Eagles Requested Eric Bieniemy Interview

Earlier this year, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said that the Eagles did not submit an officially interview request for offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. But, according to the league’s recently-released report, the Eagles did, in fact, submit a formal request (Twitter link via Rob Maaddi of 97.5 The Fanatic). 

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Bieniemy, 51, was said to be among the hottest candidates of the cycle. But, he was passed over for head coaching opportunities yet again, even as his high-octane Chiefs offense returned to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are happy to still have him on board, though Reid would have liked to see him get his big break. Recently, the Chiefs furnished the talented OC with a brand new extension — and, a raise, probably — to keep him in place for 2021.

All seven teams with openings, including the Eagles, asked to talk with Bieniemy. Before the Birds ultimately hired Nick Sirianni, they met with a number of candidates, including Jerod Mayo, Dennis Allen, and the famously indecisive Josh McDaniels.

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14 comments on “Eagles Requested Eric Bieniemy Interview

    • Technically correct

      Bieniemy played for the Eagles in 1999, making this one of the rare “better the enemy you DON’T know than Bieniemy you do” situations.

    • Perhaps, but maybe Sirianni turns out to be a great hire. I’m curious why the Bienemy interview never took place, though, or why Reid claimed he never received the request. Did Bienemy know such a request was made, and if so, why hasn’t he corrected all of these reports that have claimed he got no interest? Strange situation.

      Anyways, I still remember Bienemy as the stud RB at the University of Colorado back when they were regular threats for the national title, with Kordell Stewart and Michael Westbrook. I hope he gets his head coaching opportunity soon…it’s certainly well deserved

      • jay13

        Micheal Westbrook…. great name drop.

        Bieneimy can keep on winning and who knows, maybe succeeds Andy Reid. If I was Eric, I would be a little upset not getting my shot. He has learned from this.

        Everyone knows Andy Reid can not coach the Chiefs forever. The situation with his kid might accelerate that timeline a little bit. What a perfect situation for Bieneimy. Take over the Juggernaut he helped build.

  1. kevin

    he’s a OC so he can be a great OC but when ur a HC its different most time u don’t call the plays u get a OC so alot do fail so if ur gonna hire a OC to be ur hc they should call plays it’s on their best interest but alot don’t and u see alot fail . being a OC doesn’t give u a good assessment of their hc ablity

  2. MileHighFan

    Pretty hypocritical to think you could hire Bienemy when everyone was all over the Jaguars for hiring Chris Doyle. Both of these guys have questionable things in their past if you are the “woke” type.

    • I don’t think you need to be “woke” to find some of the things in their past troubling.

      How is it “questionable,” for example, to grab a woman by the throat? That seems to be unquestionably wring

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