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This offseason projects as an unprecedented one in terms of quarterback movement. One high profile veteran signal-caller who will definitely be on the move is Matthew Stafford, who is set to be traded after 12 years with the Lions.

We heard yesterday that Detroit was preparing to start trade talks, and it sounds like things are heating up. There’s “significant interest” in Stafford, and “about a third of the league” has already called the Lions to inquire, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter video link). That would suggest that anywhere from 10-12 teams have already reached out to gauge the asking price.

To that end, Rapoport says the team “should be able to get at least a first-rounder” in any trade. There have been suggestions that the Lions want to wrap things up quickly, and it sure sounds like Stafford could have a new home before too long. The obvious contenders like the Colts, Broncos, Washington etc. are quite likely among the teams who have placed calls, but there are at least a handful of wild card teams at play here as well.

We’ve already heard that the 49ers could be interested in making a deal. Meanwhile, Mike Reiss of says he would be surprised if the Patriots don’t at least sniff around the situation. As he notes though, the return of Matt Patricia to New England’s coaching staff could complicate things if he and Stafford don’t have the best relationship (which isn’t necessarily the case).

Interestingly, Reiss also writes that if the 49ers pull off a trade for Stafford it could have a ripple effect where Bill Belichick is able to re-acquire Jimmy Garoppolo from San Francisco. That would certainly be a crazy arc. Whatever happens, we should have a lot more on the Stafford front soon.

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42 comments on “Latest On Matthew Stafford

  1. Thronson5

    Heard the 49ers are in the lead and could be sending a future 1st rd pick and this years 2nd pick then trade Jimmy G to NE for a 2nd pick. That would be a upgrade for the 49ers while basically only giving up next years 1st rd since they’d get back the 2nd rd pick from NE. Curious if that’s true are not, so many rumors it’s hard to belief anything but I sure hope it’s true. I actually think Jimmy makes sense to Chicago also, they need a QB and Jimmy is from there.

    • mcmillankmm

      Will be interesting to see if 9ers can get that 2nd after acquiring Stafford since teams will know 9ers can cut Jimmy with minimal dead money

    • RevErik

      This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense:
      1. Why would the 49ers trade their only 1st rounder next year when they have two this year to trade from?
      2. If the Lions have so many teams knocking on their door for Stafford, why would they choose a first rounder (next year’s) that will almost surely be a lower pick (and therefore less valuable) because of Stafford?

      If Stafford goes to SF, it will surely be for a first this year and a second next, not the other way around.

      • cobbalicious

        Don’t the 49ers only have 1 first round pick this year? If they do then next year’s makes sense because the team should do better.

        • Thronson5

          Yea they only have one this year. I just saw it online. Not even sure it’s true but makes sense to me

        • downeysoft42

          But if I’m the lions why would I want next years pick knowing the team should do better? I’m not taking that pick next year when I can most likely get a first this year and get the youth in the building quicker. I really see the colts trading their first this year, and why would the lions prefer a 9ers pick next year over #21 this year.

  2. badco44

    So with so many interested, I imagine who ever comes up with a better anti will get it done… guy is a gamer

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      It’s probably going to take more than two 1sts for Watson. Much more.

      • arty!

        Most likely. Which means Watson will be in the exact same spot he is in now. No picks to build around him.

      • cas5875

        Unfortunately for Houston, its probably the best they can hope for if Watson is willing to sit out a year if not traded.

        If i am Detroit, i am offering the Stafford (equivalent of one 1st round pick, some reports are saying teams should offer 2 firsts for him, but im sticking with one first round pick for value), #7 overall pick this year and next years second.

        Watson would be playing for a team heavy in minority coaches with Anthony Lynn, Aaron Glenn and Duce Staley. He would also have solid pieces on offense in pro bowlers WR Golladay (who i expect to be franchised), TE Hockenson, and C Ragnow, slong with a good LT in Decker and a promising RB in Swift.

        Detroit would still have a franchise QB, and could add as much as possible to their defense in the draft this year and next and free agency next year. With smart choices they could be back to at least contending for the wildcard in 2022.

        Houston, who still needs a HC would be able to shine up the turd that is that job some by having a proven QB to offer.

        Stafford would get the luxury or returning to his home state of Texas to play.

  3. letmeclearmythroat74

    I still think he ends up in Denver … Elway has proven he can not draft QBs. Stafford would fit nice in that offense.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I think he goes to Washington. The WFT is insane if they don’t make this happen.

    • nentwigs

      Odd isn’t it?
      With all of his on-field accomplishments at the QB
      That Elway has been such a poor judge of QB talent.
      Perhaps he was so set on trying to find the “Next Elway” that he failed to consider the actual merits and demerits of the tools possessed by the QB’s available through the: draft, trades, and free agency.

    • Special Agent

      Elway is no longer the GM. I don’t really see Stafford in Denver because the Broncos have other needs in addition to QB and the cost for Stafford would be too high. I like him but I’m not sure he’s going to get a team to the Super Bowl with Denver.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Why would Washington think Stafford or any aging immobile QB would want to get behind their turnstile of an offensive line?

    • qbert1996

      same reason why teams tank for the #1 pick. They believe a franchise quarterback will change the course of the franchise even though that isnt always the case.

    • It’s not like they can’t draft or sign OLs to bolster the line this offseason.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Stafford isn’t that old. He’s only 32. It wouldn’t be like asking 42 year old Drew Brees to do it. Besides, as RCT pointed out, they can shore up the line. A high caliber QB can also make quicker reads and throws.

  5. Pokeli

    There are definitely tiers to the free agent QB list. Guys like Rodgers, Watson, and Prescott are absolute game changers for teams if they can get their hands on them. I wonder if they’ll feel out that market before committing to someone like Stafford who can definitely push a team over the edge, but isn’t quite in that group.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I’d take Stafford over Dak, tbh. Part of that is driven by cost, though. Dak is talented, but I don’t think Matt is far off of him.

      • Pokeli

        I think Dak is definitely the better talent and would prefer him (5 year age difference helps) but you’re right that potentially for the money, Stafford isn’t far off and would be a great value

  6. Dick Magee

    I can understand why Stafford wouldn’t be worth a 1st round pick to a rebuilding team or even teams like Carolina and Denver who don’t seem to be a QB away from a Super Bowl run. But for teams like the 49ers, Colts and Washington, I would think it would be a no brainer. I don’t care who those teams draft, they will not come close to the impact that Stafford will have. With free agency, the salary cap and injuries, most teams have a short super bowl window, unless your QB’s named Mahomes. I know fans hate to give up picks and love to talk about getting star players while keeping their picks but I have a feeling the fans of the team that does get Stafford are gonna be disappointed in how much their team has to give up for him.

  7. SaintChris

    If anyone is interested in how Matt Patricia feels about Stafford, look up the controversy surrounding Patricia’s burner Twitter account. He said Stafford is “uncoachable.”

    Do I think Stafford is uncoachable? No, I dont. I think Patricia is a Hall of Fame clown.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Patricia would first have to understand how to coach before he labels someone as “uncoachable”.

    • gibba192471

      And you coached Stafford? Sorry, I missed when you were named a Lions coach? Patricia coached the guy, I’m gonna side with the guy who actually coached him. The lions can keep him … next.

    • cas5875

      Well, not going to say he is uncoachable, but he did have a history of refusing to work with independent “QB Guru’s” in the offseason early in his career because he thought it was a waste of time and he was good enough on talent alone.

  8. sportsfan616

    Those of you with dreams of Watson to Detroit need to remember that Watson has a no trade clause in his contract. I don’t think a rebuilding Lions team is anywhere he would choose to go.

    • dcahen

      Sports fan 616 – Watson has been known to cover NY Jets, & they are behind the Lions in about every facet.

      • Ak185

        Well, he likes the Jets due to their coach. Other reports have him preferring the Dolphins. So we don’t really have much real information there.

        The Texans would probably be okay with a Detroit deal, but I’m not sure Watson is. If his complaint is with the lack of an organizational vision, it seems that Miami would fit better.

    • cas5875

      Detroit has plenty of talent, especially on offense. They even have talent on the defensive side of the ball, they were just horribly coached in my opinion.

  9. 10yardfight

    Doubt Stafford is going to Houston for Watson. He also may not bring back a 1st round pick in the trade. People seem to forget that he is 32 and can’t win games by himself. He is a talented quarterback but he hasn’t been able to make those around him better. Also don’t forget when a team trades for him he has a sizeable contract already and may demand a new one upon accepting a trade. To top it off teams know Detroit is letting him go which can make teams force Detroit to have to wait out the market.
    Before it’s decided to make a trade there is the possibility of a huge market of qbs that may be available such as Watson, Wentz, Goff, Darnold, Rodgers, Jimmy G, Prescott. I think best he will fetch is a 2-3 round pick and maybe a pick next year. The cap is uncertain at this point and there are so many options out there I don’t foresee a bidding war unless most of the above mentioned stay put.

    • cas5875

      Keep in mind, Detroit’s front office told Stafford they would try to trade him, provided they can get fair market value for him. They are not in a “trade him for whatever they can get” scenario. There is a slim possibility that Stafford stays in Detroit.

      Personally, i would project Stafford’s value at a top 15 pick, or a 1st and 3rd for a team outside the top 15.

      While i would love to see Detroit send Stafford , #7 and a 2022 2nd to Houston for Watson, i do also realize that is highly unlikely.

      Most likely situation is that Stafford goes to Indy for a 1st and 3rd.

      Ideal situation, Stafford and Jamie Collins goes to Indy for a 1st and 3rd in 2021 and a day 3 pick in 2022, Because of Indy’s cap space, they can afford both contracts and still have more than 35mil in cap space, and Collins could be a good mentor to a young Indy LB group. And Detroit would net about 21mil in cap space in the deal.

  10. Bearded Texas Hulk

    The rumor here in the DfW is Gallup and a 1st rounder for Stafford.

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