San Antonio Hopes To Land NFL Team

Texas is big enough for three NFL teams, according to the mayor of San Antonio. Mayor Ron Nirenberg is confident that SA will land an NFL team between now and 2030 (via KSAT).

If there’s not that corporate base, pro sports franchises look elsewhere. And one of the things that has hindered that corporate base for decades in San Antonio is the fact that we didn’t have enough workers to fill the positions that they would want to move here,” said Nirenberg. “That’s why we’re investing in our own people and access to education, access to skills training and workforce development. So when we want to take those jobs that are available, we have the people to do it. And that’s improving our economic trajectory. That’s also improving the prospects for pro sports here.”

San Antonio is the seventh most populous city in the U.S., though it trails other large cities in per capita income. Currently, the Spurs stand as their only major league sports team, though the city does have minor league baseball, basketball, and soccer clubs.

The NFL may come to San Antonio someday, but it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, given the current economic climate. The NFL has not introduced an expansion team in nearly 20 years since the Texans launched in Houston.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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26 comments on “San Antonio Hopes To Land NFL Team

    • reneaguerra

      California has 39 million people & always had 4 teams, Texas has 29 million & growing fast

      • DarkSide830

        yeah but does it put more fans in the stadiums? does it sell more merchandise? or is ir just splitting the same market up?

        • Dogham

          Actually we’re not moving to Texas because of taxes. George Soros is paying millions of us to relocate to Texas to help turn the state Blue for 2022/2024.

    • Superbear29

      St Louis won’t get a franchise until every single other town in the country gets one and even then they might have to wait until they run out of countries. In other words. St Louis will never get a third chance. NFL never even wanted to give them a second chance

  1. dave frost nhlpa

    The NFL will need to add two franchises.
    San Antonio and __________.
    Mexico City?
    Detroit? LOL.

  2. crosleyred

    I have lived in San Antonio since 1984 and a huge sports fan. Every time a mayor is up for reelection, up pops the NFL issue. This is why San Antonio will not get a team: 1) The Jones family. 2) San Antonio does not have the corporate base to support a team. 3) This town ain’t rich. They do not have the money for season tiks, PSLs, etc. We cannot even support a AAA baseball team and just got demoted back to AA. 4) The Alamodome will be almost 40 years old and is already in decay. This town will not fund a new stadium. If any Texas city gets a team it will be Austin. These are the hurdles this mayor would have to overcome. Ask him who is in charge in petitioning the NFL for a team. Henry Cisneros? One of the little Castro boys? Please.

    • padam

      I, too, reside in SATX and it’s doable. While the Jones family may be an obstacle to deal with, let’s not forget that; 1) we have a stadium already built and ready to go; 2) the Austin market is enormous with corporate influence and sponsorship (many have driven further to attend games in NY, such as myself); 3) comparable markets like San Diego and Tampa have had teams, and while San Diego failed, Tampa, which doesn’t even have the corporate presence like SA does, has three professional teams; 4) the fan base is ‘very’ dedicated, as witnessed with the Spurs, and I can’t see it being any different.

      When the Saints played in SA after Katrina, the Alamodome was packed each game and there was a vibe that this city wanted a team of their own. In fact, McCombs and Benson owned football teams and were from San Antonio. It’s only gotten better since.

    • padam

      And as for the triple A baseball team, all MLB teams determine their affiliations. Has nothing to do with supporting the level. It’s been running in SA for the longest time, especially with its long history with the Dodgers. Padres liked SA due to location. Milwaukee opted out because of the location.

      • crosleyred

        No sir. The city’s “leaders” wanted a AAA team and built a AA stadium. Now they’re stuck with no momentum to build a new one. This type of leadership is what will keep the NFL from awarding the city a team.

  3. I Beg To Differ

    If theyre going to do it theyll need 8 new teams one for each division.

    AFC West – San Diego
    NFC West- Oakland

    AFC South- Oklahoma City
    NFC South- Alabama or Kentucky

    AFC East- Virginia
    NFC East – San Antonio

    AFC North- Iowa or Dakota?
    NFC North- Utah

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      As an aside, the sames issues that cost Oakland and San Diego their teams still exist. I can’t see Alabama, Iowa or the Dakotas as really viable, either.

      • I Beg To Differ

        Idk about Oakland but I do know the Chargers left cause Spanos wanted a stadium downtown and the city offered Mission Valley, where the old stadium was. Also people in San Diego couldn’t vote unless they lived in San Diego. El Cajon, Santee, La Mesa, Spring valley, etc werent allowed to vote despite being part of the city.

        There’s places you can build a stadium in San Diego not downtown. Chula Vista had water front property for a Stadium.

        Should revisit building a stadium.

        Part of the fan base problem was Dean Spanos as owner.

        The new franchise gets an owner dedicated to winning and goes out and recruits the city itll attract fans faster.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    I’m in favor of re-establishing teams in Akron, Canton, Columbus, Duluth, Frankford, Providence, Racine and Rock Island.

  5. kberg

    Instead of adding expansion teams, i think the NFL needs to make a minor league. Way too many players that never get a chance and too many cities that will never get a team. This way teams can develop future players, new markets get teams and more football games on TV. Expand the draft, develop new coaches and front office. This would especially be good if the schedule expands, less preseason so this gives a chance for young unproven guys to play.

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