Extra Points: Texans, Bills, Haskins, Bengals

Brandin Cooks has been traded three times during his seven-year career, and the Texans wideout is hoping he isn’t included in any more deals.

“[A]s far as a team thinking they could trade me for draft capital, I would caution them to think twice, because quite frankly, I’m not going to accept any more trades,” Cooks told ESPN’s Sarah Barshop. “And so, for me, if you want me off your team, you’ve just got to let me walk and choose my destination.”

While Cooks isn’t anxious to uproot his family, he also wants to stay in Houston so he can continue receiving passes from quarterback Deshaun Watson.

“I would love to continue to grow with Deshaun and have that commitment, however that looks,” Cooks said. “I don’t get into that. I’ll leave that to my agent and the team, but playing with a guy like that — who wouldn’t want to play with a quarterback like Deshaun?”

Cooks still has three years remaining on his contract, and he’ll have a manageable $12MM cap hit in 2021. However, he doesn’t have any guaranteed money left on the deal, adding a bit of uncertainty to his future. For what it’s worth, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports (via Twitter) that the organization has yet to talk contract with the wideout, but “it’s a conversation expected to take place in the offseason” once the team officially hires their GM and head coach.

Some more notes from around the NFL…

  • Speaking of, we learned earlier today that the Texans were set to hire Patriots executive Nick Caserio as their new GM, and it apparently took a giant offer to get him to Houston. ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweets that Houston gave Caserio a six-year contract that will make him one of the three-highest paid general managers in the NFL. Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports (via Twitter) that the deal is worth “at least” $6MM annually.
  • The Bills are scheduled to audition quarterback Chad Kelly, reports ESPN’s Field Yates (via Twitter). There’s an obvious connection here, as the 26-year-old is the nephew of legendary Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. Yates suggests that the audition could result in a “possible reserve/future” deal. The final pick of the 2017 draft, the younger Kelly has spent time with the Broncos and Colts during his career, getting into a single game.
  • After going unclaimed on waivers last week, former Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins and agent David Mulugheta mutually agreed to part ways. The former first-rounded has since found new representation, as ESPN’s Jenna Laine reports (via Twitter) that Haskins has hired Goal Line Football.
  • Following a 2020 season where the organization finished with only four wins, the Bengals have moved on from three assistants, according to ESPN’s Ben Baby (via Twitter). Jim Turner, Nick Eason, and Gerald Chatman will not return in 2021. However, Baby notes that the Bengals defense showed flashes this past season, meaning Eason and Chatman could end up landing new gigs relatively quickly.
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11 comments on “Extra Points: Texans, Bills, Haskins, Bengals

  1. GoLandCrabs

    Cooks has been traded for a 1st round twice and a 2nd rounder. Dude needs to stop acting like he was disrespected.

    • And what is he going to do if he’s traded again? Retire? Sit out and forfeit the remainder of his contract? I don’t understand what he’s going for.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        As Sox said, it lowers his trade value. He’s using the leverage he has. He has the right to not want to move his family again, and I don’t blame the guy. I know there will be some that say you honor the contract, but dude signed that contract a few trades ago. Even now, having been moved three times, he wants to commit to Houston. Some team might call his bluff, and then he’d be faced with walking away from the game or going. We all value different things, though. That would be his fourth trade. I can’t say I blame him in any way.

        • bigjonliljon

          I’m not sure I agree with you. He knew being traded was part of the life of being an NFL player. You take the good and the bad. Or find a new line of work

          • Appalachian_Outlaw

            I mean, yeah, sure, to an extent maybe. You get traded once it’d be a little silly to pretend like you never imagined it possible. Three times though? I get it’s a business, and all of it that comes with it. Just because dude makes money though doesn’t mean he has to like it. I think he’s entitled to put his feelings on the subject out there. The team can still trade him, which is their right. He’s not obligated to be a “good soldier” about a trade though.

            • Ak185

              Agreed with Outlaw. Cooks took it like a good soldier the first three times, but a fourth? That’s a bit much. Obviously he can’t stop it, and he doesn’t seem like the type to refuse to play, but I can’t blame him for making it known that he’s had enough.

    • bradthebluefish

      How does getting traded for a 1st round pick benefit you? It only benefits your former team.

  2. Arthur Morgan

    Hey Dwayne,
    It’s not your agent that is the problem, it’s you!

    • pt57

      You’re assuming Haskins fired the agent.

      It could be that the agent fired Haskins.

  3. bradthebluefish

    Cooks, I understand why you’re upset, it stinks to have to relocate and learn a new offense. However, next time you need to add a no-trade clause into your contract.

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