Lions To Interview Louis Riddick

The Lions plan to interview Louis Riddick for their GM vacancy on Friday, a source tells’s Ian Rapoport (on Twitter). Riddick, who currently works for ESPN, last worked in the NFL in 2013 in the Eagles’ front office.

Riddick is now the first known out-of-house candidate to be interviewed by the Lions. He’s best known for his time in Philly from 2005-13, including his run as the Eagles’ director of player personnel from 2010-13. Before that, he broke into the scouting world with the [Washington Football team] from 2001-04, so his executive tenure has come entirely in the NFC East.

The former NFL defensive back could now transition to the NFC North, though the Lions are expected to cast a wide net in their search. Their pool of candidates may include former Giants general manager Jerry Reese. Reese, who was fired by the G-Men in 2017, has the support from advisors to the Ford family and his predecessor Ernie Accorsi.

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17 comments on “Lions To Interview Louis Riddick

  1. joeyrocafella

    Riddick seems like an intelligent guy that understands the business/front office-side of the game. He would be a good hire

  2. vtncsc

    I’ve always felt like he was a good candidate. I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t been hired yet.

  3. j_butte

    There are plenty of candidates who we’ve never heard of that are better than Riddick. People only want to hire the guy cause he’s on tv.

    • keyser_soze

      It could be b/c he’s played, worked in the front office before and seems to have a GOOD idea of what he’s talking about when talks football. I could be wrong though

      • dugdog83

        You both are right.

        This would be the most Lions pick ever if they hire him. It’s a cute story but Lions need a proven GM, not another TV guy or ex-player.

        Call Dorsey, make him an offer he can’t refuse, and have him flip this roster like he has before. He’s crazy but at this point the Lions need crazy.

      • j_butte

        There’s lots of guys in front offices that talk the talk…they just don’t have a platform to share their opinions on to millions of people. He hasn’t worked in a front office since 2013. If he gets the gig, I hope he succeeds, I just don’t share the love affair that some people do.

    • thebluemeanie

      If you’ve never heard of them, how do you know there are plenty of candidates? :D I’m just messing with you. I know what you meant. That said, name three.

      When they first fired PatQuinn, my choices for GM/head coach were Riddick and Saleh. Regardless of who they hire, I just hope they get this franchise pointed in the right direction.


      If you think the only reason they want him is because he is on TV then you are high as a kite. They all know the real reason.

  4. mjgrove

    Dude was petty when he wasn’t hired by the 49ers. Pontificating on TV is a whole lot different than the real thing

  5. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    I don’t see how the Lions hiring a GM from ESPN could go wrong.

    • keyser_soze

      You mean someone who’s played, and worked in the front office previously? You left that part out

      • j_butte

        You ever think, there might be a reason he’s not in anyone’s front office?

  6. jay13

    I knew he was going to be on the list. He is as qualified as anyone else is. I think he will be a finalist. Mike Mayock opened the door for a lot of these TV guys to walk through. Riddick has a lot of relationships around the league. If he does get the job, he needs to make the right hire for a head coach day 1. I have a feeling Sheila Ford Hamp is not going to be as patient as her elders were.

  7. alproof

    I’m a long-time Lions/Jets/Giants fan (since the ‘60s). I’ve always lived in the metro NY area or upstate, where I am now. I’ve seen the Jets win a Super Bowl, I’ve seen the Giants win more than one, but the closest I’ve seen to the Lions winning one was when they made it to the NFC championship game. I’d love to see the Lions win a Super Bowl before it’s too late for me. I could tell you one thing: I will never see the Lions win a Super Bowl if they hire Jerry Reese as general manager. A loser, an absolute loser. Ernie Accorsi was the winning executive for that team. Jerry Reese is a zero, an absolute zero. Please do not hire Jerry Reese: It would hasten my demise.

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