NFL Rescinds Josh Gordon’s Reinstatement

Josh Gordon‘s latest path back to NFL action hit another snag Friday, and it is certainly fair to wonder if the former All-Pro wideout will receive another opportunity.

The NFL rescinded its conditional reinstatement of Gordon, per Field Yates of (on Twitter). The Seahawks wide receiver is again suspended indefinitely. The league reinstated Gordon late last year, but another setback left him unable to return to the field.

Connected to Antonio Brown throughout the offseason, the Seahawks instead re-signed Gordon. But the NFL did not clear him to return to action until Week 16. While Gordon’s reinstatement put him on track to play in that game, his latest stumbling block nixed those plans. Gordon has battled substance abuse throughout his career, which was sidetracked with a 10-game suspension in 2014. The 2013 first-team All-Pro missed both the 2015 and ’16 seasons and has not been the same player since the 2014 ban ushered in a run of hiatuses.

Overall, Gordon has been suspended nine times since becoming a pro. While most players in his situation have drifted out of the league, the 29-year-old receiver has continually managed to work his way back into the NFL’s good graces and receive additional opportunities. Gordon returned to the Browns in 2017, played in 12 games in 2018 and 11 in 2019. However, more substance-abuse trouble intervened in 2018 and ’19 to end Gordon’s respective seasons in New England and Seattle.

The Seahawks have shown steady support for the embattled playmaker, but after missing a third full season in his career, Gordon faces the prospect of never playing again.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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46 comments on “NFL Rescinds Josh Gordon’s Reinstatement

  1. kevin

    good they need to ban him from the league . he’s been given way to may chances and it’s bs they keep giving him more just ban his from football period

    • j_butte

      Personally I’d rather the nfl stop cracking down on guys for puffin on the devils lettuce when it’s legal in a lot of states.

      • 12thDan03

        Gordon’s issues have never been about just weed. He has multiple issues.

      • matty kid

        What evidence do you have that he has an issue with weed? Please be specific

        • j_butte

          He’s admitted to alcoholism and marijuana use in an article in GQ a few years ago. He said he’s never played a game in college or professionally that he wasn’t under the influence. He gave the interview after he went to rehab. Now, if he’s showing up drunk for games that’s one thing, but if dude is popping on a pee test for Mary Jane we need to re-evaluate the system. I haven’t read or seen anywhere where he’s admitted to using or tested positive for other substances.

    • conlonrisek

      Drug addiction is an issue. The NFL continuing to support him is the right move. Until you struggle with addiction yourself, you’ll never know how tough of a thing it is to break. The Seahawks and the NFL should continue to support him rather than just kicking him to the curb. It’s not “bs” that they keep trying to help him. For once this a good look for a league that typically treats its players poorly.

      • jjd002

        Support, yet. However, there are consequences to your decisions. He been given multiple chances. A lot more that anyone would get anywhere.

    • Why is it BS that he has gotten multiple chances? Do you think simply banning him for life would solve or accomplish anything?

      • Ed "The Mythical One"

        Yes. Because the opposite has proven not to work 9 times now. Do you think giving him a lifetime of chances would solve or accomplish anything? That’s been done 9 times already and it has shown not to work. So why don’t they try something they haven’t before and just tell him he’s banned permanently. Then maybe he will finally take it seriously. Clearly he doesn’t now.

      • tedtheodorelogan

        You don’t just get indefinite chances in life because you are an “addict”. That’s ridiculous, and it just enables bad behavior.

    • Ed "The Mythical One"

      Right, and he doesn’t need the NFL to get this help. His life is more important than the game.

  2. Thronson5

    Wasn’t he failing for weed? I know other leagues allow weed now or don’t test for it. Does the NFL still test for it? Seems stupid if this is ofer weed when it’s damn near legal everywhere.

      • dmart93

        Actually that’s not true lmao. He may off had Weed in his system but if you know nothing about it then you probably shouldn’t comment. If you have read anything that he has personally stated multiple times in the past his addiction is way more than weed. He was regualry doing multiple substance of abuse. I support the league in trying to help this man through his personal Devils but runs much more than just weed.

        • parx

          Let every player use drugs, even playing field…I see nothing that could go wrong, then you saints can’t stop with the “hEs hAd sO mANy cHaNcEs” there’s so many dudes with tribal tattoos commenting on these posts

        • Chester Copperpot

          I guess alcohol is “way more” than weed. That’s the only thing he’s ever admitted to. If you’ve ever had experience with an alcoholic, you know, it’s no joke.

          I don’t understand why people relish in others agony.

  3. GangGreen23

    He’s been suspended for more than Weed. Ped’s and possibly Drugs of Abuse harsher than weed.

    Folks – he’s looked people in the eyes and promised to clean up his act 9 times?

    Don’t we all wish we could be given the same amount of chances at our Jobs? We’d be lucky to get a 2nd chance.

    I don’t feel sorry for guys that blow opportunities most of us would give anything for. He could have waited until after his playing career had ended to Smoke all he wants to. Behavior is a choice.

      • Ed "The Mythical One"

        No, we fully understand addiction. What we don’t understand is preferential treatment for a guy that has proven all the help in the world he’s gotten hasn’t helped him at all.

        People in other professions that get busted for drug use on the job do not get multiple chances. You can’t even get a lot of jobs if you can’t pass a drug test. You get fired from your job and you won’t get a second chance. You might not be able to ever find a job in that same field or many others ever again.

        This guy doesn’t need football. He needs full time serious help.

  4. fredziffel78

    Like recycled baseball managers and NBA head coaches…he’ll get another chance. And another. And another.

  5. Randomguy7654

    Whether or not you agree with the league having a rule against, the fact that this guy can’t seem to stay off the weed no matter how many chances he’s given should tell you something about how it affects people. I’ve worked with teens in youth homes who were there because of marijuana abuse. I’m not one of those people that falls for the lie that it’s harmless. The guy needs help, and there’s probably people in his life just like here in the comments that say “it’s just weed, it’s legal pretty much everywhere anyway” and they’re the ones that have helped hold him back from his potential.

    • cubsnomore

      Thanks for being a good human. Compulsive behavior shows up in different ways. It could be substance abuse, seeking attention, working out too much, hoarding money and more. Any time I see someone taking things to the extreme I believe they are compensating for an internal conflict.

      • Ed "The Mythical One"

        A lot of football players are terrible human beings. You support them though.

      • Ed "The Mythical One"

        It is easy to judge when there is a mountain of evidence to support your decision. The guy has been suspended 9 times from the league for the same thing. Clearly football is not the solution to this problem. He needs to be away from football until he can finally sort his life out. If not, then football is enabling him to continue his poor habits.

  6. phillyballers

    Body needs Food and Water. Doesn’t need weed, tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, etc… Need to put someone kn charge of the mans bank account to stop him from buying into his addictions. Turn the faucet off.

    • Nice to know that you only put the bare essentials in your body (only the minimum caloric intake with some nutritional supplements and only water) and then just stare at a wall all day so you can pass your judgment on someone you know nothing about.

      Then again, the body doesn’t need internet or Pro Football Rumors, so what are you doing talking here. Should put someone in charge of your bank account so you’re not wasting it on phone/internet.

      • Ed "The Mythical One"

        The difference is those things you list are not against the law and harmful to your body and potentially harmful to somebody else’s life.

        Way to conflate the argument and make it a straw man deal.

      • yourmomsbox

        again, you lib, it’s not judging someone when there is actual facts and actions proving his poor decisions and actions. Same as the amount of evidence that you are some lib based on your stupid comments defending someone you don’t know, and has proven to be a loser.

  7. powerboat9

    Hey , I’m a recovering alcoholic.The man has to want it , make a decision, and has to have the willingness!!! Sad , with his talent the man only accepts failure.

  8. DarkSide830

    problem we have as a society is we are seemingly all in or all out on drugs/alcohol. either you want to crucify people who use them or you want to not at all blame people who are addicted. the fact is addiction is a disease, but we dont encourage people not to use these substances to begin with. the best way to deal with addiction is to not get addicted to begin with, and the best way to do that is to not use these things to start with.

  9. crosseyedlemon

    Gordon should go to Texas and become a friend of Watson. Then it would only take a temper tantrum to get him back in the league.

  10. Cyclone37

    Guy used to drink a 5th of liquor at half time of Baylor games (check the Rolling Stone article) certified dude needs help. Real world help!!!!

  11. MileHighFan

    The real question is why any team would pay him, train him, and practice with him when there is a real possibility he won’t be on the field come Sunday. He was once something special, but at 29 he is now just another guy – and replaceable with someone who will be ready to go when you need him to be.

  12. dalton2green22

    I’m so sorry. What an addiction can do is very real. I hope he someday finds the help he needs. You cannot escape the long arm of the law. Not even in a wacky libtard city like Seattle. It’s a shame. You can loot, rob, destroy property, have pink hair, and. Just be lawless and weird in Seattle but the NFL has standards.

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