Carson Wentz To Request Trade

The relationship between Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz is fractured beyond repair, according to Chris Mortensen of Wentz is expected to ask the Eagles for a trade this offseason and will do whatever he can to facilitate a deal out of Philadelphia.

Wentz was benched for rookie signal-caller Jalen Hurts a few weeks ago, but shortly thereafter, it was reported that Philadelphia had not lost faith in Wentz and had no intention of trading him (though that may have simply been a tactic to maintain its leverage in trade negotiations). Wentz, however, was said to be rattled by the team’s decision to select Hurts in the second round of this year’s draft and was upset with how his benching unfolded. As a result, he is looking for a fresh start elsewhere.

Just yesterday, we learned that the Eagles plan to retain Pederson for the 2021 season, so assuming Mortensen’s report is accurate, the club may be choosing its head coach over its former MVP-candidate quarterback. However, Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network says the Eagles still believe the situation is salvageable (Twitter link), so it remains to be seen how aggressive the team will be in trade talks.

If the club does elect to move on from Wentz, a trade is much more feasible than a release. Trading Wentz before the third day of the 2021 league year would result in a dead cap charge of just under $34MM for 2021, but given that Wentz’s cap number for next season is set to be just above $34MM, the Eagles would actually save a bit of cap space and would at least have some draft pick compensation in their pocket. Releasing Wentz would result in a massive dead cap hit of nearly $60MM, and while the Eagles could spread out that hit over two years by designating him a post-June 1 cut, carrying $30MM on the books for two consecutive seasons for a player no longer on the roster wouldn’t make much sense.

Because of the presence of former Eagles OC Frank Reich and their abundance of cap space, the Colts have been rumored as the most likely destination for Wentz in the event a trade is consummated. Indeed, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network says Wentz would prefer Indianapolis over several other clubs (video link), and if incumbent Colts signal-caller Philip Rivers elects to retire at season’s end, Indy will certainly be in the market for a QB.

Rapoport says that Rivers, who signed a one-year, $25MM pact with the Colts this offseason, is very much open to retirement, and his decision may hinge on whether the team advances to the playoffs. TV networks are said to be eyeing Rivers, who could easily transition to the broadcast booth if he hangs up the cleats.

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87 comments on “Carson Wentz To Request Trade

  1. DarkSide830

    any chance someone can hire BoB as their GM to help us unload his contract?

      • markdavisbarber

        Carson Wentz is a putz. The front office drafted Hurts to put some pressure on him and he folded like a cheap Ikea table. Carson is a dribble of excuses and finger pointing.

        Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers, Mitch Trubisky, and Ryan Fitzpatrick all handled the pressure better. Hell even Cam Newton has handled his issues this year better then Wentz.

      • DarkSide830

        The Eagles drafted a QB in the 2nd round and Wentz was scared. The Packers drafted one well above Hurts and Aaron Rodgers evidently took it personally and went out and killed it. that’s the difference between how an average QB and a franchise QB reacts to adversity.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Middle, it’s easy to say that- but try to imagine being an NFL QB with a lack of talent around you. Instead of getting you help, your team drafts a guy to do your job. You go out and have a tough game, then another… pretty soon everyone has an opinion on what you should do. You don’t think that creeps inside your head when you have someone looking over your shoulder?

      The Eagles made their mess, and now they’ll have to fix it or wallow in it.

      • dugdog83

        Jalen Hurts is using the same weapons and he’s moving the ball.

        Green Bay drafted Love and it kicked Rodgers into MVP mode. Philly hoped for that but discovered Wentz just isn’t that good.

        • AndyMeyer

          Aaron Rogers also has arguably the best receiver in the game and a far superior cast. He’s one of the all time greats. Not a good comparison
          Eagles needed so much more with that pick than to take a quarterback
          The regression from Wentz was real this year, no doubt. Was only a year ago when he threw for over 4K yards with dudes they pulled off the street

          • AndyMeyer

            Jalen Hurts is also 1-3 as a starter. 7 total touchdowns. 6 fumbles (2 lost) and 3 picks. Not exactly blowing anyone’s doors off

            Bottom line is the entire team is a mess and it’s going to take a while to fix it

            • Appalachian_Outlaw

              Exactly, Andy. Some people want to make the argument “Look what Jalen is doing!” Well he’s having some of the same issues as Wentz. That team is built poorly. It needs so much help.

            • Polish Hammer

              1-2 as a starter and he has 9 fumbles this year. He’s started strong and then faded badly in each of the 3 games so far, his 2nd half stats are bad.

            • JNolan 2

              Jalen was 1.9% from having a competion% in the 40s. He had 5 TDs in 4 starts. 3 Ints in 4 starts. 10 sacks in 4 starts. All these are the same pace as carson. But Hurts gets some kind of ridiculous people with blinders on, BC he had a good game vs NO, he went 1-3. Also a 1.3 TD ratio ugh. ALL HE DID WAS RUN THE BALL,AND THAT HAS CAME TO AN END. HE HASNT BEEN ABLE TO RUN SINCE THEY FIGURED OUT THAT RPO BETWEEN MILES AND HURTS. Vs Wash 7-20 72 yds pass, 34 rush 0 TD-1 Int, 25 passer rating, 2 fumbles, AND A COMPLETION % OF 35%! GET OFF IT. If they dont trade Hurts, and give Carson his chance, after all you cant blame anyone Wentz or Hurts for 2020, its a combo 90% injuries, and 9% Howie, 1 % QB, I say 1 BC they had no line and no WR, well Hurts did, and TE’s and all RBs plus Jordan Howarrd.

          • rtr1redrockets

            he onlythrew for r that much because doug refuses to run the ball with the BEST player they have in sanders

            • JNolan 2

              YOU CANT RUN ANYMORE, THEY FIGUREDOUT THE RPO, AND THIS LINE CANT RUN BLOCK UNLESS THE PASS IS WORKING, WHICH HURTS HASNT BEEN ABLE TO DO, GOING BACK TO THE CARDINALS GAME. When they get the line back, when they get the recievers back, TE’s back, and CARSON bak, theyll be fine.

    • BG99

      It doesn’t make any sense at all because the organization signed Wentz to a massive contract extension. If the organization didn’t believe in him (because they selected a QB in the second round) then why give him all that money?

      People need to apply some common sense here. Roseman took Hurts in the second because he believed they could develop and flip him for a better pick, and that there was real value in the backup QB position because of the Wentz injury history. Period.

      • AndyMeyer

        his injury history really hasn’t been that big of an issue. 8 games missed in 4 seasons.
        And why would you draft a quarterback in the 2nd round just to develop him for a better pick down the road? That’s makes absolutely zero sense. Especially considering the fact that you have a franchise quarterback and have failed repeatedly to build around him.
        If you wanted a value backup QB, they could’ve signed one off the open market.
        It didn’t make sense then and it sure doesn’t make sense now.

        • BG99

          “his injury history really hasn’t been that big of an issue. 8 games missed in 4 seasons.” Just to be clear, this is Carson Wentz and he plays QB for the Eagles. Google it.

          “And why would you draft a quarterback in the 2nd round just to develop him for a better pick down the road? That’s makes absolutely zero sense.” Well, this is what the GM said post-draft.

          Try a little research.

          • AndyMeyer

            2016 – 16 games, 16 starts
            2017 – 13 games 13 starts
            2018 – 11 games 11 starts
            2019 – 16 games 16 starts
            56 games started out of a possible 64 which equates to 8 games missed. It’s just math…
            Injury history not that big of a deal

            What’s come out of Roseman’s mouth regarding the situation is total garbage. You don’t need to google or research it. And if that is truly what Howie Roseman’s reasoning for drafting a quarterback with a 2nd round pick when you had more holes than Swiss cheese, he should’ve been fired. Why would you care about a better pick later? What about the present?

            • AndyMeyer

              I’m not saying Wentz hasn’t had his injuries but it’s not like he’s missed a ton of time. I just think it’s not that big of an issue as people make it out to be

              • Polish Hammer

                You’re right, he had a shredded knee and broken back and played through both injuries. Last season was a cheap shot that gave him a concussion. Freak injuries that have put him out. I’ll take a gamer that wants to be out there any day of the week over one cashing checks and doesn’t care to ever get back on the field.

    • bucsfan

      Pats have tons of cap space and can probably “buy” Wentz and a 2nd round pick ala Brock Osweiler going from Houston to Cleveland a few years back

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      The Colts make a lot of sense. That seems like a sound fit for all parties involved.

    • Insanity. Watch some video of Wentz this season. He was horrendous. Terrible decisions, inaccurate passes, held onto the ball way too long. Goff isn’t the best, but he was so much better than Wentz this year.

      • AndyMeyer

        Goff is 22nd in the league in total QBR; 9 points higher than Wentz with more games played and a superior supporting cast. Not that much better. But you’re right, Wentz regressed a ton this year

        • Tatsumaki

          True, neither are perfect but I’d rather take a risk on wentz than goff. Goff makes terrible decisions and creates to many turnovers, both are massively overpaid. As long as goff is qb they won’t win a thing

          • htbnm57

            You must not have watched Wentz this year ,he either threw an interception,
            fumbled or took a sack on a frequent basis.

          • “Goff makes terrible decisions and creates to many turnovers”

            You just described Wentz, only Wentz made more terrible decisions and turned the ball over more. Wentz is leading the league in interceptions despite only playing 11+ games and he also sprinkled in 9 fumbles (4 lost). Trading Goff for that (especially when the Eagles have zero leverage; you could probably get Wentz for a 4th or 5th rounder at this point) would be crazy.

            • Tatsumaki

              For one season wentz has been terrible (largely due to a lack of talent) in the other seasons wentz was a great qb. Qbr hovered around 69/70. Goff on the other hand has been bad since the rams sb appearance. Rams are great on both side of the ball unlike the eagles the main problem from Rams is goff. Wentz has zero wide receivers or a solid line but by all means blame the guy

              • I beg you to actually watch Wentz this year. He made so many inaccurate throws and bad decisions. So many times he held onto the ball and got sacked when he could have thrown it away.

                And the “one season” Wentz has been bad was *this season*. It has more weight. I don’t care that he was good two years ago or great three years ago. He was terrible this season. Goff is not great but he’s consistent, and his level of play was above Wentz’s this year.

                And, again, you could get Wentz for practically nothing right now. Trading Goff for him would make the Rams a worse team.

                • crb15

                  So if the Rams hypothetically were going to trade for Wentz you would not include Goff? So you would rather have $65 million tied up at the QB position and have both of them on the same team? You’re crazy. If they were trading for Wentz they would have to include Goff for financial reasons at the very least.

      • skrockij89

        Goff leads the league in turnovers since last year. He’s holding that team back.

    • ChuckyNJ

      Would be tempting except for that millstone of a contract.
      BTW, Philly are making Wentz a healthy scratch for tonight’s game per NFL Network.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    Why would anyone want to be traded from the NFC East when 7 wins is all you need to be division champs?

    • Why would anyone want to ride the bench just so their team can get blown out in the first round of the playoffs?

  3. BAINES03

    “at least have some draft pick compensation in their pocket. “

    Who’s giving up draft picks for that insane contract?

      • wagner13

        If the Jaguars managed to acquire draft compensation for Foles, anything is possible. Still, the Colts may be willing considering their cap space and the familiarity with Reich

    • BG99

      The Eagles will be paying about 40% of that contract over the next two seasons. Whatever team trades for Wentz will be on the hook for his salary only (in addition to any incentives).

      Wentz also has the option to: renegotiate any deal to make him tradeable, or payback 20m of bonus money to make it equitable for the Eagles to trade him.

  4. leefieux

    Hopefully, Carson has invested wisely. He may be another one of those that he looked good, the league adjusted and now he doesn’t look good.

  5. htbnm57

    I have little sympathy for Wentz. If having another QB as competition rattled him so much then that doesn’t say much about him. If he is so anxious to be traded then he should give back a bunch of his signing bonus, otherwise he’s untradeable. Their best bet of a trade if he gives back his bonus $ is the Colts followed by the Patriots.

    • AndyMeyer

      Shouldn’t be any competition if you have a franchise quarterback that you heavily invested picks and dollars in. None at all.
      He’s the franchise player. This organization has been a complete and total failure to build around him. From money unwisely spent to horrendous drafting
      You don’t take a quarterback in the 2nd round when you have serious needs all over the field. You just don’t
      And it’s not like Jalen Hurts is carrying the team on his back and taking the league by storm. This team is an train wreck

      • rtr1redrockets

        could have d.k. Metcalf (a beast) and or Jefferson who is gonna break moses rookie record for rec yards.
        yeah I would say horrendous is an understatement

      • DarkSide830

        if you keep both you don’t play Wentz simply because he’s the big money guy. youre paying them the same total ammount no matter who starts.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Why should he return a signing bonus a team voluntarily gave him because the team mismanaged this horribly? The Eagles either knew what they were doing, and now have to pay the piper; or they’re horribly inept at what they do. I’ll allow you to decide which is worse. Their cap is not Carson’s problem though.

      • Polish Hammer

        Only reason is if he truly wanted out. At this point there is not one credible comment that he wants out, just that he is the consummate teammate.

  6. dtrainriotmaker

    Not sure cap situations with teams but teams I could see possibly looking to acquire him would be . Washington , Colts , Broncos , Jets , Patriots , Giants .

  7. letmeclearmythroat74

    He can request till the cows come home. But a trade means someone would have to want or need him. That’s not happening.

  8. bestno5

    Trade unsettled him….haha welcome to the real world, you don’t produce with the pieces you have you get replaced. True he has no weapons but all those turnovers are on him, not his lack of weapons. Plus having weapons doesn’t mean a lot, see Dallas Cowboys offense this year. They had different QBs after Dak went down yet they couldn’t move the ball.

    • wagner13

      Dallas still has a top twelve offense despite Dak’s absence. They seemed to move the ball pretty well with Dalton last week. The midseason struggles can be attributed to the poor blocking, which again speaks to the importance of a competent supporting cast

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      That comparison baffles me. If you have weapons like Dallas does and can’t move the ball, that’s on the coaching or the QB. If you can’t move the ball because you have no weapons, that’s on the GM. You can’t compare Philadelphia’s issues to Dallas. One lost their QB to injury, the other just completely neglected to build around their QB. Look what Dallas did with a healthy Dak for the importance of a supporting cast.

  9. TheChampIsHere

    How could he possibly be upset with how his benching unfolded? Especially, when they immediately won. Get outta here.

  10. padam

    Imagine a world where the Jets do a QB swap and draft Sewell…j/k. But the Colts make all the sense in the world.

  11. kabphillie

    I wanted Wentz to work out for the Eagles after the 2017 run, but it’s clear he’s either up in his head, or just isn’t the high quality QB we wanted him to be.

    Wentz hasn’t helped his cause (with the team or to be traded quickly) by being petty and whiny.

    This team needs to purge a lot. With it likely that Pedersen and Roseman are coming back, it will be older players, bad coaches and staff, and perhaps some other front office people.

    • BG99

      “Wentz hasn’t helped his cause (with the team or to be traded quickly) by being petty and whiny.”

      If he actually said those things the first time around I would believe you. The fact of the matter is that he never said any of those things the first time it was reported. The reporter even followed up his original report to say as much, and that it was purely speculative on this part.

      • Polish Hammer

        Exactly! And each piece of click bait that has come out since then is just as credible…

  12. justwhoami

    Would the eagles need to kick in their 1st round pick to trade wentz salary?

  13. nentwigs

    Won’t be anything happening on this front until either after or during the draft.

  14. Johhos

    To get it done , Might have to trade Wentz and Ertz together to get a 1 and lower picks , like a couple of fours and probably have to throw in a future 3 in 2023 or so.
    Colts, Bears or Lions if they move on from Stafford.

  15. Dwindy1

    Look for mutual interest between Wentz and Indianapolis Colts… The Colts head coach Frank Reich and Carson have a good history together and guess what? The Colts need a QB!

  16. bigjonliljon

    He can request all he wants. He has a huge contract that he signed. As in he won’t be willing to give any of that cash up now will he?
    Someone needs to tell him to simply play better

  17. nentwigs

    You want a trade,
    I want a pony
    Who will get their “WANT” first ??

  18. chippahawk

    Good, screw FILTHADELPHIA and the worst fans in football! What a disgrace your base was when MN came to town, disgusting fans!!

  19. kevin

    jets anyone lol. I think the Redskins may sense. it’s protection and allows Wentz to get completely healed from any previous injuries while at the same time he would still get a decent shot to start .

    I think he would be an upgrade for the Panthers or good insurance for the lions .

    also Indy is possible depending on how their off-season goes.

    I think the pats could work they are use to a pocket passer and could benefit from him if they don’t totally rebuild.

  20. Brad

    Everyone hating on Hurts already is crazy. Like it’s been said, the situation is the same for both qbs…terrible oline and weapons with injuries. I was on the Wentz Wagon because Foles is a situational qb much like Fitz in MIA. But I have to agree with trading him. He still has value. He flops again you and you have no value. And if they take another qb? They will be worse off than keeping both current qbs. This team needs to rid of some great players to get more good players because there is too many trash players on this team outweighing the great players. Oh, and if they bring back Peters again I’m out. Lol.

    • DarkSide830

      there seem to be morw Wentz fans here then Eagles fans. nothing wrong with being a fan of a player, but they seem to have Carson doing well above the team as a whole doing well in their priority list. its a joke. the better player should play if you want to win.

  21. Boone

    Highly unlikely you can trade Wentz and you can’t cut him yet.

    Trade Hurts. Surround Wentz with weapons from the picks. Hurts sucked too.

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