NFC East Notes: Eagles, Giants, Love

The Eagles did not hire an offensive coordinator this offseason, though former OC Marty Mornhinweg is on Philadelphia’s staff. Doug Pederson may be amendable to adding one in 2021. The Eagles HC said he is open to giving up play-calling responsibilities. However, nothing is imminent on a play-caller change this season, Tim McManus of notes. Although the Eagles have seen several of their skill-position players return to action, they used their 10th offensive line configuration to open Monday night’s game. Nothing has worked particularly well for Philly as of late; the Eagles rank 28th in total offense. These issues have upset owner Jeffrey Lurie, whom McManus adds skipped the Eagles’ Week 11 game in Cleveland out of frustration. The Eagles lost their weeks-long NFC East lead Monday night and sit 3-7-1.

Here is the latest from the NFC East:

  • While Mark Columbo‘s dismissal from his post as Giants offensive line coach seemed abrupt, issues between he and Joe Judge escalated for weeks. Judge wanting to use a rotation up front to give younger linemen more experience irked Colombo, who sought continuity, Ryan Dunleavy of the New York Post notes. The Giants have used guard Shane Lemieux and rookie tackle Matt Peart off the bench this season. Lemieux has since usurped left guard starter Will Hernandez, though the latter still plays in a part-time role. Judge also interrupted one of Colombo’s O-line drills at a recent practice, correcting a Nick Gates technique. Colombo took exception to Judge’s adjustment and told Gates to ignore it, Dunleavy adds. Former Patriots O-line coach Dave DeGuglielmo is now overseeing Big Blue’s O-line.
  • The Giants did not have to worry about their quarterback depth chart, from an injury perspective, for 15 years; Eli Manning never missed a game due to injury. Daniel Jones has run into a hamstring malady, however, and faces at least a one-game absence. The Giants hosted Alex Tanney on a visit and may be planning an atypical arrangement for their former backup. Their tentative blueprint appears to be for Tanney to sign but reside away from the team for precautionary reasons, in light of what transpired in Denver last week, Twitter links via’s Jordan Raanan. Tanney was with the Giants during the 2018-19 seasons and learned Jason Garrett‘s system this offseason before being a preseason cut.
  • This may not be a set-in-stone setup just yet, though. The Giants hosted Joe Webb on a visit Tuesday. Webb, 34, has been in the NFL since 2010, operating as a special-teamer, wide receiver and backup quarterback.
  • Washington will not activate Bryce Love from injured reserve this season, according to’s John Keim (on Twitter). This will mean a second straight full-season absence for Love, a standout running back at Stanford. A Heisman finalist in 2017, Love tore his ACL in his final regular-season game with the Cardinal the following season and underwent multiple knee surgeries. He returned to practice last month but will not be promoted to Washington’s active roster before his 21-day activation window closes.
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15 comments on “NFC East Notes: Eagles, Giants, Love

  1. compassrose

    Complain about Wentz all you want but if he doesn’t have players to work with not many will be good. The Eagles suck on Off. That is on the FO to draft and sign FAs. Have they gone cheap for awhile and not signed anyone? I had no clue they were that bad.

    • DarkSide830

      half the team was injured late last year and he was doing just fine. the rest of the team isnt helping him but its not that he’s been bad – he’s been downright atrocious.

      • Polish Hammer

        The o-line has been banged up and poor at times, the playcalling has been terrible, but his execution has been poor as well. He continually does a poor job of reading the D and/or doesn’t see wide open receivers and his throws are rarely on the money. Seems like so much has to be blown up and rebuilt because the same old same old is painful to watch every week.

        • rtr1redrockets

          playcalling has been ridiculously bad and un inspired. and the defensive scheme is average at best…nobody is afraid of our defense…nobody!

  2. petersdylan36

    The broadcast on MNF said since 2013, the eagles have only drafted one pro bowler… Carson Wentz
    It seems silly to think hurts can do better at this point. Wentz has been sack the third most in nfl history through 11 games
    11 games with 10 different OL combinations.
    First round draft pick who was supposed to be fast as anyone… cannot separate and create space.
    Coach refusing to run the ball even though Sanders is averaging an absurd amount per rush.
    Perfect example of coaching fails yesterday: the opening drive started 1st and 5 after a penalty. They passed it three times
    2 balls were dropped.
    Wentz is having issues, but so is the entire team from the front office to the coaches to the players.

    • king beas

      Imagine having Justin Jefferson and DK instead of reagor and arcega shitside

        • petersdylan36

          While I’ll give him that benefit of not playing a ton but it’s hard to not compare and Jefferson already.
          Also, you can’t teach speed and that’s what he was supposed to be and hasn’t shown a ton of that yet

    • DarkSide830

      Hurts probably doesnt have the incapability to get rid of the ball properly that Wentz does. a good chunk of his sacks are on plays where he could have gotten the ball away. when he does get the ball away though its to an opposing defender.

  3. bradthebluefish

    Wentz has talent. He’s just trying waaaay too hard. Hero ball. Every play he gotta be a hero. Horrible strategy. Pederson is the real culprit for not coaching better and for not getting to Wentz.

  4. I feel like the Eagles used to lead the league in RPO and now I don’t see it as much. I don’t know where to look that kind of thing up, but it seems like now they do way more straight dropbacks with Wentz, then he either holds onto the ball far too long or makes a bad decision or throws an inaccurate pass. They’ve got two good RBs in Saunders and Scott, they should run more.

    • cjelepis

      Wentz either cannot or will not run the RPO. His accuracy sucks. His decision making sucks. He holds onto the ball forever. We’ve seen the best we r going to see if him, and it’s time to turn the page. Maybe not hurts, but definitely not Wentz.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    I think Joe Judge’s idea of rotating young linemen during a season that is going nowhere has merit but undermining Columbo during a practice drill seems stupid, particularly when Judge’s background was as a special teams coach and not an OL coach.

  6. As an Eagles fan that said keep Wentz and not Foles, there is one stat that is mind blowing about him. He already has 58 fumbles. 16 and 14 in his two full seasons. 9 in his shortened seasons and 10 already this year. Obviously he hasn’t lost them all but if you couple that with the interceptions, that’s a recipe for more losses than wins. You can blame the oline all you want but it feels like he doesn’t have an internal clock. He needs to get rid of the ball. Maybe not give him all these reads before the check down. Limit his choices and get the ball out faster. More slants. More screens. Use the run more (and stick to it) then open up the deep ball instead of going for the long ball on 2nd and short all the time.

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