Steelers To Promote Matt Canada To OC

For the second time in four offseasons, the Steelers are preparing to promote their quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator. Matt Canada is expected to replace Randy Fichtner in that role, Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of report (on Twitter).

A career college coach until last season, Canada interviewed for the Dolphins’ OC position this week. But the Steelers evidently liked what they saw in Canada’s first year as their QBs coach.

While this is nominally the same as the Steelers promoting Fichtner to replace Todd Haley in 2018, Canada has only been with the franchise a year. Fichtner had worked with the team throughout Mike Tomlin‘s tenure. This promotion decision will involve a new voice rising to the top of Pittsburgh’s offensive staff.

Prior to joining the Steelers last year, Canada enjoyed a nomadic career at the college level. Although the 48-year-old coach became Maryland’s interim HC in 2018, Canada served as offensive coordinator at eight schools between the 1997 and 2017 seasons — including LSU, Wisconsin and North Carolina State.

Despite the Steelers’ 11-0 start, they deteriorated quickly. Pittsburgh’s run game became a stunning nonfactor down the stretch, and the offense overall ended up 24th in total yardage by season’s end. The Steelers committed five turnovers in their opening-round loss to the Browns, and they parted ways with Fichtner this week. With Ben Roethlisberger‘s future uncertain and multiple longtime starters due for free agency, the Steelers will turn to Canada in an attempt to get their offense back on track.

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15 comments on “Steelers To Promote Matt Canada To OC

  1. louwhitakerisahofer

    Good… hopefully he calls more downfield passes. Let Roethlisberger have one last good season.

    • b.kline

      I’m not sure if Ben even has the arm to sling it downfield anymore. I say rebuild the run game and o-line first.

  2. sascoach2003

    I saw Canada when he was OC at LSU. Be ready for shifts, motions, multiple sets, and a big usage in TE. Lots more high-low concepts, which would seem to fit the personnel of the Steelers, although I don’t see a ton of their games. He also likes more of the power run game, as opposed to zone scheme.

    • deal1122

      They ran a ton of motions and jet sweeps this year. I hope to God that they no longer run jet sweeps with Claypool and Ray Ray McCloud next year

      • sascoach2003

        If they did a lot of motion and jet sweeps, that’s a by-product of Canada’s input. He’s going to run those.

  3. 2012orioles

    This means Ben is back? Maybe not totally, but I feel more confident he will be with this, as opposed to going out and getting someone totally new.

  4. bucsfan

    I find it strange that while they mention higher profile schools like LSU and Wisconsin, that Canada’s tenure at Pitt isn’t mentioned. He made the offense much better than it had a right to be while he was there.

    • sascoach2003

      Very true. It was though those Pitt teams over-achieved while he was there. I personally had nothing against him while he was at LSU, but he didn’t seem to mesh well with Ogeron.

  5. madmanTX

    Ugh. It’s time to go outside the organization. Stop handing out the same worn out playbook used since Todd Haley. The offense needs to be more than chuck n pray. The team needs new coaches from the top down.

    • Mr Goodkat

      Chuck and pray? Did you watch a game this season? 90% of the passes went less than 5yds…

    • Prospectnvstr

      madmanTX: He was only with the team for one year. It even states that in the article. He was an outsider. Reading is fundamental, maybe you could try it.

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