would miss the rest of the series no matter who it was.

      Our team doc had smelling salts or a pill depending. Things were different back then. He would give us a pill and say you better not tell anyone. He was my regular doc didn’t want shots to hurry any worse.

      • This, ladies and gentlemen, is the genesis of America’s prescription drug problems.

        Drew Brees is one tough SOB, though.

      • bradthebluefish

        While I appreciate the “tough it out” mentality… this may be a bit too much to overcome.

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