Jets Request Interview With Bills OC Brian Daboll

Adam Gase is officially out the door, and the Jets’ coaching search will start to heat up as a result. It looks like the team may be targeting an offensive mind, and to that end New York has requested an interview with Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, a source told Tom Pelissero of NFL Network (Twitter link).

Teams can’t block assistants from interviewing for head coaching positions, so Daboll will be able to do it if he wants. We heard last week that Daboll is expected to be the hottest coordinator candidate out there. Considering the work he’s done with Josh Allen this season, it’s not hard to see why. Allen was a bit erratic his first two years in the league, but now in his third full season under Daboll’s tutelage he’s playing at a near MVP level.

Daboll broke into the league as an assistant with the Patriots in 2000, and after spending seven years on Bill Belichick’s staff he also had stints as an OC with the Browns, Dolphins, and Chiefs. He was back in New England from 2013-16 before spending a year under Nick Saban at Alabama.

Sean McDermott then recruited him to be his coordinator in Buffalo. Whether it’s Sam Darnold or a rookie the Jets will have a very young quarterback under center in Week 1 2021, and a young offensive mind (Daboll is still only 45) would seem to be a good fit.

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5 comments on “Jets Request Interview With Bills OC Brian Daboll

  1. fathead0507

    If Daboll is the hire, then gotta think Fields is the pick at 2 considering what this guy has done with Josh Allen

  2. mstockw1

    I’m hoping the Bills can keep Daboll, but I wouldn’t blame him for taking an opportunity where it presents itself. As a fan of Daboll, and the Bills, I will at least say, I’d rather see him coach LAC, since I think they’d be a more successful fit for him.

  3. Ak185

    Despite the Jags’ weird and likely misguided decision to woo Urban Meyer, Daboll should be the number choice for any team looking to develop a college quarterback to the NFL level.

    Daboll was at the college level just recently (more recently than Meyer I believe), at a program adopts a lot of NFL style techniques in how it is run at that (Alabama), and had proven his ability at the professional level. Not only that, Daboll took a very raw prospect who struggled with professional style play and helped reinvent his game to be reflective of what the NFL demands-completion percentage, protecting from hits, and ball control.

    If Daboll can do what he did with Allen with another QB, he should be able to use his recent college expertise and his NFL playcalling experience to help translate the professional game to a new QB while adding college elements that the player might be more comfortable with. Overall, Daboll would be my number one choice if I were picking a QB high this year.

  4. Yep it is

    Amazing how Asst Coaches get all the credit and suddenly become the next hot candidate. What happened to a player putting in the time to study and practice and maturing as a better player. Too many “ next hot candidates” that fail.

    • Ak185

      Agreed, almost totally. In Daboll’s case though, you have to love how he’s adapted the offense to help Allen. It’s not that Allen is running the same plays and just doing better-the plays themselves are different, and they’re working.

      Allen is doing different things, and it’s because the offense involves a lot of high completion throws and chunk plays that build off that, to put it simply. He just looks different. It’s not just because he worked on it himself-which he did-but because Daboll changed the offense. We can’t see how much Daboll affected Allen personally, but the successful offensive plays we can trace directly to Daboll.

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