Eagles Trade Carson Wentz To Colts

The Eagles have agreed to trade Carson Wentz to the Colts, according to Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen of ESPN.com (on Twitter). The deal will send a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional 2022 second-round pick to Philadelphia. That conditional choice could turn into a first-round selection if Wentz plays 75% of the snaps or 70% with a playoff appearance (Twitter link via NFL.com’s Mike Garafolo). 

Not long ago, Wentz was a legitimate MVP candidate. Things took a sharp turn in the Eagles’ Super Bowl season when Wentz’s injury gave way to the rise of Nick Foles. When Wentz, he wasn’t the same. Neither was the relationship between him and Doug Pederson. Now, they’re both out of Philadelphia.

Wentz will now try to fill the void left by Philip Rivers‘ retirement. Meanwhile, the Eagles are now poised to turn things over to Jalen Hurts, Wentz’s younger and more athletic counterpart.

There were other suitors for Wentz, but the Colts have long been linked to the former No. 2 overall pick. Three former Eagles coaches — Frank Reich, Mike Groh, and Press Taylor — are on the Colts’ staff, giving Wentz instant familiarity with the offense. The Bears, who have one-time Wentz QB coach John DeFilippo on the staff, were also said to be in the mix. Ditto for the Broncos, though they were lukewarm on him. The Broncos will now try to piece together an even bigger package for someone like Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson. If they can’t land a top-tier QB, they’ll reportedly stay the course with Drew Lock.

Wentz’s injuries and apparent decline hurt his stock, but his contract was also a limiting factor. On the plus side, his cap number will be tamped down to ~$25MM for Indy, due to guarantees that will remain on the Birds’ books.

The Colts will now have Wentz under contract through 2024. His deal calls for a $25.4MM cap hit this year, with $15.4MM guaranteed and a $10MM roster bonus. In 2022, they’ll have him at a $22MM salary/cap hit, with $15MM locked in. After that, the guarantees dissipate, giving the Colts an escape hatch should things go awry.

With the Wentz deal, there are now zero first-round QBs from the 2009-2016 drafts with their original teams, as Field Yates of ESPN.com tweets. The deal also marks the trades of the 2016 draft’s No. 1 and No. 2 overall picks, inside of three weeks. Jared Goff — once a rising star in Los Angeles — was shipped to the Lions for Matthew Stafford just days ago.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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111 comments on “Eagles Trade Carson Wentz To Colts

    • Technically correct

      The Colts fans in my life are extremely thankful this came together before the Darnold noise picked back up.

      • parx

        As a bears fan with many friends and family who are also bears fans we would like to thank the colts for trading for wentz before pace did something stupid and set the franchise back years, colts oline can make an average quarterback very good bears oline could turn Aaron Rodgers and Patrick mahomes into Sam darnold and Cade McNown

        • rondon

          Yeah, the Colts are the better place for him to land. Honestly, as a Bear fan, I just don’t believe in Nagy or especially Pace and their ability to right that ship on offense. I’m sure Wentz is breathing a sigh of relief.

          • beerncheese

            Agreed rondon. I actually like darnold as the bears qb. Of the unappreciated, underperforming young qb’s who are interested n the carousel I think he is the best. If bears could get him for what the colts paid I think it could work.

        • I Beg To Differ

          Or plays poorly and gets benched, then it wouldnt be a 1st.

          “That conditional choice could turn into a first-round selection if Wentz plays 75% of the snaps or 70% with a playoff appearance”

          Its a win win for colts
          He plays poorly theyre out a 2nd and 3rd on a gamble without clogging up the cap room compared to other QBs.

          He plays well they have a franchise QB under contract for a few years and didnt mortgage the future for Watson or Wilson.

          • compassrose

            Wilson yippy mean Russell Wilson the QB that is not on the trading block? Because a few writers said Seattle is getting calls for him? I guess Rodgers will be traded or maybe f Allen

            • compassrose

              Brushed finger over submit. Or is it because Wilson said he would like input or/and a better OL? I would like him to have a better OL too. These articles about one of the top QBs in the game getting traded are click bait. A writer is told he had to draw more clicks so he writes this kind of crap. Lazy journalism of you can call anything on the country journalism.

        • If the Colts start out slow or get eliminated from the playoffs, they will bench him and then try to run as many plays as possible with their backup. As it is, even if they’re playing well, in blowouts, expect to see Wentz on the bench.

  1. fathead0507

    But they wanted 2 firsts and didn’t even get the reported 2 2nds LOL.. howie is terrible

      • dray16

        they were offered 2 2nds and didn’t take it. then chicago lost interest because they found out wentz didn’t want to go there. you clearly don’t understand how bad of an organization philly is

        • DarkSide830

          that’s suggesting they could have pulled the trigger before Wentz opened his mouth, or that it was even a formal offer. and if you really think the conditional pick is that bad vs a 2nd youre crazy. If he does well its a 1st and if he does bad hindsight will say youre happy to have gotten what you did.

      • fathead0507

        Colts realized they were bidding against themselves after Jaws opened his mouth..

    • amk1920

      That’s a great deal for the Eagles. Wentz has one of the worst contract in the sport and they got assets for him.

  2. phenomenalajs

    That deal made the most sense for the post-Rivers Colts. Reich knows what he’s getting.

  3. petersdylan36

    The eagles have turned themselves into one of the biggest laughingstocks in the league. I’ve never been more disappointed as a fan. They ruined this guy and then got a minimal return. If you were just going to trade him, why get rid of Pederson?
    Such a joke.

      • petersdylan36

        And that’s why this entire saga has been stupid. You fire a super bowl winning coach for nothing

      • DarkSide830

        it shouldnt matter what the QB thinks about the GM. the QB and and GM really dont need to interact.

    • Classicfinder

      Pederson screwed himself with the stupid move to ride the third QB in the last game. He didn’t want Wentz and didn’t look like he wanted Hurts to succeed. Howie won out in the power struggle. Plus, was it Pederson or Reich who got the most out of good Wentz? If it wasn’t Pederson than why would you give him the reins to another young QB in Hurts or the 6th pick?

      • DarkSide830

        the Sudfeld play allowed us to not drop in the draft so it was a great move. anyone saying otherwise lacks pragmatism.

        • Classicfinder

          As long as that is the organizational plan. Otherwise, even if it worked out great in the end, which is still up for debate on who they draft, the look was very bad and it gave Howie the upper hand in the power struggle.

        • So Pederson played to lose the game and protect draft status? Pragmatic or not, that’s a fireable offense.

          • DarkSide830

            not if the owner told you to do so, which would have been why he did it.

          • rkmarx

            Are you the one person in the world who doesn’t realize he lost that game on purpose?

      • Polish Hammer

        Didn’t want Hurts to succeed in that game? Did you watch the game? Hurts was horrible and should’ve been yanked. 7-20 with an INT and sack. Was given the ball in the red zone and couldn’t score. Must’ve been Doug trying to sabotage things.

  4. letmeclearmythroat74

    Interesting … he’s somewhere in between Brissett and Rovers in my opinion. That’s a weak division so likely in the hunt but won’t complete with the likes of Mahomes, Allen , Rodgers and Brady when it counts.

  5. fungie22

    Worth it for the picks and familiarity with offense. Salary is tough to swallow but they have the room.

    • Classicfinder

      25 and 22M for a top half QB, if Reich can get him back there, isn’t a bad price at all.

      • Technically correct

        People got too focused on the the cap hit to the Eagles side of this story. The 6th paragraph lays it out nicely. $25.4 and $22 million seem like perfectly reasonable prices for a non-rookie contract starting QB.

  6. ruckus727

    Never been a Wentz fan fan but this is the best spot for him. I believe Reich will help him have the best seasons of his career there in Indy. Good pick up.

    • bh2289

      Reich was the OC when he was having his MVP Caliber season before he got injured.

      • Superbear29

        He and DeFelippo, apparently Carson hates being pushed hard and would rather be mollycoddled. He was also hated by his teammates. Glad Indy got him and not Chicago.

        • dcahen

          Superbear29 – “Apparently” because you read it somewhere. I’ve read that was checked out & not one teammate thought he was whiney, lazy, or hated. A top notch teammate & person. Glad he didn’t go to QB Purgatory in Chicsgo

      • ruckus727

        Yeah I’m aware. That’s why I believe this is the best spot. I think he will have his best seasons in Indy.

  7. mils100

    Honestly, a fair trade for both. Colts gets a veteran and it doesn’t stop them from drafting a QB or doing something else if it doesn’t quite work w/ their cap room. Eagles needed to move on and got something and cleared salary in what was an untenable situation – holding onto him wasn’t an option.

  8. Hannibal8us

    For that price and Philly eating part of the contract I really like this move for Indy

  9. bestpaboxer

    Not to be bitter but glad he’s gone. Very disappointed in the return the Eagles received however

    • elscorcho the marlin

      Glad he’s gone but wanted a bigger return? I think you’re schizophrenic. Don’t know what you’re other is thinking at a moment.

  10. DarkSide830

    mainly happy he’s gone, but happy to get two picks. forget “conditional,” its a second to begin with and maybe even a 1st. masterstroke.

  11. loganhedrick

    Plot twist: Andrew Luck comes out of retirement to take the starting job from Wentz

  12. phillyballers

    For reference:

    2016 – 100%
    2017 – 78% (injury)
    2018 – 66% (injury)
    2019 – 99%
    2020 – 72% (ineptitude)

    So a 3rd and probably a 1st if he doesn’t have an injury or suck.

    • letmeclearmythroat74

      I think Andy Dalton would be an upgrade I’m Chicago. I think he would be surprisingly good in that division.

      • I Beg To Differ

        Bears need weapons for Dalton

        Dalton succeeded in Dallas cause of Cooper, Gallup, Lamb, Elliot, and Pollard,

        With Allen Robinson a free agent Bears need to surround Dalton with weapons in FA and draft, or whoever is their QB

        Maybe take Terrance Marshall Jr in the first, sign Demarcus Robinson to be #4, and maybe go after Chris Godwin to replace Allen Robinson.

        • letmeclearmythroat74

          Yeah you’re right but to some extent, everyone needs weapons. He was quietly decent in Cincy … He had Green , Mixon , Boyd but that was really all. TE was a crap shoot. Riders could never stay healthy. I still think he’d be better than anyone they have. With Dalton, you’re competing with Minnesota for 2nd place.

          • letmeclearmythroat74

            Riders = Eifert …. not sure how auto correct came up with that

  13. Steezy

    It’s funny how much Eagle’s fans complained last year about how terrible he is and that they need to get rid of him. Now they complain since they expected multiple firsts for their “terrible” qb lmao

      • htbnm57

        We are happy the deal is done but not how Wentz or management dealt with things that lead to there being no other choice

  14. leprechaun

    Glad the Bears didn’t over pay for him. Maybe Pace is learning how not to get fleeced

    • Polish Hammer

      When he regains his form and the Beats are going through one QB after next the same fans will be ripping them for not taking a chance on a guy.

      • phillyballers

        I see your typo of Beats… and I can only think the Skins should rename their team the Beets if only so there could be an NFL game that announcers can say “Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica”

  15. dugdog83

    Indy will be running a lot of Wildcat formations to keep that number at 69%

  16. mhsaltz1963

    Now the Eagles(Quarterback U) get to screw things up further. They will likely have at least one franchise WR available to them at six. However, Howie will show them how smart he is by drafting a QB at this pick. That SB win was a total aberration.

    • dugdog83

      I don’t understand how Eagles fans aren’t thrilled with this return. Interested teams were dropping like flys, you weren’t gonna get crap for Wentz and now you get 2 picks with the possibility of a 1st Rounder. This is a tremendous haul for someone the Birds all hate.

      Yes the dead money for one year is bad but that was coming regardless.

  17. kabphillie

    I’m happy with. You remove a bad character from the locker room, get out from the contract in a few years, and get a 1st next year if Carson does will. The Eagles will be bottom five next year, so hopefully that will mean the end of Howie.

  18. Eatdust666

    With a much better supporting cast as well as a much better offensive line (Colts have one of the best o-lines in the NFL), Wentz should do alright, but who knows? Anything can happen and what’s supposed to go well doesn’t always go well.

    • DarkSide830

      he’ll be better, undoubtedly, but is he better then Rivers was last year? that’s the only way this trade works out at all.

      • Ak185

        Well, only if Rivers hadn’t retired. If they had dumped Rivers for Wentz, then the comparison would be in order. Rivers left, and there was a void, so if Wentz is serviceable at all the trade should be fine.

    • Technically correct

      For Wentz specifically, yes, an upgrade. Just tap the brakes a bit though. Injuries and retirements mean there is a lot to figure out on that vaunted O-line. Still probably in good shape, but not nearly the slam dunk it used to be.

  19. htbnm57

    Eagles handled things horribly and I question Wentz for folding just because he had some competition. Why does Howie still have a job , I have no confidence in how he will handle this draft.

  20. bumpy93

    actually I think with Indianapolis right now being the only team that wentz wanted to play for and the bears knowing this essentially pulling out I think Howie did a decent job with the return he did get. yes it sucks he only gets the 85th and this year’s draft, and I would say that chances of it being a 1st rd’er in 2022 is probably about 85%. if he plays 75% of the time or 70% of the time and a playoff appearance it is a first, if he doesn’t meet any of those criteria it will be a second round pick. like I said Wentz had the Eagles backed into a corner, they could not bring him back next year with everything going on it would have been hell in that locker room, and with the bear saying they’re pulling out of it unless Carson tells them he wants to come to Chicago the only shooter was the colts. Howie roseman did a good job for this situation. but the problem is howie roseman put us in this situation with the way he has handled it from the start. a person can’t get credit for putting a fire out if he is the one that started the fire. regardless, this situation was just absolutely horrible from the Eagles point of view, but there is a little crazy is this sounds bright spot at the end of this. with the situation the Eagles was in for Howie to get the two assets that he did get with all the other crap around it, I would grade this as a B for the Eagles.

  21. brian214

    Still not crazy about the head coaching hire (I wanted Lincoln Riley thinking he’d be best one to develop our young QB), but if Hurts is able to approach the team’s expectations then this return for Wentz will be an afterthought. If Hurts is a bust then the multiple 1st rounders Howie thought he’d get would’ve come in handy.

    • DarkSide830

      i like the hiring of Johnson as the QBC. I think he’s one of the best to be able to develop Hurts, as long as he doesnt coddle him, a la a certain past tandem on the Sixers. (though if argue the later criticism was overstated, and I dont think Hurts is the type to settle)

  22. MileHighFan

    The Colts gave up too much – as this move is risky in too many ways to count. The Colts should have been ASKING for picks in order to take on the Wentz problem.

    • htbnm57

      He is at least 50% to blame. He was horrible this year. He seemed to have zero learning curve.

      • Ak185

        50% is a bit high, considering the fact that they were terrible even without him. And Wentz doesn’t play defense, which contributed heavily to the Eagles’ problems. And he doesn’t play on the line, or receiver…actually, maybe Wentz wasn’t least half the problem, considering the fact that he was just one bad player on a 53 roster of bad players.

  23. Patpatriot

    What a crazy stat .. “Zero 1st rd qbs from 2009-2016 still w/ original team”

  24. n2northsiders

    Colts gave up too much. Wentz is an average QB at best. BTW, his coaches point out that he doesn’t like being told how to play the game. Wasted draft picks by the Colts

  25. Pokeli

    Ballard is one of the savviest and smartest GM’s in the NFL. Colts fans are quickly learning to just trust him and Reich

  26. Thronson5

    Not a fan of Wentz but I think if anyone can get the most of him it’ll be Reich. I like the move for them and don’t really think they gave up too much at all. Picks aren’t guaranteed and if Reich can get Wentz to perform like he did in Phili for him before he got injured or even close it’s a great trade for them. They have a great line so he won’t take a beating, he can run, they have a great defense. All they need is to bring back TY and add a top WR and they will be one of the best teams in the AFC in my option. But Wentz has to buy in, seems like he has attitude problem, gotta leave that in Phili and start fresh.

  27. canajay12

    Happy to see what it cost actually as a colts fan. We can do without the 3rd this year and can trade into the 3rd if need arises. If we have a good playoff run and lose the 1st next year that’s bittersweet but Wentz playing even close to what he has shown is worth that.

    Bring back Brissett for if the wheels fall off.

  28. sportsfan38

    Wentz took 50 sacks last year, was that due to making bad decisions, not having a good offensive line in front of him? I don’t know, the line question should be better with the Colts. How much in his decline is in his head? If that is the case, hopefully Reich will be able to help him with that. Thing that bothers me, more than anything is his attitude when he got benched. FB is
    Ultimate team sport, you do not go public, saying he wanted out of Philly, if my memory serves me right, almost immediately upon being benched. That to me is most worrisome part of his whole persona. As a Colts fan, I hope it works out!

  29. fletch1367

    Eagles fleeced the Colts if Wentz is only as good as last year. Colts fleeced the Eagles if Wentz returns to 2017 form. The glass is both half full and half empty. Go Birds!

  30. crosseyedlemon

    Eagles were not going to gain anything by drawing this drama out so now they can make a full commitment to a rebuild (although Howie might not be the best person to direct that). Wentz can’t carry a team on his back like Rivers could but he’s a more suitable placeholder until Ballard can draft the next Andrew Luck.

    • BigDaddyB

      Goff..? Traded to the Lions. Why would the Lions then trade him away??

      • unclemike1525

        Depends on who they draft with their First Round picks this year.

  31. unclemike1525

    Now let’s hope Pace doesn’t do something even stupider by trading the next 4 first round picks for Watson. Hopefully Phillips and the McCaskey’s have the reins on this one.

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