Saints To Start Taysom Hill Over Jameis Winston

With Drew Brees sidelined, it looked as though the stage was set for Jameis Winston to reassert himself as an NFL starter. Instead, the Saints go with Taysom Hill on Sunday, leaving Winston to hold the clipboard against the Falcons (Twitter link via’s Adam Schefter). 

While Winston set career-highs in passing yards (5,109) and touchdowns (33) in 2019, he also set a career-high (and led the NFL) with 30 interceptions. He later agreed to a one-year, $1.1MM deal with the Saints, giving him an opportunity to learn from Brees and, perhaps, take over for him if given the opportunity.

Winston got the call when Brees’ rib injury forced him out against the Niners, and he went on to complete six of ten passes for 63 yards. Apparently, that didn’t guarantee Winston’s status as the fill-in starter ahead of Hill. Regardless of who takes the first snap, the Saints could use Winston and Hill interchangeably.

After notching their sixth-straight win, the Saints are 7-2 and marching their way towards another playoff run. Meanwhile, both of their backup QBs will be making their case to take over for Brees in 2021, if the future Hall of Famer calls it a career.

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26 comments on “Saints To Start Taysom Hill Over Jameis Winston

  1. itslonelyatthetrop

    Hill is more familiar with the system, more dynamic, and 30 years old. It’s now or never for him. Winston has many starts ahead of him.

    • He’s also thrown 18 career passes and was not good at QB even in college. This move is likely experimental because of how weak their schedule is for the next four weeks.

      • itslonelyatthetrop

        Possibly. And it is easier to bench Hill for Winston than Winston for Hill, IMO.

        • downeysoft42

          Yeah that’s what I was thinking. You signed him to the extension and it’s worth a shot. Even if you just throw him for a possession or two like the preseason I think it just ads some more experience if drew goes down again. If you fall behind Winston will be more than happy to throw it up.

  2. jeterleader

    YESSSSSSS!!!!!, For do many reasons.
    #1. I picked up hill in my espn fantasy league and put him at te and he’s gonna get huge points.(especially after kyler disappointed me)
    #2 I like hill as a person and player and am happy for him to get a chance
    #3 what is the game gonna look like

  3. UGA_Steve

    Happy that Hill gets a chance, but he is nothing more than a gimmick QB. Same as in college, where his passing was sub-par. Not certain why they think he will actually be able to get better in the pros.

    Is he a dual threat? Not even. Yes, he can run a bit, but you have to be able to keep a defense in check with passing to be a dual threat. Ain’t going do it.

    He does get a good defense to build against though. I am not a Winston fan, but as a Falcons fan I would certainly fear Winston more than Hill.

  4. I’m sure I’m wrong, but I cannot imagine that the Saints legitimately think Taysom Hill gives them a better chance to win than Jameis Winston. I think this is one of three scenarios:

    -Something is wrong with Winston
    -They’re putting Hill out there against a weak opponent to give him a look to see if he’s worth re-signing or even has the potential to be an actual QB in the league
    -Misdirection. They’ll play him for a series or so and then play Winston the rest of the game and just want to make the Falcons have to prepare for Hill

    • downeysoft42

      Definitely agree on 2nd and 3rd options. I really don’t expect him to finish the game.

  5. Honestly for what Taysom Hill does you could pay someone cheaper to be just as good at it. He is like what Tim Tebow could of been if he was willing to just play football and not be a QB except not as good.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Rather refreshing to see that no commenters tried to make this into a racial issue.

    • ahale224

      I heard that argument on the radio in, and the immediate counter point was Teddy Bridgewater last year starting over Hill. Not saying I have given any thought to that angle at all, just passing along radio comments.

  7. Tony B

    Hill has never attempted more than 2 passes in a game. My bet is that he is effectively the “designated starter,” but Winston will take 3/4ths of the snaps at QB for the game. Payton is just looking to mix things up and make the Falcons prepare for different looks.

    • wagner13

      I tend to agree. Why else would Winston have entered the game when Brees got hurt only to get immediately benched? It’s not like he was ineffective; 6/10, 63 yards against a respectable secondary is at least adequate production

  8. MileHighFan

    All those people who question if Taysom should be a starter in this league are going to get their answer.

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