2021 NFL Draft Order

The 2020 regular season is in the books. For more than half of the NFL, that means the offseason is officially underway.

The league’s 18 non-playoff teams now know where they stand in the 2021 NFL Draft order. For the remaining clubs, the playoffs will help determine their position. Here’s the rundown of the 2021 NFL Draft order, thus far:

1. Jacksonville Jaguars
2. New York Jets
3. Miami Dolphins (via Texans)
4. Atlanta Falcons
5. Cincinatti Bengals
6. Philadelphia Eagles
7. Detroit Lions
8. Carolina Panthers
9. Denver Broncos
10. Dallas Cowboys
11. New York Giants
12. San Francisco 49ers
13. Los Angeles Chargers
14. Minnesota Vikings
15. New England Patriots
16. Arizona Cardinals
17. Las Vegas Raiders
18. Miami Dolphins

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37 comments on “2021 NFL Draft Order

  1. MoneyBallJustWorks

    should be interesting. A part from the obvious Jags and Jets, Falcons could get their Ryan replacement, Detroit their Stafford replacement. Denver and Carolina should at least consider.

    • qbert1996

      i dont think the Jets situation is as obvious as it seems to you. Trading the #2 for a haul seems like a good idea for a team is desperate need of talent in multiple areas.

  2. joeshmoe11

    I know Cincinnati isn’t an easy word to learn but operating a professional SPORTS site you’d think that they could figure it out

  3. iron

    NFL needs to have a NHL style lottery to help deter tanking (cough…Eagles…cough)

    • petersdylan36

      Honestly, people are upset because it was a prime time game. If it was the early 1pm eastern game, no one would have noticed, no one would have cared.
      Not the eagles fault they had literally no incentive to win. They didn’t ask for the game to be flexed to Sunday night

      • kevin

        I wonder if anyone looked at stats at all. the sub actually had a better passing completion percentage. so yea he threw few ints but he actually threw better . I bet had it not been a first rd pick qb’ing out there and had he not been a dual threat no one would be talking. even the backup ran for positive yards. both qbs didn’t preform good period . tho one turned the ball over less then the other which is hindsight really.

        I don’t care for either team really don’t lol. I’m sure one could make a case that he was protecting his starting qb from injuries given they had zero playoff chance.

        two other teams benched starters to protect from injuries but they were playoff bound but same thing applies to team with no chance in their last game with a rookie QB that was a first rounder .

        I doubt they tanking cuz they had starters put there .

        I agree had another team not been needing them to win to make the playoffs and had it not been a primetime game no one would be talking and trying to make it out to be some huge injustice .

      • hersch

        I’ve been watching football for 40 years, I’m not an Eagles, Giants, or WFT fan and I’ve no axe to grind other than to say that what happened last night absolutely disgusts me. Made me sick to my stomach. NFL needs to address what happened. Doug Pederson should be ashamed of himself and should never be allowed near an NFL franchise again. When a league loses integrity in that fashion something needs to be done about it for the good of the game.

        • parx

          I get what the eagles did, and while from a team building aspect it makes total sense and was a very smart move, from a football fan perspective I would never want Doug Peterson to coach my team, if he started sudfeld it would’ve been different, down 3 to a division opponent in the 4th quarter and then quitting is not respectable, feel bad for the eagles players who were willing to tear their acls on any play had a coach quit on them

          • crb15

            The eagles had nothing to gain from winning that game. Also, it is not like Pederson took out all the starters and definitely tanked. He took out a QB that was 7-20 with only 72 passing yards and an interception.

            • linc_case

              Eagles could have put Norm Snead in at QB instead of Sudfeld and been better off. Kid does not belong in the NFL.

        • saluelthpops

          Hurts was atrocious last night. If Peterson really wanted to make sure to lose that game then he leaves Hurts in.

          No NFC East team has a legitimate gripe about how the season turned out. None of them deserve to even be considered a playoff team. Hey Giants, win more than 6 games and then maybe we’ll listen to complaints about you missing the playoffs. This whole conversation really revolves around a bunch of losers complaining about being the least acceptable loser. The fact the Cowboys were even in the conversation should tell you everything about how pathetic this division is.

          • hersch

            I couldn’t care less about the Giants. They made their bed as they say. I made my comments from a fan’s perspective. You must be an Eagles fan the way you defend them. I’ve heard there’s a petition being circulated for the NFL to expel Pederson from the league, fine the Eagles franchise $100M, and move their first round pick to the end of the first round. It would suit them fine. There’s no place in the game for that BS. As for Hurts atrocious play he had two rushing touchdowns and was playing his heart out. I’ve never even heard of this Sudfield kid and quite frankly he stinks.

            • petersdylan36

              You must have read a fan forum board. There is no precedent to ever fine at team that much money. Actually any of those punishments would be outrageous

            • htbnm57

              Sudfield has been with the Eagles for three years and started a game against the Cowboys a few years ago. If you don’t like the Eagles last night how about all the playoff teams that rest their starters for the last game of the season after they clinched a playoff spot?

            • saluelthpops

              @hersch, definitely not an Eagle’s fan. And it was not my intent to defend them. I honestly don’t care other than annoyed by a bunch of babies crying about the integrity of the game. No one mentions the Steelers sitting their starters in a game that was critical for 4 or 5 other AFC teams in the playoff hunt. If the Browns lose that game the Dolphins get in the playoffs. I don’t hear Miami—a 10-6 team—crying foul. But all over the place I’m seeing a 6-10 Giants team talking about how unfair things are. SIX AND TEN!!!

              And Hurts WAS atrocious—7/20 passing with an INT—a stat line like that has gotten more a few QB’s benched.

          • linc_case

            Giants really have nobody to blame but themselves. By losing those 3 in a row they basically disqualified themselves from any playoff. Never put your fate in someone else’s hands. Especially Philadelphia since most figured they’d screw the Giants if at all possible (and get a higher draft pick to boot).

        • bumpy93

          why is that the New York Jets when they turn around and beat the Rams in week 14 everybody was saying how stupid the Jets were to win that game they’re idiots for going out there and trying they had Trevor Laurence sitting there don’t give me the bull crap well that’s a number one overall pick and a generational talent cuz then you’re going to say well it’s okay to tank if you can get the number one pick but it’s not okay to tank if you can get a top better top ten pick either there’s no tank in whatsoever or it’s okay to tank you can’t be a hypocrite and pick out which ones you want to be able to tank and not

        • phillyballers

          Jalen Hurts gets Alex Smithed by #99 and then they all say “why was he out there”

    • Arthur Morgan

      Here’s an idea. If you want to make it to the playoffs, win more games. That way, you don’t have to rely on other teams to get you in. Just a thought……..

    • Mikel Grady

      I agree watching browns make playoffs when they have had 1 pick last seems like 10 years

    • Regi Green

      1 half….we’re you also complaining about the multiple years of tanking by the Browns?

  4. I Beg To Differ

    Whoever the next GM of the Texans is the new rule should be no trading future draft picks for the next 20 years.

    Twice they’ve been burned by this. First #4 to Cleveland (missed out on Bradley Chubb) and now #3 to Miami.

    Keep your picks, trade back, and build a team through the draft.

      • illowa

        wow, 3,18,35,50,& 67 picks will certainly solidify mia going forward. wrap up the ol with their 1st pick, sewell and then grab a rb, najee or etienne maybe?

  5. dandan

    Am I the only one that thinks strength of schedule is a dumb tiebreaker? Should be head-to-head first and if the teams didn’t play, then strength of schedule

    • crosseyedlemon

      They actually need creative tie breakers (mascot wrestling?) that can be televised in prime time. Every bit of revenue counts in a season dominated by Covid.

      • dandan

        I would pay an unhealthy amount of money to watch mascots fight to the death right now.

      • cubsnomore

        In some cases that would be more entertaining than watching the teams play.

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