Chiefs, Eric Bieniemy Expected To Agree To Extension

It was surprising to see Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, who took head coaching interviews with six of the seven teams with an HC vacancy this offseason, fail to receive a single offer. Of course, the Chiefs will surely be happy to have one of Andy Reid‘s top lieutenants back in Kansas City in 2021, but there are some formalities to sort out first.

According to Adam Schefter of, Bieniemy’s contract will expire after today’s Super Bowl, which means that he will technically be a free agent. However, the two sides are expected to work out a new deal without much issue, thereby continuing the Bieniemy-Patrick Mahomes partnership for at least another year.

The new contract could include a raise, given Bienemy’s success during his tenure as the Chiefs’ OC and his status as a hot head coaching candidate. The only reason that an extension was not already in place is because KC simply believed Bieniemy would land a head coaching job elsewhere, and once it became clear that wasn’t going to happen, the playoffs were in full swing and there just wasn’t time to have those discussions.

Both Bieniemy and the Chiefs continue to expect that he will get a shot as a head coach, perhaps as soon as 2022. Until then, the 51-year-old will remain an integral part of the most prolific offense in the NFL.

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17 comments on “Chiefs, Eric Bieniemy Expected To Agree To Extension

  1. DarkSide830

    to be honest its probably a better gig then having taken most of the HC jobs that were available in this cycle.

  2. afsooner02

    If wants a HC job he needs to interview better. Multiple teams all said that was his main weakness. I think he’ll get there, maybe next year. He’s got a HC that can def help him with that weakness.

      • mhsaltz1963

        He should have gotten the Eagles job. He was a perfect candidate. Andy Reid pedigree, etc. However, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

      • Otto371

        He doesnt interview well apparently and also has a violent past with multiple arrests. This could be part of it as well. Also, he doesnt call the plays. Granted being the OC in that offense will eventually lead to a HC gig, just because it hasnt happened yet does not mean the entire league is racist, which is what you are inferring.

      • vtncsc

        You do realize it’s entirely possible (and more likely) that he just interviewed poorly, or not as good as the others.

        I hope your life gets better.

        • markdavisbarber

          Knowing how fast the Mets had to eliminate GM Jared Porter for an unsolicited picture on the 59th unanswered text…..

          Imagine what would happen if a team was to hire this bad interview? I don’t think it’s so much the tickets, DUI, leaving crime scenes, or even the assaulting of firefighters… the rape culture is probably what creates the “Bad interview” situation.

          link to

      • amk1920

        There have been multiple black head coaches hired since Bieniemy started to get interviews.

    • arthur blank_for owner

      People keep saying that but I have yet to hear a team actually say he doesn’t interview well. And no I don’t think its race related either. Something else is going on…..My first instinct says he simply wants to stay and who would blame him; but why interview then? Who truly knows…..

    • wordonthestreet

      There are no reports of numerous teams saying he did not interview well

  3. carlos15

    I wonder if teams also had some concerns with his past, he got in a lot of trouble as a younger player. Probably irrelevant at this point but never know.

  4. Jcool90

    Never know, Big man Andy Reid could call it quits if they win today. I believe they will and he could be the next one there. I mean K.C. is gonna lose a few of their top players are gonna get better contract offers else where’s. Cannot wait. Lol

  5. john9977

    Big Red isn’t going any where. He has said he wants to coach 5 or 6 more years, it’s a shame Bienemy hasn’t got a head coaching job and we have our main core signed for the next 4 or 5 years

  6. Jcool90

    Okay but yall gonna lose hill next yr watch. And all the young guys that he throws too is what I’m talking about.

  7. MileHighFan

    Perhaps Bieniemy isn’t head coach material. It could simply be a case of The Peter Principle.

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