Earl Thomas, Ravens Continue Battle

The Ravens released Earl Thomas before the start of the 2020 season. As they look ahead to the 2021 slate, the safety’s grievance case remains unresolved, as Daniel Oyefusi of The Baltimore Sun writes.

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That’s ongoing,” said Ravens GM Eric DeCosta. “There are some different moving parts. So, I’ll sort of answer that question like that, and just say that it’s ongoing...There are always a lot of different things, and there are all these different elements to an offseason,” DeCosta said. “We don’t even know what the salary cap is going to be yet. It’s hard to build a football team without a salary cap — not knowing what the salary cap is going to be. So, the Earl Thomas situation is just one part of that.”

Thomas was due a guaranteed $10MM in base salary this season before his release. However, the Ravens cited “personal conduct” that “adversely affected” the team to try and void the commitment. While things are in limbo, the Ravens are carrying a $4MM charge on the 2021 books. If Thomas wins, the remaining $6MM will be tacked on.

As DeCosta suggested, that’d be a significant strike against their flexibility given the league’s salary cap uncertainty. Thomas, meanwhile, is free to sign with any team, though he was out of football last year.

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8 comments on “Earl Thomas, Ravens Continue Battle

  1. DarkSide830

    while I wouldnt stand behind him in a general sense, the move to void guaranteed money on a clause whose validity towards the situation is somewhat questionable gets under my skin. if I were due certain money I’d want to be very sure that the actions I took fell under such clause.

      • compassrose

        I got it on Greek which is much easier than Latin. Basically he said if he had a contract with guaranteed money he would want that money. That is how it translated.

        The problem with guaranteed money and these contracts is they always say with cause. Which can mean many things. Up to the reason I jokingly said about Davis firing Gruden. He will fire him for cause. When asked what was the cause he will say because I wanted to.

        I guess the question is did he do something to make his firing fall into the cause clause. There are a couple of stories out but I don’t think many of us know the real answer. We will find out more during the trial I imagine.

  2. arty!

    Thomas is now at the phase where he’ll blame the league for brain damage since he can’t get signed.

  3. HighHardOne

    Earl Thomas was once a great player who has become a cancer. He flipped off his team and fan base in Seattle and continued with his poisonous personality as a Raven. He’s no better at home where he terrorized his family over Christmas and feels free to cheat on his wife.
    Easy to see why his wife came close to killing him.

    link to tmz.com

    • Wade Herbers

      I checked out the tmz article…………sounds like he’s nuts.
      But my 1st advice to Earl would be

      ” see if you can find a bigger gold chain and gold # 29 for your neck!”

      Good god…………what is it with gold chains and pro athletes???

  4. Ak185

    The wife thing is very iffy as a reason to void guarantees. Punching a teammate at practice, however, is a very good reason.

    Thomas’ fight with Chuck Clark seems like a pretty good argument on the side of Baltimore to win. They should at least be able to void any money that’s attached to any sort of leadership or character language, if there is anything. If they do not have that and the money is just guaranteed by a certain date, then I’m not sure that they can do much. They took a risk, and I doubt that infidelity or embarrassing escapades with women would be covered as voidable. That stuff that falls under there is usually criminal. Punching a teammate, however…

  5. californiatribesman

    I hope the Ravens lose. They released him because they thought they could weasel out of his contract and that someone would pick him up during the season and they wouldn’t have to pay him. Stupid gamble that made the team worse and sent the wrong message.

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