Teams Inquiring On Deshaun Watson, Texans Not Budging Yet

As the Deshaun Watson drama with the Texans continues to unfold, the league’s other 31 teams are surely paying close attention. There have been increasing reports that the two sides could be headed for divorce, as we heard over the weekend that many in Houston’s building believe Watson has played his last snap for the team. 

We’re still in the very early stages, but it sounds like teams are beginning to circle in anticipation of a potential frenzy. Teams have already begun calling the Texans and inquiring about Watson, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports (Twitter video link). As Rapoport cautions, the Texans still haven’t budged or shown a willingness to engage in talks yet, and he also notes that Watson still hasn’t formally requested a trade.

Interestingly, Rapoport says to “keep an eye on” the Panthers in the event that Watson becomes available. He highlights new owner David Tepper’s bold approach, as well as the failure of Teddy Bridgewater to establish himself as the franchise guy this season. That would be a huge splash from Matt Rhule, and Rapsheet says if it reaches the point where the Texans shop Watson then Carolina should not be discounted.

It’s not surprising that teams are already making exploratory calls, and if Houston really does decide to trade Watson it could take a while for things to get sorted out because of the size of the package that would need to be coming back.

If Watson were to be dealt, it would take multiple first-round picks and likely solid players as well, at a minimum. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more on this ever-evolving situation.

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65 comments on “Teams Inquiring On Deshaun Watson, Texans Not Budging Yet

  1. j-nels

    I know Seattle is too committed to Russ but please Hawks, trade Wilson for Watson!

    • GoLandCrabs

      With what? They traded their next two 1st for a mediocre coverage safety.

        • GoLandCrabs

          One of the worst narratives in football. He is great when blitzing but poor in coverage.

        • dandan

          Watch more football and stop listening to what people in Seattle tell you lol

    • joshmorris

      The Seahawks are an absolute mess outside of QB, why would you ever want to change up that position?

      • j-nels

        Maybe the issue is scheme or the o-line, but IMO Wilson has struggled in the short and intermediate passing game. The team had the most success with run options which defenses have started to figure out. I love a Wilson but he I’d take Watson at this point as a seahawks fan. IMO

        • wagner13

          Sure, just trade the fan favorite that’s succeeded in spite of Pete Carroll’s archaic play-calling and inability to scheme open receivers for what MIGHT be a minimal upgrade. Makes sense

    • martevious

      Wilson is better than Watson. Always has been, always will be. If I was Houston, and the Seahawks offered me Russell Wilson, I would give them Watson and throw some more in, besides.

  2. photounit

    Giants for Jones, this years first and second, and next years first and third?

  3. TJECK109

    I think Miami has the best chance to land him. Giving up a young QB and Tua and having those top Texans draft picks. Not saying Tua is long term but the Texans will be rebuilding for a while

    • phillyphan81

      If Watson really wants to go to Miami they need to make that happen yesterday.

  4. jediknight

    I wonder if the Jets would have the resources, headlined with #2 overall to make this trade.

    • Perksy

      Yes, because they have two #1’s this year and next year, plus Darnold. Lots of assets.

      • rondon

        Yes, the Jets offer an attractive package for Watson, but with a full no trade clause, would Watson even wanna go there? Wouldn’t count on that.

    • Rocket32

      jediknight They probably could if they wanted to, but does it make sense for the Jets to ship out a huge haul of assets for a QB? They aren’t a good QB away from being a serious contender. That roster has plenty of holes to fill other then QB.

      I’d rather replace Darnold at #2 or stick with him and get more upgrades for the rest of the roster then sell out for Watson if I were them.

      • jediknight

        I am not going to say you are wrong. I was merely speculating on the idea, since the Jets haven’t had a true franchise qb since Namath.

  5. ruckus727

    I think Tua and two firsts makes sense. Miami is a perfect fit, they have the draft pick capital and they have cap flexibility. Miami could give the number 2 pick and a first next year. Tua showed enough that a package such as that could help ease the PR and fan base fiasco that’s sure to ensue. If they prefer to ship him to the NFC then Washington or Chicago make sense to me but I don’t know if they could match an offer from Miami.

    • puddles

      I think it’d probably take both 1sts this year and next year’s (and a couple midrounders), but regardless they could probably put together the best package

      • Mr Goodkat

        Plus Tua? No way. If HOU is trading him its because they essentially have to (ie. He refuses to play). His “on-paper” value is then irrelevant and the market will dictate the return.

        Hard to see ANYONE offering a more attractive package then Tua+3rd overall pick+another first THIS year.

        Maybe toss in another mid-round pick or player, but you’re essentially saying another team will be willing to give up the equivalent of 4 first round picks. Can’t see that.

        • rondon

          Maybe, but you may be underestimating the value of a top 5 QB. In the Chicago Tribune an anonymous GM is quoted as saying “It would take at least 2-3 first round picks, a credible QB replacement and several more later round picks.”

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Watson wants to be on a playoff contender with a black HC so that narrows down the list of potential suiters considerably.

  7. I Beg To Differ

    Bienemy should be the guy to get the job because he’s the most qualified.

    Now that Staley was hired in San Diego I think Daboll would be the best choice for the Texans going forward.

    I’ve been an advocate for Bienemy figuring Daboll would get hired by a team with a young QB- San Diego, Philly, Atlanta if they choose to find Ryan’s successor.

    But definitely think Daboll should be the guy going forward after what he’s done to turn Josh Allen into an MVP candidate.

    Texans need to do whats best for the Texans. Watson input should matter but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

    If hes unhappy and wants a trade put a high price and tell him this is who is offering the most. Let him meet with the organization to discuss what he want out of them and such. But give him the ultimatum, this is the best deal for the Texans organization that he doesn’t want to be a part of. Waive the NTC or we keep you. Hes under contract for 3 years.

    Texans need to do whats best for the Texans organization.

    • Meatloaf rulz

      There has been a lot of talk how bienemy is the next great coach, and I do believe he should get a shot, but he may not be the golden goose everyone thinks he is. There have been multiple reports that he is not even the primary play caller for the Offense he gets credit for. He also has a great QB in KC and any team he goes to will have a lesser QB

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      The Texans haven’t done what’s best for the Texans in awhile. They’re becoming a bit of a laughingstock, I think. That’s an ownership and management issue, too.

  8. Thronson5

    Jets make the most sense. Have the Most to offer. Trade Darnold to either another tan for more picks to throw in the deal or include him in the offer. They have 2 first round picks this year and next year. They can trade Darnold and 3 years worth of first round picks and it really wouldn’t affect them. Plus they have a ton of cap space. Would be nice to see Saleh get himself a good QB plus still have draft picks and cap space to add more talent.

    • sportznut1000

      Well the dolphins have just as much to offer as the jets, if not more. But yeah the jets could also work. The only thing about jets and dolphins is they are both in the afc which could be a deal breaker like it was for the raiders when they dealt mack

    • rondon

      Watson with his no trade clause would be the decider. Would he prefer the Jets or the Dolphins? The Dolphins are probly closer to winning and it’s Miami. The Jets are well.. the Jets.

  9. DarkGhost

    Wonder what the offers have been so far. 2 1sts plus what else? Khalil Mack and Jalen Ramsey (studs as they are) get 2 1sts I can’t imagine a top 5 prime QB does get more than them.

  10. bippy boy

    It’s an NBA situation in football . He has a no trade . He will go to whomever he decides he wants to play for .

    • I Beg To Differ

      Leveon Bell thought so too. Figured he’d hold out for a deal, didnt like the 70 mill offer, and only wound up with 52.5 mill. Cost himself nearly 18 mill.

      Watsons NTC doesn’t mean much. Hes under contract for 3 years. If he doesn’t want to go to whoever is offering the best deal the Texans like they can keep him. He’s already got a mega deal and him sitting out and not playing is only costing him money, a lot of money in the long run.

      He doesn’t participate in off season programs or play in games hes costing himself millions. But thats his choice.

  11. DarkSide830

    again, dont see how this is a popular job. the owner seems to have no clue what he’s doing, they have no draft picks and their one real player draw wants out.

    • Ak185

      It isn’t considered as such, apparently. According to a few reports, it’s actually the opposite.

  12. Simmons>Russ

    Dolphins make the most sense.

    Give up Tua, #3 pick this year, second round pick this year, second round pick next year and a third round pick next year.

    Texans be a very nice replacement QB to build around, they also get the number 3 pick which could be used on Sewell to make that o line very solid with Tunsil. Or spent on DeVonta Smith to give Tua an amazing WR, or spend it on the defence.
    You’d also get a second round pick this year and 2 more picks next year.

    Dolphins on the other hand because they have 2 first this year would be able to get Watson and then address another need (OL, RB, WR) and obviously still use lower picks. Dolphins with Tua would be a playoff team and a very strong one

    • jjd002

      Dolphins fan? If you think you can get him for less than 2 first rounders in that package you are crazy.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Tua is a top 10 pick last year and a direct replacement, plus you get the 3rd pick this year, you get 2 seconds and a third.
        I think they fancy this deal over others cause Tua. He’s a 22 year old, fifth overall pick, in his rookie year went 11-5 with 3 rushing TDs. In the final game of the year he threw for 360 yards 1 TD and 3 INTs. So if you took that away he was 10-2 from 8 starts.

        There’s loads of potential in him, and getting him in the deal would make it better than any other teams deal cause it secures the future centre piece. Any other team will have to give up more firsts cause they will need a top 10 pick to take a QB but in this deal you get that top QB to build around.

        I also think Tua would be great for the Texans considering his background. He’s born and raised in Hawaii to a Samoan family and has watched football from a young age. He’s also a Christian and I think all that shows some character. He’s a guy you want to build around. Then with the third overall pick you can take Sewell or Smith. Sewell and Tunsil would provide two great tackles and give loads of protection. Smith on the other hand with give Tua a great receiving option

        • rondon

          It took 2 firsts, 2 seconds, a third and a 4th to get Mack. It will take at least that much, plus a QB to get a top 5 QB.

        • real_ttebow_

          Tua may have loads of potential but there have been reports that those closest to him in Miama don’t see any special trait in him. He may be a solid QB in the league, but he likely won’t have the tools to carry a team on his back. Houston likely would see him in that same way regardless of age or draft position in a depleted QB draft. I believe Miami could get Watson for Tua, #3 this year, a first next year and a second both this and next year at minimum. Watson is a franchise altering player, and Miami is a contender that could be a QB away from making a run. I hope they have serious interest.

  13. Ak185

    Here’s the real question-do the Texans hold on to Watson, knowing that he’s their only chance to land a coach, or do they trade him, knowing that a coach will want the draft capitol acquired? Watson would have to like his destination, of course. Right now, Watson is the only thing making that job any sort of desirable. Using him to get back picks might be another strategy.

    Ironic though if this goes through…after Cooks pleads not to be traded again, they trade his quarterback instead.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Why would anyone think Watson is their only chance to land a coach? They hired coaches in the past without a franchise QB and several other teams have done that as well.

      • Ak185

        Simply because their draft capital is nonexistent at this point, they have no established offensive or defensive identity, they have few talented players, and maybe or maybe not have a dysfunctional culture with questions about the commitment/ability of upper management to run the franchise. Watson was the only element that positively separated the Texans from other coaching jobs because of the lack of need to find a franchise quarterback.

        • crosseyedlemon

          I don’t think any of that actually matters. If your looking for a HC job you look around and see the ratio of candidates to job openings is very high. If you turn down an opportunity there’s a good possibility you never get another.

          • Ak185

            Well, Daboll and one other candidate who I cannot recall both expressed that they had no interest in the Houston job. Daboll also said that he had no interest in the Philadelphia job. George Paton rejected GM jobs for years before finally acquiescing to the Broncos. Some guys might jump at any opportunity, but some are picky.

            I mean, McDaniels rejected the Colts AFTER being hired, which should have been the last straw in a career marred by seediness. He knew that that had a chance to ruin his future chances (it didn’t, of course, but should have). It proves that some coaches do indeed care about where they end up enough to reject a job offer.

  14. ironcity341

    Make him sit, the owners need stop letting players dictate things. If not it will look like the NBA, Basically a playground pick up league where player only play with their buddies. Honor the contract

  15. Ak185

    There is one other thing worth mentioning (and I can’t edit it into my comment)-all of this is dependent on who the Texans hire as a head coach. Today are doing a Bienemy interview. The fact of the matter is that they won’t make ay decision on whether to trade Watson until they make a decision on two things: whether or not Bienemy is acceptable for them, and if not, who would be.

    If Bienemy is good for them, this is a non-issue. If he is not, then this becomes an issue that they have to resolve. Is keeping Deshaun Watson worth hiring a coach that you do not want? If not, the next step is actually identifying the coach that you do want and telling Watson to see if he would be acceptive. If he is not, then the trade talks will proceed. Even if the Texans don’t want to move Watson, if he is not happy and they want a coach Watson does not want, the best move would be to get that coach some picks by moving a disgruntled Watson. Until then, the calls will keep coming and Watson will continue to sulk.

    In any case, the real point is this: the Texans will not decide whether to proceed with trade offers until they answer the Bienemy question. And they will not move Watson until they decide who their next coach will be.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      That is probably really, really accurate. He hasn’t formally requested a trade yet, so he may be waiting on that coaching shoe to drop, too.

      I’d imagine if EB is roaming the Houston sideline next year, Watson will be slinging the rock. If it’s a different coach, I think Watson will be elsewhere in the biggest deal ever seen.

      • Ak185

        I think that is accurate as well. At this point, most of the desirable candidates other than Bienemy who were in contention are gone, which to me increases the chances of the Texans acceding to the Bienemy hire for Watson. It’s not set in stone, however. They may really not want him, and I’m not sure which other candidates Watson would find acceptable. In any case, we’ll have no choice but to wait until Houston finds its coach.

  16. frustratedpittsburghpiratesfan

    Pittsburgh Steelers could be an interesting landing spot.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Do you honestly see Ben retiring? I can’t see it yet. How do you work that if he doesn’t?

      • Mr Goodkat

        I don’t want to say “can’t” because there are plenty of ways to create cap space, they just all have a current or future cost.

        But they would have to cut Ben to free up the $19M in salary he hasn’t received yet, let all of their FA’s walk (WR1, RB1, ROLB1, LT1, LG1, RT1, CB3, CB4, etc…), and still likely have to push some money around.

        It’s doable, and Watson would still likely have more to work with than in HOU, but very very unlikely.

  17. Appalachian_Outlaw

    I think Washington, Miami, San Francisco or Denver make the most sense.

  18. natsfan3437

    If I’m the Texans no way I am trading Watson with out 5 first round picks in the deal. Anything other then that he can wait until the last year of his deal and he can be dealt then. Really good QB play is to hard to find.

    • mntwst

      The way the Texans were playing along with a troubled QB you will be lucky to get a first rounder

  19. STL11in11

    I’d love to see the Steelers do everything they can to get Watson in black and yellow.

  20. bigeasye

    Just a thought- if he goes to NY/NJ or a team in California he’ll pay close to 4 mill in state income taxes vs 0 in Texas

  21. MileHighFan

    Does anyone really think the Texans are going to eat 2 years worth of salary cap hell just to get rid of Watson?

  22. mdog

    Nobody is talking about it but what about Watson to Jacksonville? You get a instant franchise qb for a prospect that looks like a sure thing but doesn’t have a zero chance to bust.

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