Jets Hire Mike LaFleur As OC

Robert Saleh is the Jets’ new head coach, and he’s taking his SF friends with him. 49ers passing game coordinator Mike LaFleur will serve as his new offensive coordinator, as Mike Silver of tweets. Furthermore, Niners offensive line coach John Benton will take on the same job with the Jets while also managing the run game. 

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Saleh will also hire at least two more Niners offensive assistants — Greg Knapp has been tapped as the QB coach while Rob Calabrese will be the pass game specialist for Gang Green.

There were seven vacancies in this cycle, and six of those teams requested interviews with Saleh. The Jets came away with the 41-year-old, who is regarded as one of the league’s sharpest defensive minds. Under Saleh’s watch, the 49ers surrendered just 169.2 passing yards per contest in 2019. And, this past year, his unit had the fifth lowest total in total yards surrendered.

The Jets gave Saleh the freedom to build his own staff, something that they were reluctant to do for certain candidates in their last search. For LaFleur, it’s a chance to spread his wings — he’s been with Shanahan since 2014, dating back to his internship with the Browns.

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8 comments on “Jets Hire Mike LaFleur As OC

    • crosseyedlemon

      Not uncommon to see this and I’m sure the Jets will concentrate on poaching 49er free agents as well.

  1. infield fly

    Wow! So many 49ers! Shanahan can’t be happy! How/why was permission granted for lateral moves??

    • usernamesrboring

      most of these dont qualify as lateral i think (not sure), Benton being the OLine coach, now adding run game coordinator may make it so it is a vertical move. also Knapp and Calabrese went from being assistants to full position coaches, so that may be part of it. not sure, but if i had to bet, shanahan didnt have the choice

  2. wagner13

    Love this hiring for the Jets. I believe Darnold can be expected to improve in a Shanahan-style offense with more play action. If not, Wilson/Fields will have an opportunity.

    Now that the Jets found their play caller and a good leader for the lockerroom (Saleh), they can focus on finding talent to fill roster holes. Wideout, runningback, right tackle, outside cornerback, and some pass-rushers should be sought after. Douglas did well helping Roseman build a team around Wentz and I have faith he can lead a similar effort for the Jets

  3. alproof

    Let’s see what a new OC and QB coach can do for Sam. Will they draft a generational OL, a generational WR, or simply go for a new QB? Praying beyond hope that Urban Meyer takes the Ohio State QB Fields for the Jags, leaving Trevor for us…nah. I like the Brigham Young QB better than Fields, but what do I know?

    • phenomenalajs

      I agree that this new arrangement could work well for Sam. Assuming Trevor’s gone, if they don’t trade down, I’d prefer taking Sewell over the other QBs available. I think the class is deep enough at WR that you could get a really good one with Seattle’s pick. That OL could be scary with Sewell and Becton as bookends.
      For defense, I think Saleh will bring an edge rusher with him. Also, one thing to remember is that Mosley should be back. They need to extend Marcus Maye, too. I think the team can be competitive in 2021.

  4. alproof

    The frat continues to grow—another head coach’s brother is now the Jets’ offensive coordinator.

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