Ravens Waive QB Robert Griffin III

The Ravens have officially waived quarterback Robert Griffin III. The team will also cut defensive backs Davontae Harris and Tramon Williams, plus wide receiver De’Anthony Harris

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The Ravens got a jump start on their spring cleaning this week by releasing Griffin & Co, plus running back Mark Ingram. It all amounts to a professional courtesy, since the Ravens were eliminated by the Bills on Saturday.

Griffin first joined the Ravens as a backup for Joe Flacco and stuck around to be Lamar Jackson‘s primary backstop. In three years, RG3 started twice and threw one touchdown against four interceptions. One of those starts came this year, a 19-14 loss to the rival Steelers.

The former No. 2 overall pick tweeted that “the best is yet to come,” an indication that he’ll seek another job in 2021. Griffin, who won the Heisman Trophy in 2011, turns 31 in February.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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12 comments on “Ravens Waive QB Robert Griffin III

    • louwhitakerisahofer

      … is living a dream that only you and I can fantasize about.

        • parx

          He’s also goin to get a starting job on a rebuilding team, probably Houston once they trade deshaun Watson for David Montgomery and a 4th, lol I’m just making fun of the deandre trade, still the worst trade ever made in professional sports history

          • Datthew Millon

            Babe Ruth Trade had entered the conversation let alone I can think of at least 5 other Trades more worthwhile than your comment suggest

  1. kanyekardashian

    Only been one down year, so I’m attempting not to jump the gun here. I’m beginning to think the same conversation is a year or two away for Lamar.

    • kanyekardashian

      I also should use the term “down year” lightly. Lamar was good, I see RGIII in Washington repeating itself

      • yourmomsbox

        Totally understand what you were going for here and yeah, not a horrible year but… This might be the Roman curse… when with 49ers, Kaepernick replaced Smith and lit the NFL on fire. Then, starting with the Superbowl and then the next season every team found out how to scheme against him by making him a passer. Then you watched how Greg Roman could not adjust to new defensive attacks and Krapernick fizzled. It looked very similar to me this year, I feel that Lamar is a better passer then CK, but still not that great. He misses a ton of throws now but next year will be the test for sure. Just my observation, I’m not coming from hate or anything, as a Niners fan I think Lamar is a good dude and do not wish for this to be true.

  2. Jcool90

    Or it is just hate. Im Ravens fan, 9ers who’s that? That fluke team with that QB. JIMMY wow why caps lol . But idk I just got done smoking. Who cares, NFL its getting worse and worse.

  3. dalton2green22

    Anyone like me? In the past I would call in sick sundays just to park my butt in the recliner all day go watch red zone. I am a bengals fan but never had a happy Sunday. This year? I worked doubles on sundays when allowed to. Could give a damn less about the nfl. Instead? Watch college football. Anybody else felt like that?

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