Seahawks, Doug Pederson Discussing OC Role

It’s been less than a week since Doug Pederson was fired as head coach of the Eagles, but it may not take long for him to find another gig.’s Tom Pelissero reports (via Twitter) that the Seahawks have spoken with Pederson about their offensive coordinator vacancy.

Following underwhelming 9-7 campaigns in 2018 and 2019, Pederson found himself on the hot seat heading into the 2020 season. We all know how that story ended; Carson Wentz regressed to a new low, and tempers flared in the building about how to handle the situation. Eventually Wentz was benched, with the team turning to second-round rookie Jalen Hurts. With injuries rising on both sides of the ball, Philly ultimately finished the season with a 4-11-1 record, their worst showing since 2012. Despite having a Super Bowl championship on his resume, Pederson was canned earlier this week.

Pederson made a name for himself when he was offensive coordinator for the Chiefs. He inherited play-calling duties from Andy Reid in 2015, and the Chiefs proceeded to win 10-straight games with Pederson at the helm. He was hired as the Eagles head coach the following offseason.

To that end, it’s not surprising that Pederson would be a candidate for offensive coordinator vacancies. The Seahawks fired three-year OC Brian Schottenheimer earlier this week, opening a spot on their staff. We’ve already heard that Anthony Lynn had talked to the organization about the role, and Pederson now joins a growing list of candidates.

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13 comments on “Seahawks, Doug Pederson Discussing OC Role

  1. crosseyedlemon

    Hey Dougie, do you really want to be the OC for a team that thinks Josh Gordon is the missing piece?

    • have you seen my baseball

      Great comment! I really love your insight into the Seahawks organization and their thinking.

    • jjghost

      I am unable to tell if that was brilliant insight into the Seahawks organization and thinking or a dumb remark.

  2. KiahFJ

    Honestly if I were the Titans I would be calling. Pedersen is a good coach and probably an even better OC. He’s won a SB and could implement his system without much change for the offense. Those injuries stifled that team this season.

    Tennessee needs an OC that can run an offense completely. Seattle also would be a good fit for him too.

    • BG99

      He’s such a good coach, why did he get fired 3 years after winning a SB?

      If he’s such a good coach why isn’t he being considered for existing HC openings?

      If he’s an even better OC, why did the offense regress each and every year, after Frank Reich left for Indy?

  3. MoneyBallJustWorks

    Would be perfect for the OC role in Seattle. They already don’t know how to protect the QB.

  4. tommygun1971

    Asking all your opinion (I just don’t know), did Pederson bench Hurts during that Washington game of his own choice or was he told to do that from above? Your thoughts?

    • frank_costanza

      1000% not his call. What coach cares about a draft pick over adding a win to his resume when he’s on the hot seat? No guarantee he’s even going to be there to coach the player they draft. Also, the reports were that part of the reason he was let go is that he wanted to win and the organization wants to rebuild. So the owner can come out and say he had no hand in the tank and it was all Doug’s decision but people would be idiots to believe it.

      • Ak185

        I disagree. I think it was 100% his call. If management told him to do that, they would not have fired Pederson for following orders. Pederson either wanted to see what he had with Sudfeld, was disappointed in Hurts’ play, or wanted to stick it to management by demonstrating his control over game-calls. This was the last game of the season, and the Eagles were the only NFCE team with nothing to play for, and about to experience a major quarterback and roster realignment that offseason. In any case, it was certainly Pederson’s call. The only thing indicating that was Pederson’s call would be speculation that Pederson “just wouldn’t” ever give up a game. If management told him to do that, I would be curious to know the reason.

  5. bumpy93

    well the rumor is that in the 2019 drift Doug Peterson really like DK Metcalf until Jeffrey Lori made him draft JJ Ortega Whiteside now maybe he will have the chance to coach him good luck Dougie you were done wrong they should have got rid of Hallie and not you

  6. compassrose

    I am torn on this hire. It would probably only be a one year stop over for him. It would have to be a run first mind set for him. Pete wants to run the ball even when we can’t. Does he switch to Seattle’s lingo and plays or do we switch to his? If we switch not worth the one year stop.

    Lemon Lulu I never heard anyone say he was the missing piece. I have said he will be a nice piece to take the top off for Tyler and DK. I would never see him as a cornerstone even without the drug
    problems. Probably an attempt at humor but fell flat I know the feeling many of my jokes are funnier to me than others.

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