Deshaun Watson, Texans Stare Down Could Last “Very, Very Long Time”

It doesn’t sound like the Deshaun Watson drama is going to end any time soon.’s Ian Rapoport reports (via Twitter) that the Texans do not view the start of free agency as any type of deadline to deal their star quarterback, noting that the stare down could last for a “very, very long time.” In fact, a deal may not even happen before the draft, and some QB-needy teams are skeptical if Watson will end up getting traded at all. Free agency is set to open on March 17, and the first round of the draft is scheduled for April 29.

[RELATED: Deshaun Watson Meets With David Culley; Trade Request Remains]’s Tom Pelissero tweeted earlier today that the Texans front office “remain unwilling to discuss” Watson trades with other teams, and rival front offices have resorted to leaving voicemails with potential trade offers. SiriusXM’s Adam Caplan passesd along a similar sentiment (on Twitter), with a “high ranking personnel source” revealing that Texans GM Nick Caserio changes the subject when a Watson trade is brought up in conversation.

We learned earlier today that Watson had recently spoke with new head coach Dave Culley, but the quarterback reiterated his trade demand. Rapoport clarifies that Watson solely attended the meeting out of respect for Culley, while Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle writes that Watson repeated his “extremely firm stance” during the brief talk. According to Wilson, Watson told the head coach that “I don’t want to be here.”

Watson’s massive $156MM deal (with $111MM guaranteed) would appear to diminish any of his leverage, but Wilson writes that the three-time Pro Bowler had stated that he won’t play another snap with the organization. Despite this situation closing in on the two-month mark, it sounds like we won’t be getting any type of resolution any time soon.

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27 comments on “Deshaun Watson, Texans Stare Down Could Last “Very, Very Long Time”

  1. arty!

    There’s no question that Watson is a great QB, but at what cost? 3 1st round picks and young studs for 1 player? How do you build around Watson then?

    It sucks that BoB screwed up Houston but whether Watson plays there or elsewhere, he’s gonna lack premium players around him. Both sides know this which is why its fun to comment on all of the angles.

    • petersdylan36

      That’s why the jets and dolphins make the most sense. Both of those teams already have multiple first round picks so they can afford to give it up and still build around him

      • arty!

        Again, giving up multiple 1st round picks helps Watson how?

        Watson screwed himself. He should have not signed the extension. He’s in a no win situation because of that contract. Sure he may have a no trade clause, but what difference does that mean? The teams that ‘can’ trade for him will be strapped on picks young players and the cap to start.

        • ruckus727

          You don’t have to build around Watson with first round picks. If he goes to an established team they can fill in the gaps with other drafts picks and free agents. Watson elevates an average team to immediate contender. Put him in Miami, SF, Carolina, or Denver and those teams will be in great shape despite missing three firsts and couple other pieces. More than half first round picks bust anyways. So you’re potentially only losing one or two stars and you’re gaining a sure fire superstar. There’s a reason young elite franchise quarterbacks never get traded.

          • arty!

            It’s a never ending question. If you don’t need high end picks, like Houston has dealt themselves, then follow your formula & fill the Texan roster w/ FA’s and picks.

            Personally I think picks are more valuable. You can trade them w/o financial recourse, package them with players, use them for attention (JAGS ARE DRAFTING T.L!.!! SELL HIS JERESY!) et al. Th only time the Jags are relevant is the offseason because of drafting top 10 over and over again.

    • bradthebluefish

      That’s exactly what I wonder. How does the team you go to build around you when they just gave up all the picks to get you.

  2. mcmillankmm

    Ugh I just want Houston to trade him, tired of hearing about the drama there…trade him to Denver so he’ll be faded into irrelevance

    • louwhitakerisahofer

      Fade to irrelevance? He would shine brighter in that system with Fant, Sutton, Judy, and Hamler. And that doesn’t even count their RB situation.

      Not to mention the fact that Von Miller’s contract falls off after the year, so they have more money to build with afterwards.

      • mcmillankmm

        Settle down Lou, Lindsay a free agent, Gordon has 1 year left…can Fant Sutton and JEUDY stay healthy?? Hamler? Lol come on

        Check the facts and come back with a better argument

        • mcmillankmm

          And you do realize KC is in the same division as Denver…and Denver would have to give up 3+ first round picks….but I bet you didn’t consider that while you tried to process the trade in Madden

          • angelsfan4life

            @Mcmillankmm you do realize do to the salary cap, that KC will look a lot different after this next season. Besides that, it’s not like KC defense is that good anyways.

      • MileHighFan

        These Denver “stars” are the same guys that went 5-11 this year. Fant can’t catch a cold and the other guys can’t stay healthy.

  3. bigeasye

    If he really wants to put his money where is mouth is, give back all of his signing bonus. Houston did him all sorts of wrong there but he signed the contract. It’s not like Houston deducts money from him whenever he throws an interception. The days of this payers pulling this crap needs to end. Not that the teams don’t cut people the first chance they get when it saves money but he’s 1 year into an extension.

    • bradthebluefish

      Watson was weary about the extension but signed it because of his conversation with Bill O’Brien and trusting him.

      But once he was fired, Houston became a mess, and they no longer wanted his input… Watson changed his turned.

      • vtncsc

        I’m not the worlds biggest nfl fan, but even I know that the Texans were a huge mess with BOB.

      • No way Watson signed the extension BECAUSE of Bill O’Brien. That man destroyed the team with his idiotic moves and is a complete fool

        • mcmillankmm

          He had a winning record though….and Houston was the best team in that division under his tenure…so even with the bad moves he must not be a complete fool when it comes to coaching

  4. Jamaican Me Crazy

    As much as I’d love to see him play for my Raiders, the chances of that are slim to none. And, I am not confident that Gruden and Mayock could put together a package to start with.

    I’m in agreement that the two best spots for a trade are the Dolphins and Jets. Get a young QB (Tua or Darnold) and a boatload of draft picks. Both teams have high enough picks this year to make the deal appealing.

    Just get it over with and move on should be what the Texans do. I know it upsets fans when a player wields this much power, but it is what it is.

  5. canajay12

    The dolphins and 9ers are the only real landing spots for him, take back tua or jimmy G plus the picks and you’re good within a couple of years if management is at all competent. Those two teams can win with their current rosters and can do without a couple first rounders if it means landing deshaun.

    • angelsfan4life

      The Niners don’t have the money under the cap. No one is taking Jimmy G at that contract. And even if the Niners release him, that only frees up less than 3 million.

  6. Jimbobroy

    Any team that trades for this diva will probably give up major assets to get him and suffer for it in the long run and when his huge salary handicaps his team it will all start again. Wouldn’t want him on my team.

  7. nentwigs

    I do actually get it that Watson feels disrespected by ownership’s actions despite having had “input” promised to him. I do believe that the conversation that Watson needs to have with regard to his future as it pertains to Houston is with ownership. Say what he feels has to be said to ownership about how he feels and why. Despite any misgivings Watson has about the selection process that resulted in both a new Head Coach and new General Manager, neither of them was a part of the way in which Watson was mislead. As a contractual employee of the Texan organization, Watson owes both new hires the respect to communicate openly with them so they can express to him their positions with regard to improving the team and the utilization of his services. It is then up to Mr. Watson and his representation how events move forward from those conversations.

  8. MileHighFan

    As much as I’d like to see the Texans hold Watson to his contract, if I was the GM I would ask Watson to rework his contract in order to minimize the dead cap hit and then trade him to one of those teams in the NFC that seems willing to overpay for him. The Texans get a head start on their rebuild and Watson can move on.

    • phillyballers

      That could be an option. According to overthe cap if they trade him Pre-June 1 it’s 54M of dead cap over the life of the contract vs 21.6M if they do a Post-June 1 designation.

      I wouldn’t mind them making an example of him. He can wither away and waste the next few years of his career or play under the contract he signed. It’s a bit annoying when these guys sign huge deals and then want out or they sign huge deals and then 2 years later want to sit out until they get another huge deal. I get the business side of it, but the majority of the league makes 2M or less. These QBs making 35, 40M on the backs of dudes making 2M or less is a bit like wth. Not a whole lot really seems to be done for those players in the NFLPA.

  9. peterdipersio06

    The Texans are being idiots! Trade him now for max value! As time goes along, his worth will diminish!

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