Antonio Brown Wants To Return To Bucs

We’ve got one more for you in a slew of Bucs posts following their Super Bowl win. We had already heard a few weeks ago that Tampa was interested in bringing Antonio Brown back next year, and it sounds like that interest is mutual.

Speaking after the Buccaneers’ dominant win over the Chiefs, Brown said he wants to do another round with Tom Brady. “Man I’d love to, I look forward to going through the process, this is a great spot for me and I would love to come back and give it another shot at a two-peat,” Brown said after the game, via Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports. “I would love to be back here next year. It would mean everything to be back. I’m just excited and super grateful.”

Brown is set to be a free agent, and it’ll be very interesting to see what kind of contract he lands this offseason. On the one hand he’s an incredibly accomplished and talented receiver who just helped his team win a Super Bowl. On the other hand, he’s got a long list of off-field issues hanging over his head, he’ll turn 33 this summer, and he put up solid but certainly not spectacular numbers this past season.

In eight games with the Bucs in 2020 after sitting out the first half of the season due to a suspension, he finished with 45 catches for 483 yards and four touchdowns. That would put him on pace for a 90/966/8 line if he had played a full 16 games. Again, respectable, but not the kind of All-Pro numbers he was routinely putting up with the Steelers prior to his trade to the Raiders and subsequent implosion. He had five catches for 22 yards and a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Obviously a large part of that was due to playing in an offense with a lot of mouths to feed with Chris Godwin and Mike Evans among others also present. Either way, he’s not likely to command the kind of hefty contract he would’ve gotten had he hit the open market after the 2018 season. Bruce Arians seems to think they won’t have too much trouble fitting everyone in financially, and Evans is apparently willing to take a pay cut.

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30 comments on “Antonio Brown Wants To Return To Bucs

    • bestno5

      Not gonna lie but this doesn’t help the people screaming for Bienemy to be a head coach. Made no adjustments. Hats off to Todd Bowles’ D as they dominated and put him at top of next head coaching carousel along with Leftwich if he has another season like this one.

      • Ak185

        My post got cut off for some reason, but I do agree with your’s entirely.

  1. Ak185

    Not gonna lie, this is the only Super Bowl I’ve ever turned off. I though that Rams-Pats was bad, but the foul calls were ridiculous. I couldn’t watch. Turned it off at half-time, turned back on in the 4th, same stuff. Awful Superbowl. Sorry if that offends anyone, but it was bad.

    • bigb82000

      The type of fan you are frustrates me. You can’t keep blaming the refs for everything. I saw a lot of bad calls for both sides, but I’m sorry this game was not close even without the refs. The Bucs came to play and the Chiefs didn’t. If you start putting the blame on the refs, you are in for a sad life of watching sports because it happens all the time.

      • Ak185

        I’m, yeah you can. The type of fan you are frustrates me-the type that lets refs get away with quite literally anything and blames the teams playing for their crappy calls. We’ve seen that and made excuses for that for far too long. Cheffers and his crew screwed it up. We didn’t get to watch the teams compete. We got to watch the refs win the game instead.

    • qbert1996

      If you couldn’t tell yesterday which team was the better team, you may need to watch a new sport bud. The Bucs thoroughly dismantled Kansas City from the first snap. They learned from their mistakes in their first meeting and attacked the Chief’s weakness on their oline and didnt let Hill beat them deep. KC just expected to come back like usual but they finally ran into a team that not only could match them, but didnt make stupid mistakes. Just because you dont like the result doesnt mean the game was unwatchable.

    • amk1920

      Rams Pats II was a fantastic game. It was anyones game up to the end. Defense exists.

      • Ak185

        Thing is, Denver-Seattle was bad because one team stomped the other. They got to play it out. This one was bad because the refs didn’t let them play. In my mind, that’s a LOT worse.

  2. j_butte

    I think Godwin gets paid by someone else. His numbers dropped big time this year with AB and Gronk on board. I could see AB and Gronk back on reasonable deals.

  3. Yep it is

    AB would love to be back. His probation Officer will probably say not possible.

  4. Antonio Brown still has alot in the tank. Its a bit unfair to say he had a mediocre season with the Bucs. There were alot of mouths to feed in the receiving core. Assuming Bucs lose some of this core, he’ll be back to stud status. His off field antics seems to have calmed down. If he can manage this, he will be an asset next year.

    • woodguy

      Let’s hope not. For one I got tired of seeing his name pop up every time I opened this app. Also I hope having the game to look forward to next year keeps him in line, not to mention out of trouble

  5. kevin

    same here worst SB. I turned it off to and the halftime shows are getting worse and worse each yr too. the game just a bunch of bs calls and other calls that they should not be making unless they gonna make tho calls all yr long . just unwatchable and I don’t care for either team that was in it either

  6. forwhomjoshbelltolled

    We now have confirmation of what has long been suspected…

    Karma is dead and we finally found the body.

    Like what happened with Layne Staley.

  7. bigeasye

    Most disappointing part of the game was that AB won a Super Bowl ring. What he did in pitts/oak/New England should have had him banned for life, not riding TB12s coat tails

    • DarkSide830

      to be fair, he did well in the game. Remember, Blaine Gabbert also got a ring yesterday.

  8. Regi Green

    I know the 5 for 22 isn’t anything special,but he did have a touchdown.

    Is he less deserving than all of the 3rd string QBs with rings that never touched the field?

  9. Kirk Nieuwenhuis For MVP

    I saw so many posts (including from people in sports media) talking about the Antonio Brown “redemption story”, as if his story was something commendable that made his TD an inspiring moment. I had second-hand embarrassment for anyone who posted fawning nonsense like that.

  10. Simmons>Russ

    Buccs are smart. I think Evans takes a little less, AB takes a little more and Godwin leaves. You’ll still have Evans AB Gronk Brate and can trade OJ to add a third/fourth WR.

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