Eagles To Release Alshon Jeffery

It’s been trending this way for a while, but now it’s more or less official. The Eagles will release Alshon Jeffery at the beginning of the new league year, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network tweets.

The writing has been on the wall for some time, as when Jeffery and Malik Jackson had their contracts restructured last month we heard that both were on their way out. This latest news comes just a couple of days after the team cut DeSean Jackson, so clearly Philly is committed to completely overhauling their underwhelming receiving group as they enter somewhat of a rebuild. The Eagles have one of the worst cap situations in the league, so more veteran purging is likely still to come.

For Jeffery, this will wrap up a four-year run with the team that included plenty of highs and lows. Although his stint will end in disappointing fashion, he’ll always have a large place in franchise history after starting all 16 games and catching nine touchdowns during the 2017 season when they won Super Bowl LII.

Injuries sapped his effectiveness, and limited him to ten games in 2019 and just seven this past year. He only had six catches for 115 yards this season, so it’ll be very interesting to see what kind of interest he draws on the open market. Obviously he has a past history of production, but he’s now 31 with a signifiant injury history. He’ll find a home somewhere, but will likely struggle for much guaranteed money.

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32 comments on “Eagles To Release Alshon Jeffery

  1. mikey

    Weird to think that this team was arguably the best team in the nfl at one point. Carson wentz as mvp candidate and multiple all pro and pro bowl players. Wild. Kinda miss it

    • DarkSide830

      its also weird how we’ve tried to run out of town the QB that played most of the games in 2017, the coach won us the super bowl, and now are going after the GM that built the tean while ranting about the owner of the team at the time.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Eagle fans once threw snowballs at Santa Claus and it’s that lack of tolerance that makes them endearing.

          • beastdog

            Apparently he doesnt. Ray Didinger tells the true story. And as sure as video of cheesesteaks getting chopped up at an Eagles game,the fake story will never die.

        • schmogue

          I hate when people use the “throwing snowballs at Santa Claus” argument, without any understanding of the context of that story and what happened, or that it occurred in 1968. It isn’t really relevant anymore.

          • jdrushton

            IIRC, he really was a bad Santa (with apologies to Billy Bob Thornton).

          • crosseyedlemon

            Please, don’t try to tell us that the Eagle fans of today are any different than those that attended games in 1968. The “Santa Claus” episode will always be a relevant piece of the Eagles culture.

          • Brown Trout Fisherman

            Unfortunately bad news will never stop. Philly is scared for life

        • davidkaner

          Never saw a team implode so quickly after being so good. A total rebuild when you still had good young pieces. Befuddling…..

      • jawn

        I’m sorry, but you can’t possibly think Roseman deserves to keep his job, can you?

      • rct

        @DarkSide830: “and now are going after the GM that built the tean”

        While I get your point, he is the one responsible for all of the questionable things you mentioned. The fans didn’t run Wentz or Pederson out of town. The GM is responsible for that. Also responsible for drafting a QB in the second round when they already had one of the most expensive QBs in the league. Also responsible for Reagor over Jefferson (the entire 2020 draft class doesn’t look very good at this point).

        Full credit for building a Super Bowl champion, but full credit for the trainwreck they’ve become in short time.

      • Black Ace57

        No offense DarkSide, but you have commented on several Wentz articles in the past about wanting him traded.

    • Polish Hammer

      Arguably the best team in football? Winning a Super Bowl Championship should eliminate the word “arguably” as they clearly were for that season.

        • Polish Hammer

          That’s true, when he was on his game he was a great piece of the puzzle. Shame though that when the wheels fell off they really fell off. Regardless, that last extension Howie gave him was totally unnecessary and crippled the roster and cap situation.

  2. DarkSide830

    I would like to thank Alshon for the part he played for the 2017 team. forget the contract – flags fly forever.

  3. Deerslayer1

    Darkside830 I usually like and agree with many of your opinions, Howie has almost single handedly ruined this team since Feb. 2017 with bonehead moves, frustrating loyalty and what pisses me off the most is his arrogant belief that he’s smarter than everyone else. Just take the pick thats in front of you for once and stop overthinking it. Remember when he traded the first round pick away right after the Super Bowl because they ” really didn’t have any needs”. Give me a break.

      • Brown Trout Fisherman

        That trade was fine as they had no need for a Qb in 2018

    • DarkSide830

      to respond to you and Jawn, Im not saying he should keep his job, merely that all three seem to have been wanted gone by the majority of fans. for what it’s worth, i dont think he’s done a great job since 2017, though people want to say he’s never done anything when the team has generally been successful under him and he is also arguably most responsible for 2017. but I digress effectively my point is the other two are gone and most want Howie gone, so at this point people would prefer to have none of the three left then just Howie. (as in the only possible two outcomes left)

  4. bumpy93

    anybody know the cap ramifications this will have on the eagles? how much do we save this year? dead money? post June 1st cut? I really hope they don’t do a post June 1st cut b/c I don’t want them to mess up and lose any of the approximately $80mil cap space we are scheduled to have at the start of the 2022 off-season!!

  5. CoachWe

    Anybody who studies the Cap will agree that a bunch of very good players will be cut/released this off season. The few teams that have Cap space will be paying 60 cents on the dollar for them (buyers market this year) bc the Cap will only be 183mil, down from almost 200 mill last year. Jets, Wash, NE have a ton of Cap space, and then 1 or 2 other teams like Tampa Bay will be in a position to grab these guys.

    • CoachWe

      A few more teams that actually have money to spend:
      Jags, Colts, Bengals & Bronco’s

  6. MiddleIn

    Never would have won the Super Bowl without him. He was as clutch as there was that season.

  7. MiddleIn

    Never would have won the Super Bowl without him. He was as clutch as there was that season.

  8. jdrushton

    Alshon had a great start in SB 52, but as soon as the Pats put Stephon Gilmore on him, he did nothing. I don’t think he caught a pass the rest of the game plus he bobbled the deep ball from Foles and tipped it up so it could be picked off.

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