Ravens – Steelers Game Moved To Wednesday

The Ravens/Steelers game is getting postponed, again. This time the game is being moved from Tuesday to Wednesday, a source told Adam Schefter of ESPN.com (Twitter link).

Ravens players were apparently pounding the table asking for the game to be pushed, as Ian Rapoport of NFL Network tweets they recently held a players-only meeting where they were “adamant” of getting in a full day of practice before the game. Considering they haven’t been able to practice at all since this has been going on, their concerns of health-risks from playing with no prep are certainly understandable.

This will be only the third NFL game in history on a Wednesday, and just the second since 1948. The last time was Dallas and Washington playing the opening week of 2012. Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com had tweeted earlier that there were fears some Ravens players would refuse to play on Tuesday “which technically would be a wildcat strike.” Florio wrote that would cause a major rift between the NFL and NFLPA. Multiple reporters tweeted out that Baltimore would now have a walkthrough practice tonight at their facility.

It’s unclear if the move to Wednesday will solve all of those issues. Some players still have concerns even with playing on Wednesday, Mark Maske of The Washington Post tweets. He adds that there are “still some deliberations occurring.” The league is clearly very reluctant to cancel the game and trigger a Week 18.

This is likely just the first domino to fall, as Sunday’s Washington/Pittsburgh game will now likely have to be moved, potentially to Monday. A source soon confirmed to Albert Breer of SI.com (Twitter link) that the Washington game is indeed being moved to Monday, giving us a triple-header for MNF next week. It’s a crazy situation, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted as more info comes in.

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47 comments on “Ravens – Steelers Game Moved To Wednesday

  1. petersdylan36

    So this doesn’t seem fair.
    The Broncos asked for their game to be moved one day because they wanted an extra day to get their QB ready. NFL said no because they won’t move a game for competitive advantage only for safety.
    Now the ravens players demand they get an extra day and the nfl folds? Could they be any more biased?

    • tylerall5

      Exactly. I don’t know how you can accommodate one team and not the other. NFL has been extremely inconsistent with their Covid handlings.

      • random comment guy

        One of the Bronco’s players said it best, they were made examples. Basically because the QBs didn’t follow protocol (not wearing masks in their film session) they are being punished. I haven’t heard on why there is such a big out break with Baltimore. The Steelers are 10-0…so that might have some play into it. I know they wouldn’t get a bye week if the season was pushed back a week.

        • Jim Tom

          Not wearing masks but did you hear about anymore positive tests? Everyone tested negative today. Also has does the NFL know that no one was wearing them?

        • gozurman1

          You must not be paying attention to the story in Baltimore. The Strength coach was still working with players even though he had symptoms and was not wearing a mask. He never told anyone about his symptoms. He tested positive and infected a large portion of the team. The Steelers are going to play 13 in a row because of the Titans outbreak. Their”bye” week was week 4 because the game was postponed and they lost what would have been their bye week a few weeks later.

    • ‘Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com had tweeted earlier that there were fears some Ravens players would refuse to play on Tuesday “which technically would be a wildcat strike.”’

      Otherwise known as a forfeit. The Broncos were in a worse situation yet still went out there and played yesterday. I don’t understand why the NFL is bending over backwards to accommodate the Ravens but were stern and unwavering for the Broncos. Broncos were simply asking for one day so their QB/WR would know what he was even doing out there and the NFL were hard on them and said no.

      Now the Ravens get endless postponements, screwing over the Steelers, who previously got screwed over early on. Guess no one should be surprised that Goodell is making it up as he goes, being inconsistent and playing favorites.

      • Technically correct

        Isn’t the difference obvious? Ravens have had multiple positive tests that were conclusively traced to an event and ongoing until finally no positives today. The Broncos had one positive and the other guys were close contacts, but no raging mass infection. They were also isolated from the rest of the team and not multiple offensive and defensive units. Is it unfair? Sure. But y’all need to get smarter if you think this is the same situation.

    • Jim Tom

      Right. NFL just wants to make examples out of Denver. I read a story today talking about and also the NFL is looking at fining them $10 million because of their ownership situation.

      • crosseyedlemon

        It’s likely Brittany Bowlen has strong support from all the other female owners in the NFL so Goodell should seriously think twice before trying to rip her off for $10MM.

        • Jim Tom

          That’s the reason for the fine. Brittany Bowlen isn’t in charge yet so they don’t have a “1 single person” calling the shots.

    • padam

      Idiot commission. You’re spot on. Steelers have been screwed this year because they haven’t been able to take a break with all the practices based on the delays and reschedules. As for the Monday game, if I’m the Steelers I’d bang in the table and demand that they postpone until Tuesday so they can recoup.

    • cysoxsale

      national game, and Pittsburgh is the nfl’s darlings. NFL wants everyone to see a Georgia Tech/Cumberland style blowout. this is worse for Baltimore. its punishment is to lose by 100+ on national tv.

      • qbert1996

        Pittsburgh has arguably been screwed more than once this season by the NFL. They lost their bye week and now will have to play another game on short rest.

      • I tend to agree that the NFL loves the Steelers (I’m not a fan), but they’re getting screwed here. The NFL is bending over backwards to accommodate the Ravens, not the Steelers.

      • gozurman1

        By pushing it to Wednesday, the Ravens get Ingram and Dobbins back to play. This was a huge help to the Ravens.

    • bucincharlotte

      Ridiculous to not move the Broncos game but will fo so for the Ravens?????

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      It’s not bias. The Ravens have practically half a team on the COVID list. The Broncos had a few. It’s rough for Denver they were all QBs. These are very different scenarios though.

      Had they played earlier the Steelers could’ve caught it with an outbreak that large.

  2. TJECK109

    How do you play Wednesday and turn around and play Sunday? Seems like Ravens trying to stall as long as they can

    • petersdylan36

      Not much different than playing Sunday and then Thursday. The only difference is that Thursday games are at night. Sunday afternoon to Thursday night. 3.5 days. Now Wednesday night to Sunday afternoon. 3 days ish

  3. GoLandCrabs

    NFL is obsessed with protecting the Ravens but makes the Broncos play with a practice squad WR as their QB.

    • Exactly. The NFL did not seem to care about Kendall Hinton’s safety, as he had no time to practice at QB before being thrown to the wolves. Suddenly, practicing before a game now means something when it’s the Ravens.

      • thelongball

        Kendall Hinton was a class act yesterday. He played at great risk to himself and made no excuses afterward. I hope the team finds a way to keep him on payroll as a show of thanks..

          • Arnold Ziffel

            Agree Hinton had his only practice during pregame warmup. What really sucks is they gave up their bye week to help New England, then the NFL repays them by not giving them any kind of a break.

  4. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    The Ravens and The Steelers are now scheduled to play on Saturday, August 7, 2027…

  5. madmanTX

    This is a load of crap by the NFL. The Steelers are the only undefeated team, but they are bending over backwards for the Ravens, even after they violated the rules with their coach not reporting his symptoms? The NFL is endangering the Steelers by making them play a team with an obvious out of control outbreak.

    • cysoxsale

      its not a compliment to Baltimore. this has century mark written all over it. The nfl wants them embarrassed in a game they never had a chance to win

  6. fwitt58

    So when are the ravens going to get finded and have a draft pick taken away. Seems like they have had the most problems with this COVID crap.

  7. bucincharlotte

    As a season ticket holder for the Steelers and have not missed going or watching a game in 30 years I now have to miss part of the game because of a stupid 3:40 Wednesday start? Did Goodell pull the 3:40 time out if his ***

  8. bucincharlotte

    I just found out the Steeler game is at 3:40 because of a stupid tree light up in the trashed NYC???

  9. Flyby

    I am not a steelers or ravens fan other than to say they are both good teams, but at this point there must be punishment for such a severe of an outbreak and not a reward of moving games more and more. Let them strike and tell them they get no game day checks seeing as they violated the rules and the team is suspended for a game.

    Is it fair to the steelers to be treated like a red headed step child and constantly having to move around their schedule? Hell they are moving the steelers game to monday but the ravens are scheduled to play on tuesday? Rewarded the Ravens again for breaking the rules and give them the extra day instead of the team that did nothing wrong?

    It is up to the team to enforce the agreed upon protocols set forth by both the nfl and nflpa and some accommodations will be made but a line has to be drawn at some point. If at that player only meeting someone had covid are they going to now move the game to saturday now?

  10. 2012orioles

    Thanks ratbirds! Now I miss the game. 3:40? Really? Steelers shouldn’t have to be pulled around like this. And the ravens still want to complain?

  11. RogerForTheHall

    NFL made San Francisco play after 6 false positives of mostly starters who couldn’t play…

  12. jjabrony

    What a bunch of whiny little B’s in this thread crying about who’s team it’s most unfair to.

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