Lions To Hire Saints’ Aaron Glenn As DC?

8:01pm: This may not be a done deal just yet. While the Lions may well be set to bring Campbell and Glenn to Michigan, the latter assistant has other options. Two other teams have expressed interest in hiring Glenn as defensive coordinator, and veteran NFL reporter Josina Anderson tweets the veteran secondary coach is still determining which job he will take.

2:55pm: The Lions are expected to hire Saints assistant Dan Campbell as their new head coach, and he’s bringing another Sean Payton protégé with him. Detroit is hiring Aaron Glenn to be their defensive coordinator, sources told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter link).

Glenn is currently the secondary coach in New Orleans. His profile has been growing rapidly recently, and he even got a head coaching interview with the Jets a couple weeks back. His star has been rising for a while now, as the Bengals tried to interview him for their DC role back in 2019 but were blocked by the Saints

Glenn had a prolific playing career, as he spent 15 years in the league as a corner after getting drafted 12th overall by the Jets back in 1994. His last pro season was in 2008 with the Saints, and after a brief stint as a scout he broke into the coaching ranks with the Browns as an assistant DBs coach in 2014.

He joined Payton’s staff in 2016, and has been on it ever since. He’s clearly highly regarded around the league, and if Detroit has any success on defense he’ll be a name to keep an eye on in future head coaching searches.

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23 comments on “Lions To Hire Saints’ Aaron Glenn As DC?

  1. jawinks

    First Lions attempted the Patriot way, now they will attempt becoming Saints lite

    • kzoobrewcrew

      And in 3 years we can hire Leftwich, a handful of TB assistants and try the Buc way.

    • Alexander Jones

      Well, I’m a Lions fan and in NO WAY whatsoever am I going to defend our trash organization, but Holmes is an L.A. guy, with no connection to N.O., so this argument was flawed before it began, lol.

    • Alexander Jones

      Also, I have an inkling about 55-45 that we go w/ Bevell over Campbell at HC. It’s the more Lions-esque way to really muck things up. That, and I also have the inkling that Campbell knows just how horrific this organization is, and would rather scrape bubblegum off the bottom of the bleachers than come back to the Lions for employment in any capacity.

  2. Alexander Jones

    Bevell will be our coach, Stafford will be the QB after the obligatory presser pre-draft stating “Stafford is the QB of this club til further notice”… we’ll move down from 7 with Fields on the board, feeling he’ll drop down to the teens where we trade down to, and the team that takes our 7 will take Fields and we’ll pretend like we didn’t want him anyway…then we’ll proceed to draft a WR with a 3rd round grade with our 10-20 1st round pick, and continue falling flat on our face from there…. S….O…..L…. lol

    • crosseyedlemon

      And being the Lions they will also sign LeSean McCoy feeling they should have at least two antique RBs trying to steal Barry Sander’s rushing record.

      • Peterson is still delivering the goods. He’s not what he was even two seasons ago but he’s still one of the better second-tier backs in the league. Unlike most older backs, AD still breaks very long runs. He’s not expensive. Detroit should be happy to have him.

        • crosseyedlemon

          I’ve always liked Peterson but he really doesn’t fit with teams that should be fully invested in a rebuild.

    • Alexander Jones

      I stand corrected! (Unless Campbell’s interview hears him deliver the “Stafford is our QB” line), haha.

    • Stat_head

      They don’t need to Fields when they simply sign Fields 1.0 by signing Haskins in the offseason. Why waste a top pick on a QB from school whose best QB ever is Mike Tomczak?

  3. QuantomofFandom

    Question: Does everyone feel good with the Ford family hires to run the Lions. From Woods being the man in charger, to the hiring of Holmes as GM, and Campbell as coach? Did the Ford Family set the Lions up for Super Bowl run in the next five years?

    • nickolai I’m not against the hires as I feel like sometimes the top names don’t always reach expectations. I only like the Campbell hire because he’s not tied to one side of the ball the last few years and hopefully he has seen how to run a team being an assistant. I don’t like rookie defensive coordinators though coming to Detroit working with that crap they are about to be handed, so we will see as time will tell.

    • Alexander Jones

      Certainly not – since first of all, Campbell hasn’t been announced as the coach yet, and now this DC is having cold feet (I’m guessing because Campbell turned us down), and now we’re set to enter ’21 with Bevell as the HC, and this guy wants no part of yet another retread, wheel spinning era of impotence in this organization.

  4. thebluemeanie

    I’m curious why the Lions front office continue to drag their feet on the Campbell hiring.

    • Alexander Jones

      Because he turned us down, most likely. And that’s why the dude in this article suddenly “has other offers.” I mean, he probably does/did, but once Dan told him, dude we don’t want any part of that steaming pile up there, he backed out.

      Bevell will be the HC of the Lions in ’21, and Stafford will be the QB. Status-quo Lions.

      • Alexander Jones

        I stand corrected! (Unless Campbell’s interview hears him deliver the “Stafford is our QB” line), haha.

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