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Things could be coming to a head with Deshaun Watson and the Texans. After a couple of weeks of drama, there is now “a growing sense from people in and around the Texans’ organization” that Watson “has played his last snap for the team,” Adam Schefter of tweets.

It felt impossible to believe when trade chatter about Watson first started, but it now seems like there’s a real chance Watson is dealt before the 2021 season. In case there was any doubt about the dysfunction within the building, Schefter said in a separate tweet that a source told him “it’s gone from the least desirable head coaching job (opening) to the most undesirable head coaching job in the NFL. That’s a fact. That’s how that job is now looked at by everybody.”

It’s a pretty grim state of affairs in Houston right now. It looks like Houston’s management, led by owner Cal McNair and recently hired GM Nick Caserio, could opt for a full-blown rebuild, trading Watson for a bounty of draft picks to restock the cupboard that was left bare by former coach/GM Bill O’Brien.

All of that being said, it’s still far from guaranteed that the team has given up on mending the relationship. One source of tension between the two sides was the team leaving Watson out of the search process for coach and GM after previously promising him input. There had been reports that Watson favored Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy, but the team only opted to put in an interview request for Bieniemy recently, leading many to decry it as too little too late and merely an attempt to pacify Watson.

But Caserio has apparently done “thorough homework” on Bieniemy, sources told Jeremy Fowler of (Twitter link), who adds that it’s “not an empty interview request by any stretch.” Fowler also calls Bieniemy “firmly in the mix” for the job, so it sounds like he’s got a legit shot. By the sound of Schefter’s tweet, if the Texans and Watson are headed for divorce, it might be hard for them to convince any top candidate to leave their respective coordinator post.

If Watson really does become available, there will be no shortage of suitors. It’d likely take a king’s ransom to pry him loose, so teams like the Jets and Dolphins with an abundance of draft capital would immediately become favorites. We’ll surely hear a lot more about this situation in the coming days and weeks, and we’ll keep you posted every step of the way.

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62 comments on “Latest On Deshaun Watson, Texans

  1. kylegocougs

    What a disaster. They might as well trade Watt too. Maybe they can get 2 first round picks and somebody like Sam Darnold or another young QB who is in between bust and promising.

    • beauner

      Watt has very little value. He will be 32 and owed 17.5 if someone trades for him. He has no guaranteed money left so they will cut him.

        • photounit

          They will be lucky to get a second rounder for watt. Most likely a mid round pick.

      • saluelthpops

        It’s enough if the guy refuses to play altogether. Surely someone else will offer more, but they may not have to. Nice work, Texans.

      • phenomenalajs

        If it’s the #2 overall, it is, but I wouldn’t do that if I’m the Jets. Whoever is the QB for the Jets will need a better supporting cast. If the Jets keep the #2, I’d say to pick Sewell and take a receiver (Waddle if he falls, or others in a deep WR class) with Seattle’s pick. Darnold still has talent and would have better protection with monsters like Becton and Sewell as bookends.

    • of9376

      They already reported that Watt was on the trade block. His age, contract, and ability are all reasons coupled with the fact there is resentment over Watson quitting in the team.

      • I Beg To Differ

        Trade clause doesn’t mean much. He’s under contract for 3 more years til 2023.

        He wants to not report, refuse to play, be fined, and waste 3 years doing this thats his decision. He’d be leaving a lot of money on the table but again his decision.

        Texans can give him the ultimatum either accept going to whoever offers us the best deal or youre staying put for 3 years until we get an offer we like.

      • Except he was asked for his input, then that input was totally ignored. Every other team scheduled an interview with Saleh. Every other team scheduled an interview with Bienemy and Houston only requested one after getting called out. Watson’s only two suggestions and it’s like they went out of their way to ignore them, and this is after they asked for Watson’s input.

        Stop caping for the absolute clown car that is the Houston front office. They let BOB destroy the team and now they’re alienating their best player (top 5 QB in the league).

        If you’re agreeing with the sentiment to ‘dump this crybaby’, you are a moron who knows very little about football.

  2. skrockij89

    Won’t the dead cap hit make it nearly impossible to trade him this year?

    • whiplash

      23mil in dead cap, I would say so, unless they’re going full rebuild and getting rid of all top paid players. At that point it wouldn’t matter.

    • wagner13

      They should. Nobody has really discussed this, but Washington has the cap space to make a move for an expensive but established QB like Watson or Stafford. I’m not a huge Scott Turner fan, but perhaps Washington will find a better play caller to satisfy Watson

      • Ak185

        They’ve actually been at the top of my list, along with Carolina. I think Watson would be okay with Rivera as HC, so the no-trade clause might be waived for Washington.

  3. phillyballers

    So… they’ll hire Bieniemy even tho they dont want to or trade Watson. And if he flops they’ll fire him after year 1, waste another year of Watson and start the process again.

    • Tatsumaki

      Man imagine Rams with him instead of goff sesh, loaded. 2 1st and goff?

      • hopper15

        What first? They don’t have one this year because of the Ramsey trade

  4. Tatsumaki

    Could see Watson getting delt to saints for 2 1sts and taysom hill. Brees is retiring after this season according to reports. Would be a great fit

    • photounit

      Saints are about $99 mil over next years cap. They have no way to fit Watson

      • Tatsumaki

        Wouldnt say theres no chance, Mickey Loomis is one of the best in the business. If your as skilled as you claim why are you sitting at home? Surprised more owners haven’t contacted you to help with salary cap and by stating the obvious.

    • It will take way more than that. Saints 1st rounder is almost a 2nd rounder and Taysom Hill is not very valuable.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    “If Watson really does become available, there will be no shortage of suitors.”

    You would think so but the owners have a tendency to close ranks and freeze out trouble makers. Watson could be the next Kaepernick if he pushes things too far.

    • saluelthpops

      I’m guessing most other teams are shaking their heads more at the Texans than they are Watson.

    • wagner13

      Except Watson is far better than Kaepernick ever was. Colin only thrived with Greg Roman for a reason. He played well in the system but would not have been a seamless fit for any team. Watson elevates any team beyond GB, KC, Seattle, and Buffalo

      Besides, Kaepernick still got offers. I know for sure Denver gave him a chance, while he’s the one that opted out of his SF contract. I guarantee teams will be interested if Watson’s out on the trade block

      • Jcool90

        Lamar and a first and for Watson. Man, I love Lamar but gotta stop all the runs. Gotta learn how too pass them long balls better. Your in the pros not college.

      • dandan

        @wagner13 everything you said was perfect, except that Kaepernick didn’t really have a choice to opt-out of his contract or not. It was a mutual option and the 49ers had publicly stated they weren’t going to renew his deal. Him opting out was virtually meaningless.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Talent might not necessarily be enough to save a players career if he continues to insinuate that the league’s white owners are insensitive to social issues. Watson needs to cool it with that kind of talk.

        • Ak185

          I don’t know how much that is a factor, considering all of the foundation they sponsor these days. Bob McNair was reportedly more conservative than most, but some owners don’t care about that-such as David Tepper, whose team is apparently in the running to try and make an offer for Watson.

          Really, the question is more about the Texans. They say no now, because this obviously makes no sense for them to do. But as Watson continues to sulk and teams continue to call, they will start taking those calls and eventually come to the point where they ask-do we want Watson enough to hire a coach that we don’t want?

          If they hire Bienemy, then likely all is solved, at least in terms of keeping Watson. If they come out of that interview with “Gee, I don’t think Bienemy is our guy”, then they have to answer the aforementioned question. Is Watson worth an undesirable coach? I don’t expect the chatter to change until after the Texans interview Bienemy, and I definitely don’t expect Watson to move until they hire a coach.

  6. dust44

    Tua a first and second this year. A first and third next year and throw in someone like Igbonione (spelling is off) who was there last first rounder last year. For Watson and JJ… That kinda feels like it may work in my opinion

    • nick effing punto

      I hate to say it but that actually feels like a lot. That is really 4 firsts, a second, and a third.

      • rondon

        Actually, there are a couple of anonymous GMs who think the haul would have to be huge. It would take “at least 2 firsts, an assortment of other later year picks and a QB who could be plugged in at least for a season”.

  7. bradthebluefish

    Texans simply had to keep Watson involved. Sad that they couldn’t even do that.

    • Literally all they had to do was do what every other team with a vacancy did: interview Saleh and Bienemy. But they couldn’t even do that. Mind-boggling.

  8. seth3120

    Usually I’m against trade requests but I don’t blame Watson for wanting out. BOB blew up a contender not as if they were good and the cap caught up with them. He dismantled that franchise and Watson shouldnt bear the brunt of that hopefully Casario is smart enough to know what he has vs BOB

  9. crosleyred

    I’m an old guy. I grew up watching Jim Brown and rooting for the Browns. Then Cincinnati got a team and since I only lived 25 miles away I became Bengal fan. Then Paul Brown passed and his nimrod son decided to run the franchise into the ground and he continues to this day. Then Houston gets a team and since I was tired of Mike Brown’s garbage and I now living in Texas, I became a Texan fan. Hardcore. Then Mr McNair dies and surprise, his nimrod son calls Mike Brown and asks him the best way to destroy a franchise. He tells him to make your coach the GM, trade away all your draft picks for a LT that commits penalties by the bucket full, alienate your HOF DT, and then piss off your QB. Guess what. IT WORKED!!

      • JoeBrady

        The problem is, it is likely the right move. I think they are better than they look, but they are still not a playoff team, and still are short on draft picks. And Watson leaves in two years anyway.

        You make the trade with Miami, who has Tua, you definitely get their (your’s ironically), which becomes Sewell, and might be able to squeeze out a couple of lower picks.

        Sometimes all you can do is to pick the least painful strategy.

  10. of9376

    Trade this clown please. Any team, owner or GM that gives their players “say” in their organizational structure are incompetent. If Watson wants to have say he should forgo his contract, retire and become a GM.

  11. averettea

    If you are the Texans. Would you approach the Cowboys to discuss a Deshaun for Dak trade?

  12. Lrtexasman

    There a few deals that would work but Watson would have to agree. 1. Jags 2 1st gets it done, maybe even this years 1st and 2nd. 2. Jets 2 1st, 2nd, and Darnold. 3. Miami 2 Firsts, 2nd, and Tua (who Texans trade for another 1/2) and 4. Falcons, DWs preferred location, M. Ryan 2 1st (#4 overall) and a #2.

  13. MileHighFan

    Why would anyone trade multiple first round picks for this guy? He’s an underachiever at the NFL level, has a huge cap hit, and is apparently prone to pout when he doesn’t get his way.

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