Eagles Discuss Carson Wentz Trades

Teams have begun calling the Eagles to discuss Carson Wentz, sources tell Mike Garafolo and Ian Rapoport of NFL.com. And, while the Eagles aren’t in a rush to trade the quarterback, they’re not hanging up the phone either.

The Matthew Stafford trade seems to have sparked interest in Wentz, who profiles as an interesting reclamation project for teams in need under center. The Eagles might not be eager to move Wentz — ditto for new head coach Nick Sirianni — but GM Howie Roseman has never been shy about engaging in trade talks.

Of course, Wentz’s contract would be a barrier to any deal. Moving Wentz before the third day of the league year in March would result in a dead cap charge of roughly $34MM. Dropping him isn’t an option either — releasing Wentz would leave a dead cap hit of about $60MM. Even if it’s spread out over two years as a post-June 1 cut, that’s a charge the Eagles don’t want to pay.

Stafford fetched the Lions two first-round picks and a third-rounder, but the Eagles wouldn’t be able to get nearly as much for Wentz. Stafford, at this point, is the more appealing QB, and the Lions also agreed to take on Jared Goff‘s outsized contract to score that haul.

The Colts, who just lost Philip Rivers to retirement, would be a logical fit for Wentz. From Wentz’s perspective, he probably wouldn’t mind reuniting with former mentor Frank Reich. Still, Wentz’s camp has yet to formally request a trade, which means that the two sides could find a way to mend fences and move forward together.

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33 comments on “Eagles Discuss Carson Wentz Trades

      • louwhitakerisahofer

        Been saying this since Wentz was benched. It’s too logical of a trade to happen though.

        • rondon

          Defillipo, his QB coach in 2017, is on Nagy’s staff and knows the guy and coached him well. It does make sense. But without cutting a lot of payroll, I don’t see how they can swing that trade..

      • bradthebluefish

        Honestly, if Pederson was still there, that’s exactly what they should do.

  1. BG99

    Wentz is not coming back. He hasn’t been heard from since the last week of the season.

    The hiring of Brian Johnson as QB coach sealed Carson’s fate with the Eagles.

    It’s best for everyone that Wentz move on. The Eagles should be able to net a decent draft pick considering they’re eating a large chunk of Carson’s compensation (bonus money).

    Wentz hit on the acquiring team’s cap will not be as large as people think.

    • JT19

      Eagles would have to eat that money regardless if I’m not mistaken. So it’s not like that becomes a bargaining chip. Think they save about $1m only if they trade him before his roster bonus kicks in. I think the acquiring team would have a roughly $25m cap hit (give or a take a few million here and there) over the last four years. A nice bargain deal if Wentz looks like a star again but a two year overpay if he continues to struggle otherwise.

      • Polish Hammer

        So eat $ for nothing instead of hanging on to a trading chip and insurance policy AND also pay the going rate for a quality backup QB. Makes no sense!

        • BG99

          Having Wentz in the locker room and on the roster as the backup is a terrible idea. If Hurts is the starter and throws one INT, the local media will jump right into a QB controversy.

          Wentz is a sunk cost.

      • bradthebluefish

        Eat money, get picks, start Hurts (who’s rookie deal compensates Wentz’s deal).

        • BG99

          Having Wentz in the locker room and on the roster as the backup is a terrible idea. If Hurts is the starter and throws one INT, the local media will jump right into a QB controversy.

          Wentz is a sunk cost.

        • BG99

          Exactly. Total cost of the position would say that they could keep both. However, Wentz is cancer (not a trade chip) if he carries over to the active roster next season. And I like Wentz.

          He’s worn out his welcome in Philly. Time to move on.

  2. phillyballers

    Will the congregation follow? link to wentzsucc.org

    100% real Church lol I’ve passed it many times. They celebrate Christmas 2 times a year. December 25th and December 30th.

  3. bumpy93

    I’ve been listening to sports talk in Philadelphia the last few days and there’s actually someone I forgot what reporter it was that truly believes the Eagles will get a first rounder for Wentz. if they do indeed pull the trigger (I hope they do) and Howie can somehow get a first round pick, even if it’s the end of the first round, I would be amazed. I was thinking for a while the most we could get for him would be a second rounder, like I said it would have to be a bidding war with five or six teams at least for me to think the Eagles could get a second rounder but there’s a lot of steam it seems like that the Eagles could actually get a first rounder plus for wentz. before you blast me, I don’t believe we will get it first round pick for him, but God it would be great

  4. padam

    This one has the Colts finger prints all over it. Makes too much sense of the Eagles are serious about moving him.

  5. Yep it is

    He needs to go somewhere they understand whiny , sulking , crybabies. Somewhere the press won’t kill this jellyfish.

    • Polish Hammer

      Do you any direct links to him whining, sulking or being a crybaby? Or are you just going off all of the “reports” from people reporting how they think he probably feels? Only quotes on record are from teammates disputing that and saying he’s been the ultimate teammate.

      • bradthebluefish

        The sideline shows that Wentz not a true team player whenever Hurts is playing. Sulking and not coaching up Hurts.

        And we have Wentz uninterested in fighting for his job in 2021 (according to reports). That he simply wants to be entrusted with the offense.

        • BG99

          Do you have any links/data to back up your statement? Because it kinda sounds like you’re talking out of your backside, unless you are physically on the sideline or in the locker room, or know someone with the same access.

        • Polish Hammer

          Brad, every time I saw them pan the sidelines Wentz was as engaged and supportive as anyone. Not one of his teammates has ever said anything but that he was a good teammate.

      • bradthebluefish

        Locker room is divided about Wentz. Half are behind him. Other half thinks Hurts is the better player/leader.

  6. parkers

    Yep it is said: Bet you didn’t talk like this prior to his injury in super bowl year. Of course it’s easy to crap on someone when their down. No run game, erratic receivers, injury prone receivers and it’s all on Wentz. Hope he is traded to the colts

  7. MileHighFan

    Wentz can probably be resurrected – but not by the Eagles – thus they’d be making a mistake by not listening to reasonable offers..

  8. flagsrup

    I’ve always seen Wentz being a helpful and supporting player on the sidelines. Also, I’d be hanging up on any team not willing to give up their #1 for Wentz. Some teams may be adopting the “shark at feeding time” approach but if they didn’t think anything was there then why call. If Wentz really wants to leave, he can restructure his salary for the new team to make it happen.

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