Eagles Release DeSean Jackson

It appears DeSean Jackson‘s second stint with the Eagles will end after two years. Following two injury-plagued seasons, the Eagles intend to release the veteran deep threat, Adam Caplan of Sirius XM Radio tweets. The Eagles have since announced the move.

Jackson still plans to play next season, but the 13-year veteran will attempt to do so after suiting up for only eight games over the past two years. The 34-year-old wide receiver was due to count $10.7MM against Philadelphia’s cap in 2021. Unless this cut will be designated as a post-June 1 transaction, the Eagles will save nearly $5MM by making this move.

Philly’s 2019 trade for Jackson turned into a sunk cost quickly. He suffered a core muscle injury early in his first season back with the Eagles and aggravated the malady upon return. Jackson played in just two games in 2019. This past season, hamstring and ankle ailments limited Jackson to five games. He ended up catching just 23 passes for 395 yards in his second Eagles tour.

Neither of Jackson’s past two teams have gotten what they hoped to out of the elite long-range weapon. Jackson’s last 1,000-yard season came in 2016 with Washington. He did not mesh too well with Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay, with his 774-yard 2018 slate doubling as his top output in the past four seasons. The Buccaneers traded him to the Eagles after that ’18 season.

While Jackson’s second Eagles stay did not go well, with an ugly anti-Semitic remark producing a fine last year, he still rates as one of the best receivers in franchise history. With 6,512 receiving yards as an Eagle, Jackson ranks behind only Harold Carmichael and Pete Rezlaff in franchise history. Jackson accumulated most of that total in his initial six-season Philly run, during which he made three Pro Bowls.

The Eagles’ decisions to extend Jackson and Alshon Jeffery produced little in the way of production, with both contracts quickly becoming albatrosses. A Jeffery cut, which is expected, would still cost Philly money in 2021. The Eagles are set to take on a record $33MM dead-money sum by trading Carson Wentz. Even with the Jackson move, they remain more than $40MM over the projected 2021 cap.

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27 comments on “Eagles Release DeSean Jackson

  1. Polish Hammer

    Never should’ve brought him back the 2nd time. Trying to find what was there from 10 years ago doesn’t work in the NFL. Another huge misstep by Howie along with the Alshon extension, Jason Peters resigning and renegotiation, messing up every draft and torpedoing the careers of Wentz and Ertz.

      • Polish Hammer

        True, but shame in such a short time he went from value to on verge of being cut in the next few days.

      • lionel t howell

        That’s who the Panthers need right now is Ertz… they had this position nowhere in the Offense,they never replaced Olson and it cost them…

    • DarkSide830

      “torpedoing the careers of Wentz and Ertz” no, that’s on them quite frankly.

      • Polish Hammer

        You’re right, all those great signings and draft picks they got to help Wentz out have nothing to do with the wheels falling off this year.

    • Sponge

      They should have cut his ass as soon as he posted that. That’s what usually happens with everyone else. He’s very fortunate he got to stick around for as long as he did. Stupid.

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Good move, time to freshen up that group.
    We have Reagor and JJ Whiteside.
    Time to also trade Ertz as we have Goedert and let’s just have a fresh group of receivers for Hurts.
    I’d go for Will Fuller in FA or Curtis Samuel. Both are about to enter their primes Samuel maybe in a year or two. Both would be good number 1 options. Fuller would cost more but maybe he would be interested cause he’s born and raised in Philly

    • I give no fox

      I think both of those receivers are out of phillys price range. Per the article, the Eagles are still 40 million over the cap. Fuller and Samuel figure to be looking at 8 figure salaries at least. Accounting for draft holds and everything else, I don’t see any significant off-season spending

      • Simmons>Russ

        That is true they don’t have much cap space at all. But like I’ve said before I’d trade Ertz and I’d look at trading another one of their highly paid older players like Jason Kelce or Brandon Brooks idk.
        I think Will Fuller would be a great fit being that he’s a Philly man, he would bring some of the dawg attitude and really work his butt off. He would be able to build great chemistry with a new young QB like Hurts who also works really hard and it would go along way to building some confidence and creating a more positive environment. That’s just the odd the field fit. On the field he would be an elite receiver and really help the other young WRers improve. He’s always never gotten the credit he’s deserves an in Philly his home town he would get a lot more attention and he’d love it.

    • lionel t howell

      Curtis Samual is a keeper in Carolina.. Swiss army knife,just like C.M

  3. jyosuckas

    Could go to Buffalo if they plan on cutting John Brown as they’ll need a burner, but Jackson seems all about the $

  4. nentwigs

    Team and WR got “married” in a fever
    Hotter than a pepper sprout
    Fan’s been complainin’ ’bout JACKSON
    Ever since the fire went out !!

  5. bumpy93

    we need to sit there and just take all the dead money hit this season. I heard we will have approximately 70 to 80 million dollars of cap space starting in the 2022 season. we might as well just get all the bruises and bumps out of the way now let this one most likely horrific coming season, then being great shape next year with two first round draft picks and a boatload of money. just got to get through this year first

    • Simmons>Russ

      Well said, next year have a good draft pick again and lots of cap space.
      Hopefully Hurts, Sanders, Reagor, Whiteside, Goedert, Maitala, Dillard and the other young guys on offence can improve and develop.

  6. Deerslayer1

    Been stealing money for years, as fragile as a piece of glass.
    So much talent wish we could have seen 16 games worth.
    Another Howie mistake, I’m losing track of all his stupid signings, drafts and overall judgement. Come-on Mr. Lurie, reassign this joker if you don’t want to fire him.

  7. flagsrup

    We signed DJ knowing his injury history. Just like us to sign players with an injury history just so we can get by on the cheap. That combo of brotherly love for a former Eagle player and overlooking the injury history has come up to bite us more times than not.

  8. Ducky Buckin Fent

    13 years now.
    I just didn’t think he’d be able to hold up in the NFL. Deal didn’t work out for the Eagles. He’s always been an exciting player, though. Big play guy.

    He’ll catch on somewhere.

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