Eagles Fire Doug Pederson

Seismic news out of Philadelphia, as Doug Pederson is out as Eagles head coach, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network tweets. Originally it was reported that Pederson was expected to be back in 2021, but that was before Philly’s Week 17 debacle.

We heard yesterday that his status was still up in the air, and a Monday meeting with owner Jeffrey Lurie has culminated in his dismissal. It’s a remarkable fall from grace for a coach that was on top of the world following Super Bowl LII just a few short years ago. It’s yet another reminder of how quickly things change in the NFL. The 2017 season of course ended in a championship, and although Pederson made the playoffs in each of the next two years, tensions flared in the organization.

The 9-7 campaigns in 2018 and 2019 didn’t meet expectations, even as Pederson juggled less than ideal circumstances to get to the postseason both times. Things reached a boiling point this season as Carson Wentz regressed to a new low, and tempers flared in the building about how to handle the situation. Eventually Wentz was benched, with the team turning to second-round rookie Jalen Hurts.

The team dealt with a mountain of injuries on both sides of the ball yet again, and they entered Week 17 at 4-10-1. That’s when Hurts was benched for Nate Sudfeld late in a close game against Washington, leading to a lot of criticism of Pederson amidst accusations of tanking for a better draft pick. It always seemed like the front office had a hand in that decision though, and it’s possible that’s partly what led to the breakup.

To that end, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network tweets that what the situation “boiled down to” was that “Pederson was sick of people telling him what to do.” It sounds like there was a power struggle between Pederson and GM Howie Roseman that Pederson ultimately lost. This could also be a sign that Lurie and Roseman are inclined to try to salvage Wentz, as we heard recently that Wentz and Pederson’s relationship was beyond repair. 

As for who could take over for Pederson, Rapoport tweets to “keep an eye on” Chiefs quarterbacks coach Mike Kafka as someone the Eagles might consider. Kafka, like Pederson, is a proud member of the Andy Reid coaching tree and played for the Eagles for a couple of seasons a decade ago. The Eagles wanted to hire him as OC a year ago but Reid blocked the move, Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer tweets.

It’s not every day that a Super Bowl winning coach hits the open market, and Pederson certainly isn’t going to go away quietly. His new-found availability throws an interesting wrinkle into all the coaching searches currently underway. Pederson has a “strong relationship” with Jets GM Joe Douglas, which could make him a candidate for New York’s open job, Adam Schefter of ESPN.com tweets. Douglas, of course, was in the Eagles’ front office from 2016-19.

Pederson spent around a dozen years in the league as a quarterback, mostly as a backup. He got his first NFL coaching gig as a quality control coach under Reid with the Eagles in 2009, then eventually became Reid’s OC in Kansas City before getting hired by the Eagles as head coach prior to the 2016 season. He finished his run in Philly with a record of 46-39-1.

There will certainly be many post-mortems in the days and weeks ahead, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all of the fallout. Ron Rivera, hired by Washington on December 31st 2019, is now the longest-tenured coach in the NFC East.

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87 comments on “Eagles Fire Doug Pederson

  1. petersdylan36

    This season was a dumpster fire for the eagles. I’ve been an eagles fan for 15 years. I’m from California. This year really disappointed me.
    I’m not upset about Pederson. This seems needed.

    I’m moving to Charlotte at the end of the month, I’m seriously considering picking up the panthers as my team. I’m not from philly so it would be nice to have a hometown NFL team

    • keath

      I’ve been a Panthers fan since the franchise’s founding. You’re making a mistake by turning to them as a means of avoiding disappointment LOL.

      • petersdylan36

        Haha I guess it’s less because this singular season and more to have a home town team.
        I’m from SoCal. Have always been a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Padres, and LA Clippers.

        I’m going to stay a Padres fan as there is no team in Carolina.

        I’m going to become a Hornets fan because I’m used to my basketball teams underperforming haha.

        Was going to to stay an eagles fan while also rooting for panthers as long as they didn’t clash with each other. But maybe I’ll be a panthers fan more, I haven’t decided yet

        • I think changing team allegiances is weird, but how in the world did you end up an Eagles fan in the first place?

          • petersdylan36

            I get it, and honestly, I’m not going to completely give up the clippers or eagles. I just think it would be cool to move to a new city and root for the teams there.

            First time I ever really watched an nfl game was the 2005 Super Bowl. I was 12 and didn’t have a team. I told myself I would start rooting for the team that lost the Super Bowl. Eagles lost to patriots.

            I don’t know why I didn’t grow up a Chargers fan, just didn’t happen.

            Have always been a Padres fan. Kinda sad to move across the country now they have an awesome team. I can see them in ATL or DC.

        • robluca21


          How can you easily just switch teams like that ? If I rooted for anyone besides the Yankees and giants I might be disowned from my family . Almost certainly not welcome on Christmas

          • petersdylan36

            I think that part is easy for me. I’m the only sports fan in my family so there is no expectation.
            But honestly, I probably won’t give up any teams once the move across country is made. I’ll just pick up two new teams in the panthers and hornets.

    • Ak185

      I’m not sure Tepper’s your guy for future team results. I honestly feel pretty badly for Panther fans, because I just don’t see his tenure being easy to bear.

    • rondon

      Did you read the whole piece? Lurie is an egomaniac who needed to let Pederson do his damn job. I wish the Bears would can Nagy and grab Pederson; a seriously talented offensive mind who got sick of owner interference.

      • Ak185

        …Lurie is not the reason that Pederson called a screen without giving Wentz a receiver to even throw it to. Wagner13 mentioned that in a comment a few weeks ago, and I went back and watched the tape-sure enough, there it was. It’s not an isolated incident either-players on this roster played much worse than their abilities all year, and even last year. Pederson failed, unquestionably.

        • wagner13

          Thanks for the shout-out Ak185

          I’ve also never been a fan of his lack of discipline and pre-game preparation. The team started 4-6 and 5-7 in the previous two seasons before being carried by either Foles or Wentz in spite of some awful defense. Pederson deserves SOME credit for this, but why does it always take so long for him to figure it out? This season, the Eagles buried themselves into too large of a hole and couldn’t rely on elite talent to dig out. The sloppiness was apparent by a whopping 107 penalties (third-worst league-wide).

          Even if you want to disregard this season entirely, there were signs in season’s past as well. They allowed the 2-9 Dolphins to trample the defense with 37 points and allowed an equal figure to the Cowboys in an embarrassing blowout on primetime.

          I’m not saying the front office or Wentz himself are free of blame, but Pederson has not shown signs of life since Reich left. Clearly, a parting of the ways was best for both sides based on the toxic relationship already brewing between the parties

    • justinkm19

      I’ve never understood how people can do this. I was raised in the 90’s when the Cowboys were winning SBs. As Cowboy fans we put up with a lot of hate, whether we are losing or winning, but I would never just up and become a fan of another team. Crazy to me.

  2. Thronson5

    Guessing that means Wentz stays. Wonder who they are going to get to replace him.

  3. 13Morgs13

    Lurie is betting on Roseman over Pederson. Not sure u would win either way.

    • Polish Hammer

      Sure, definitely going to trade a young QB in the division (and don’t respond about a washed up McNabb)…

      • mlbnyyfan

        Deserves to be fired after tanking against Washington. If your going to tank don’t make it that obvious

                • HailRodgers12$

                  Mlbnyyfan said ‘don’t make it so obvious.’
                  My point is, Jacksonville and the Jets made it look pretty obvious for (at least the majority of) 2 years.

                  • … and then they fired both of their coaches for making it too obvious. Again, what is your point?

                      • You don’t have a point. You made it sound like the Jets and Jags had coaches who tanked and faced no consequences. But they did. They were both fired.

                        Again, what is your point?

        • AndyMeyer

          “If you’re going to tank, don’t make it that obvious”

          Philadelphia 76ers on Line 3

      • kayjaygee626

        Pederson has been fired because his relationship with the 100m QB and WFT is probably the only team that would trade there late 1st rnd pick for Hurts

    • fathead0507

      Hurts isn’t any good.. just another run first QB.. his numbers back that up

      • htbnm57

        I think you are way too premature in your assessment of Hurts. He was a rookie playing with possibly the worst OL in the history of the NFL ( and a bad set of receivers)by the time he started playing.He threw some nice passes when given half a chance and mainly had to run for his life more than he wanted to.

  4. DonC.

    Dougs head got over inflated after super bowl win,thinks he knows everything,good riddance.Like to see Duce Staley get a shot.Still like to see Wentz go.

    • rtr1redrockets

      agreed with everything you said…staley…maybe he will actually stick with running the ball! Wentz out…hurts in!

  5. rtr1redrockets

    can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hire outside the raid coaching tree…we need something g fresh new and

  6. leprechaun

    Go outside the Ried tree trust me Nagy will be fired before the end of next season another Andy guy with big EGO

  7. DonC.

    Love to see Hurts get a real chance,you can see he reads situations so much faster than Wentz.

    • fathead0507

      If his 1st read wasn’t there he tucked n ran.. he’s not good evident by 52% Comp and 6/5 td/int .. he’s a run first QB.. so as a person who love watching eagles suck please stick with Hurts

      • DarkSide830

        small sample size, eh? he has the intangibles and has shown an ability to get things done on the big stage in college. how much did you want out of a 2nd round rookie QB in a year like 2020?

      • What games were you watching? Hurts was under duress most times when he dropped back to pass. Between the receivers unable to get off press coverage and a third string OL unable to pass protect, what was Wentz/Hurts supposed to do?

        BTW, Hurts is a rookie QB. Quit acting the fool.

      • @fathead0507: absurd to say that Hurts is ‘not good’ based on a handful of games in his rookie season. You realize he’s a *ROOKIE*, right? QBs take time to develop.

        Josh Allen’s rookie year he had a 52% completion and 10/12 TD/INT and was a ‘run first QB’… Bills should have cut their losses, right? I mean, he fits your criteria for ‘not good’?

        All of you who love trashing rookie QBs based on small samples are just putting your ignorance on display.

        • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

          Back in 1998, there was a rookie QB who completed 56.7% of his passes, threw 25 touchdown passes, lead the NFL with 28 interceptions thrown and guided his team to a 3-13 record.

          Some bum named Peyton Manning…

          • @Hubcap: exactly. People that want to move on from QBs after their rookie season just show how little they know about football.

      • wagner13

        Donovan McNabb didn’t even complete half of his passes and had an atrocious 3.7 Y/A in his rookie season. I guess Philly should have given up on him by your logic…

  8. si66is

    I think the last straw was Pedersen being ordered to change QB’S, he didn’t want to but was overruled

    • DarkSide830

      word around town is it was the other way around, that he wanted to throw Hurts in earlier but the org. overruled him. granted, lots of assumptions being made around here with little tangible proof…

    • Ak185

      You mean benching Wentz or benching Hurts? Either way, I don’t think that there’s much to support either one NOT being Pederson’s call. If they him to do the opposite, then they’d have reason to be upset. No way they fire him for following orders.

      • earmbrister

        What if Peterson followed orders, but then made a stink about it after the fact? Maybe he complained himself right out of a job. Weird goings on.

  9. metsie1

    Eagles are a mess and changing coaches is not going to fix things. There last couple of drafts have been atrocious.

  10. Ak185

    Ehhh, I may be wrong, but I think that the Eagles will be easier to fix than we think. Most of the roster has talent,!their espiritd’corps is the problem. Players dropping balls, missing tackles, not fighting through press, missing blocks…they have lost confidence in their jobs and/or ability to win. It’s not like roster doesn’t have talent at multiple positions. A culture change could be huge for the players that stay.

    • DarkSide830

      yeah, i dont think its that much of an issue. the cap number will be fixed because thats what Howie does and I think with a little more injury and performance luck things already improve. I dont think Howie is going to keep control over the draft board so he can work on what he does best. i also hope the timing of this move means Lurie has a good replacement lined up already.

    • The Eagles are almost $100 million over cap in 2021. Dozens of veteran heads must roll to get back under cap. There won’t be much talent left after cuts.

      • Ak185

        That’s true. Jeffrey and Jackson being out (and restructured) will help. Jackson (WR) will also end up gone, along with Peters. Those are four vets who did not do much this year. Curry is likely gone. Ertz is gone. Slay had a down year, but I think a lot of that was due to the overall team performance and he could bounce back possibly. The new DC will dictate what direction the defense goes in, but if it’s similar, Hargreaves may return as well if the numbers work. One or both of those players would be nice to keep for the Eagles, so I think one of them will end up staying. Cox, Wentz, and Kelce figure to stay (due to the contract in Wentz’s case).

        I’m not as familiar with the Eagles’ actual contracts, so I won’t try to predict too much (like the effect of Johnson’s contract, or Graham’s). I do think that they’ll retain a few talented players and a few of the impromptu starters from this year. I do think that they’ll have a handful of high level players (Goedert, Kelce, Cox, and possibly Johnson) who will likely still be around next year who should be top five-ten at their respective positions.

      • phillyballers

        No its half that, still bad. But nice exaggeration. There are a few ways to get out of it.

        • Ak185

          Phillyballers, I take it you mean the $100 million over the cap figure quoted by Alec?

  11. joeyrocafella

    Please God, don’t let the Jets mess this up again by hiring this guy!! Give me Daboll or Saleh or Bienemy! Pederson won a fluke Superbowl at the hands of a very hot Nick Foles.

    • Sponge

      Nobody wins a “Fluke Superbowl”. It is so hard to go thru 3 teams, (if you’re lucky enough to earn a bye), to win a Super Bowl. Every team that has ever won a Super Bowl, earned it!! I just can’t wait for my team to EARN IT!!

  12. JoeBrady

    This almost had to be the GM’s call. No coach is going to risk their job by making such a stupid decision.

    • Ak185

      They did supposedly tell Pederson that he was being retained. I don’t think Lurie would fire Pederson for that if it was obviously Roseman’s decision. If they told Pederson that he was staying and he decided to see what he had in Sudfeld as a diagnostic for next year, or simply to take control over the team, then it’s much easier to see why Lurie would be incensed.

  13. bumpy93

    love to see the Eagles go after Joe Brady as the next head coach if there’s anybody out there they could fix Wentz if that is who they intend to keep I think Joe Brady is the guy going to do it

    • RonJohn00

      Joe Brady is only 31, he would damage his career in the long-run by walking into such a disastrous situation. He would be better off waiting for a better situation, as would most young coordinators. I think the eagles will have to settle for an older coach that’s already been a head coach before and has a better grasp of where to position himself in regards to the politics.

  14. htbnm57

    The state of the Eagles is more on Roseman than Pederson (although Doug was brutal this year). I hear some saying let Howie do the contracts and salary cap and give the scouting and drafting to someone else but his cap and contract management has been as awful as his drafting. There were too many old injured players on this team with no maneuverability from the cap when they all started to get injured. This team simply had no decent players after the (old) front line players were injured because of years of terrible drafting and bad contracts.

  15. Missourifarmboy

    I don’t think any decent coach touches this job with a ten foot pole, perfect spot for Josh McDaniels.

  16. RonJohn00

    Philly really screwed themselves by letting the drama build and then firing him a week late.
    Philly might have been one of the more preferable openings had they taken care of this differently. Now it looks like the new coach will be walking into a situation that looks doomed.. All the problems with internal politics and clashing egos can torpedo an otherwise successful organization on their own, but Philadelphia also has salary cap and personnel issues that will not be resolved in one offseason.

  17. Yep it is

    Pederson made his mistakes but Roseman and the draft was inexcusable. He had no Impact offensive players the last 2 years.

  18. phillyballers

    So both QBs will be on the Trade Block, whichever package makes the most sense will get traded I think it’s that simple. And I could see a world where they trade both and sign Jameis Winston or Cam Newton. Ertz is gone. Barnett is gone. Several DL will be gone. Cox, Lane, and Brooks will get restructured. DJax and Alshon are gone. I think they retain Peters and Kelce barring retirement. They won’t have much if any cap space at the end of the day so there will be a bunch of min salary dudes or “diamonds in the rough” type of players they trot out there.

    Redskins, Cowboys, Giants, Eagles in order of how big a mess they’re in for 2021.

  19. MileHighFan

    Seems like a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. The Eagles have been decimated by injuries the last two years, thus achieving anything more than 6 wins was a miracle. Their chances of finding a replacement coach who can get anything more out of this dumpster fire of a team are next to zero.

  20. After Jeff Lurie’s presser yesterday, it’s pretty clear that Doug was fired because he wanted more control in his job as HC. This goes all the way back to last season, when Pederson said all his coaches are coming back only to be let go the next day.

    Doug’s initial pitch to Lurie this off-season included expanded roles for a few of his coaches, where Lurie was under-whelmed. Lurie asked for another meeting to go over Doug’s new plan.

    Doug didn’t show up for the meeting.

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