Jaguars To Keep Mike Glennon As Starter

Despite Gardner Minshew beating out Mike Glennon for the Jaguars’ starting quarterback job this summer, Doug Marrone has changed his tune — for Week 13, at least.

Marrone said Wednesday that Minshew has recovered from the thumb injury that shook up Jacksonville’s quarterback situation in the first place. But Glennon — the third Jags QB to start this season — will remain the team’s starter, Marrone said (via the Florida Times-Union’s Gene Frenette, on Twitter).

Although this is a promotion for Glennon, Marrone cautioned the Jaguars’ quarterback depth chart may fluctuate further down the stretch, per’s Michael DiRocco (on Twitter). A benching like this, however, is a bad sign for Minshew’s future as Jacksonville’s quarterback. That said, the team was long believed to be in the mix for a passer in the 2021 first round. The Jags are in second in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes, having lost 10 straight. Minshew profiled as a stopgap, even though the Jaguars passed on several notable veterans this offseason to keep him as their starter.

A 2013 third-round pick who has bounced around since his 2017 Bears agreement, Glennon started for the first time since 2017 last week. He threw for 235 yards, two touchdowns — with no interceptions — and had the team a failed two-point conversion away from forging a tie with the Browns late in Sunday’s game.

The Jaguars signed Glennon in May, cut him four months later but brought him back on the practice squad ahead of Week 1. The former Buccaneer, Bear, Cardinal and Raider followed rookie Jake Luton in the progression of Jaguar QB1s this season.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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19 comments on “Jaguars To Keep Mike Glennon As Starter

  1. JJB0811

    At least the Jets have 2 1st round QB’s on the roster. Jags intentionality threw the season away. 2 6th round picks and a guy beaten out by Mitch T.

  2. balloonknots

    I wish I had glennon’s career misfortunes as well as his 30mm in earnings over the last 7 years!

    • GoLandCrabs

      Thats really not that much for being a serviceable backup QB over that time. Minus the time Chicago thought he would be their starter.

      • bradthebluefish

        That’s quite the sum for a backup. I see backups get roughly $3MM-$5MM per year. So Glennon is making above average pay as a backup.

        • cka2nd

          He’s only making $1.15 million this year, but then he was brought in as a QB3. However, over the course of his career, he’s only ever made over $2 million in a season twice, when the Bears signed him in 2017 to be their bridge starter ($16 mil cash paid, $14 mil cap hit), and when the Cards signed him in 2018 ($5 mil cash paid, $2 mil cap hit).

          Assuming he was the Raiders’ QB2 behind Carr last year, when he made $1.95 mil, I’d say the only year he was actually overpaid, relative to the rest of the league’s starting and back-up QB’s, was 2017.

  3. j_butte

    I’d like to see what Minshew could do on a team with real coaches and talent

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      At best, hold a clipboard.

      At worst, stock shelves at the local Winn Dixie.

  4. Is it really a strict Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes? I don’t think the Jaguars would mind having Justin Fields. The way things are shaping up, Jets and Jags being #1 and #2, may be a little like Peyton Manning vs Ryan Leaf, only much closer in terms of debate.

    • Ak185

      I agree. I think they just want “new”, and I do not believe that they care who “new” is. I mean, they just fired their GM before what could have been their biggest draft in history. Now a new guy has to come in and do it. Picking who you think are the best players in the draft are is not hard, but observing your team and picking out its problem areas is hard for a new GM. No matter how good or bad your former GM was, he was preparing for this draft for a long term. The new guy will have his hands full-because there’s no way you let Baalke do this…right?

  5. Ak185

    First, everyone needs to ease up on Glennon. He played well last game, and unsurprisingly a Bears team that was bad with was also bad without him. The intense hatred of Glennon, who decidedly is an average quarterback, is wondrous to me. Not everybody has an above average option, so bashing Glennon for being average I do not get. We have certainly seen worse, even if we won’t admit it for some reason. Basically: Glennon obviously isn’t great. But he’s not as bad as this board would like him to be.

    Secondly, I will say this on the other side: why not start Minshew? Are they that intent on trading him? Is Baalke making decisions now and just dislikes him? I know I just defended Glennon, but overall, your younger and cheaper and homegrown sixth rounder seems to offer you more than your veteran option. I suppose the only logical reasoning is that they ARE intent on trading Minshew and don’t want him hurt. The thing that gets me is that it seems obvious to me that the offense was ill-suited for the players. If they’re picking the offense over the players, it would seem that the Jags are committed to Marrone and Gruden beyond next year, at Morris than Minshew. I do not believe that this is the case, however, and Baalke will be tasked with doing, ultimately, what Caldwell was fired for doing-farming picks for a rebuild.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    “Glennon obviously isn’t great. But he’s not as bad as this board would like him to be”.

    Oh really? He couldn’t hold a roster spot in Oakland against the likes of Peterman and Kiser. He has a 1-15 record in games where he has attempted more than 25 passes.

    • Ak185

      Do you really think that Deshon Kiser and Nathan Peterman are better QBs right now than Mike Glennon? Do you honestly, truly believe that?

      Players are cut because they’re worse-or because they’re older, more expensive, not a fit for the system, or not as well liked by the coach. Just because Glennon got cut doesn’t mean he’s worse than either Peterman or Kiser, both of whom have much worse production than Glennon but have been publically praised by Coach Gruden. I mean, you know all that. It’s easier to get a reaction by name dropping Peterman and Kizer, both of whom are obviously worse statiscally than Glennon (or most other QBs) has ever been. 1-15 is better than Deshon Kizer or Nathan Peterman’s records are, even without that 25 passes (on some pretty bad teams) caveat.

      I will give you this: Glennon doesn’t have much potential at this point. Peterman or Kizer very possibly have more, and I could very easily see that. Really, I think they might, just for the sake of their relative age if nothing else. But both are clearly much worse right now than Glennon is. Besides, I already stated that I thought that starting Glennon and giving up in Minshew didn’t make much sense to me.

  7. mrpadre19

    Glennon is starting because they have a better chance of winning games with Minshew.

  8. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    If not for the “The Pats won’t miss a beat with Jarret Stidham at QB” people, the “Jags don’t need a QB like Trevor Lawrence because they already have…wait for it…Garner Minshew” takes would be the funniest of the offseason.

  9. robluca21

    Am i missing something? I’ll admit I don’t watch Jaguars games but minshaw’s numbers are actually better this year…so what gives? Why have the jags gone sour on him.

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