Duce Staley Joins Lions

Duce Staley got his wish. The Eagles granted the assistant coach’s request for release, paving the way for him to join the Lions’ staff (Twitter link via NFL.com’s Tom Pelissero).

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Staley will now serve as the Lions’ assistant head coach/running backs coach under Dan Campbell. The ex-Eagles running back joined the Birds’ coaching staff all the way back in 2013, but he got frustrated after being passed over twice for the head coaching job. In 2016, the Eagles chose Doug Pederson instead. This year, the Eagles went with Nick Sirianni, who opted against promoting Staley to offensive coordinator.

Staley, who will turn 46 next month, also drew interest from the Bears. Instead, he’ll face Chicago a couple times per year. With ex-RBs Staley and Anthony Lynn (offensive coordinator) in the fold, you can expect the Lions to focus on the run game in 2021. That might be for the best, since the Lions will probably be moving forward without quarterback Matthew Stafford.

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24 comments on “Duce Staley Joins Lions

  1. phillyphan81

    Sad to see him go but I’m happy he’s getting a chance with another organization. He’s got future OC written all over him.

  2. Hairy Callous

    The more Duce gets passed over, the more it looks like something is up with him. He would’ve been an easy choice for the Eagles to take the heat off Lurie and Roseman. It’s taking him a really long time to move up the ranks. I don’t know. Maybe the dude interviews horribly or something, but there’s something there that isn’t right.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Everyone knows that getting NFL promotions is all about networking with old buddies, lining up their endorsements and playing some politics. Those who aren’t interested in playing that game usually get passed over.

      • Coast1

        Duce worked for Andy Reid. Probably half the teams have someone who worked for Reid. Duce knows someone or knows someone who knows someone on most every team. You don’t get two jobs offers on your first day looking like he did without being part of the network.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Everyone in the league knows someone else of course. If your relying on your long time loyalty to a team to get you advancement, that may not be enough however.

    • Black Ace57

      There isn’t anything wrong with him other than the position group he coaches. It had been covered repeatedly in the Philadelphia area news that ownership, Roseman, and the coaches have assumed because he is a former running back and the RB coach that means he would want to run the ball too much as OC. It is completely false from what every other person who knows him has said.

  3. bumpy93

    good luck to you Deuce. Gonna miss you here in Philly didn’t want to see you go, but it seemed like it’s the best for everybody in the situation. you did deserve a little better than how you been treated, but you moved on you got a bigger opportunity now so best of luck

  4. nentwigs

    Considering his experiences in being passed over in Philly, the organization gave Duce little choice. Loyalty to an organization and personal determination (and stubbornness) can only last so long before an individual HAS to make the decision to move on to a different employer and a different opportunity. Same school of thought in the non-football business world.
    Much success Duce !!

  5. DarkSide830

    word has it he was offered the OC job in 2018 but it didn’t involve play calling so he didnt take it

  6. Yep it is

    Smart move by Staley he will get first shot at the Lions Head Coaching job when they realize they hired Bozo The Clown and run him out of town the first year.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Well, they have that youngster Peterson until they can find someone with more experience.

    • jhiphop

      D’Andre Swift was pretty damn good this year, once they gave him the ball, and after he “recovered” from the concussion

  7. respectedbubble

    Detroit fans you got a great coach and an even better man and leader. Best of luck Duece!

  8. joefriday

    The Lions will have an interesting coaching cadre. Talent and a good quarterback take time and luck. The Lions have very low expectations

    • crosseyedlemon

      Detroit’s sports teams have cornered the market on low expectations.

  9. thebluemeanie

    Now, if they would just bring back those cool blue face masks from the 90’s.

  10. flagsrup

    Love the Duce. Wish him the best!
    It’s been said he didn’t like the favored treatment of Wentz. With the Eagles mgt. wanting to fix Wentz, seems most unlikely Duce could stay or mgt. would want him around. Not conducive to a favorable environment. Seems to me a mutual parting of the ways. Beginning to look like an almost clean sweep, except for Stout so far. Even Fipp is looking around.

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