Eagles Fine DeSean Jackson

The Eagles announced discipline for DeSean Jackson on Friday. The team will fine the veteran wide receiver for his recent anti-Semitic comments.

Days after a report surfaced the Eagles were considering releasing Jackson, he remains on Philadelphia’s roster. The team will move forward with its 33-year-old wideout, who would be an expensive cut.

It would cost the Eagles $12MM-plus in dead money to release Jackson, and no cap savings would emerge from such a move. Jackson has apologized for the comments and engaged in extensive discussions with Eagles brass. This will be the deep threat’s second season back with the team. The Eagles reacquired him from the Buccaneers last March.

Jackson has also drawn criticism in the past for sharing controversial material. The Eagles have now released two statements regarding the receiver’s conduct this week. This one indicated Jackson would have to “commit to supporting his words with actions” in order to remain on the team. So, Jackson’s image-repair effort will continue.

Jackson missed most of last season, suffering an injury in September and undergoing surgery after a late-season aggravation.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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53 comments on “Eagles Fine DeSean Jackson

    • Kevskins

      They didn’t cut Riley cooper after saying the N word he was actually rewarded with a contract . So for them to cut him would make them look bad as well as losing 12 million from cutting him. I’m sure he’ll take a trip to a holocaust museum

      • carlos15

        Riley Cooper was years ago, if that happened in the current climate he would have been cut and so Jackson should be too. But he won’t because he discriminated against people that it’s socially acceptable to discriminate against.

        • Kevskins

          I think it’s wrong as well but from a business stand point 12 mill is a lot to lose right now and maybe a lesson should be taught to people who don’t understand. I believe howie roseman and jefferey loria are both Jewish, if anyone has a say of what was said in the nfl it’s those two

          • jessethegreat

            It would be at minimum conduct detrimental to the team and “the shield”.. eagles would simply file a grievance and recover that money for their cap and negate any salary guarantees with the strike of a pen IF they wanted.

            The simple answer is that his usefulness to them at this point in time outweighs the cost and the anger of the outrage mob.

        • Ak185

          They both said some offensive things that they shouldn’t have. You’re right, if Cooper did what he did today, he’d be history. But instead of playing hypotheticals, let’s consider whether or not we think singular moments in peoples’ lives should cost them their livelihoods. I think demanding someone be cut for what could have been a moment of ignorance is too much. If Jackson makes up for it, or sees why what he quoted was harmful, he could become better for it instead of being ostracized forever and building up more hatred inside. You’re right, certain groups are more protected than others, but we shouldn’t base our judgment on who is targeted. It should be the same for everyone, if we’re ever going to respect each other fully as human beings. Unfortunately, as you alluded, not everyone today considers that.

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Riley Copper was completely $#!? faced drunk…..that’s a little different than

        Desean Jackson, completely sober and not inebriated, posting multiple, not just the Hitler quote, anti- semitic comments and sharing videos from a leader of islam expressing his anti-semitic views and ideology.

        But sure….let’s compare the situations.

    • sgord03

      As a Jew, he should not be cut. He should learn about the Jewish history and donate part of his salary to fighting inequality and injustice.

        • All American Johnsonville Dogs

          There’s inequality and injustice. To say there isn’t is blind and stupid.

          The problem isn’t as bad as people in today’s climate make it appear but…….

          when the law isn’t equally applied regardless of race, gender, INCOME, etc and laws actually exist, such as, where people caught with powder coke have lesser punishments than those caught with regular coke…..there’s definitely stuff wrong with society.

      • mitchrapp

        Who cares if you’re a Jew or not. It does not make your opinion on something better or worse.

  1. Afk711

    He should not be cut but its hilarious how Brees gets more flack for saying to unite around the American flag then DJax does for quoting Hitler.

  2. jewish and proud

    Everyone cld hate the Jews,ppl cld try to kill them but they are the chosen ones from god so we’ll always be around!!!

  3. jewish and proud

    But we also respect everyone else and don’t look down on anyone else!!!!!!

  4. DarkSide830

    this comment section is why the editors close comment sections. honestly, its crazy how Brees got more flak for what he said. while it seems pretty clear that D-Jax was using the quotes in a way that wasnt supposed to support their message, posting them at all was a foolish idea on his part. however, i will follow the opinion of the Philly radio host i just heard who said that he’d defer to the team’s judgement on how to deal with the situation, given the team’s ownership is largely Jewish.

    • jewish and proud

      And if a team owner and gm were black wld u say the same thing if a white player said something racist?

      • DarkSide830

        you dont get my point. fact is if there was clear intent to speak ill of the Jewish community id doubt a majority-Jewish leadership group would be a big fan of it. that said, im assuming they have talked to Jackson and figured that his intentions were not malicious.

        • Polish Hammer

          And weighing it against the salary cap implications of releasing him…

          • Brown Trout Fisherman

            There should be a clause in cap implications. Teams should be able to release Jack -offs without issue if they cause major issue.

        • All American Johnsonville Dogs

          NBC Sports and other outlets reported that he also shared a clip from a speech made by Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader who has been widely criticized as being anti-Semitic. In the speech, Farrakhan accused Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates of wanting to “depopulate the Earth” with a coronavirus vaccine.

          If he posts negative comments about jewish people and he posts videos from people who hate jewish people talking negative about jewish people…….probably someone who hates jewish people.

          If he shares comments like a racist. Posts videos like a racist. He’s a racist.

      • Brown Trout Fisherman

        I make my own with no salt butter, then lightly sprinkle in to taste

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      Jackson later wrote that his original post had been misinterpreted, according to screenshots taken by various news organizations. However, in a different post, he shared a specific paragraph referencing a Jewish plan to “extort America” and achieve “world domination.”

      Spade is a spade. Racist is a racist.

      Taken directly from a cnn article..

      • Brown Trout Fisherman

        Whites are taken out of context all the time.
        Jackson has emotional issues and that mouthpiece MALCOLM JACKSON also hates the Jewish.

  5. nutznboltz

    The Eagles got rid of him years ago, because he was a thug. Why would they think he is any different now?

    • DarkSide830

      “they” got rid of him because simply Chip didnt like him and figured the fake gang thing was good cover.

      • Polish Hammer

        They got rid of him because he wasn’t going to be worth the off field drama. Great performer on the field but like Shady McCoy had some growing up to do.. The supposed robbery of his house, the alleged cash amounts fluctuating, the guns, jewelry etc when he was supposedly broke and in need of money. He’s one of that guys that has made good money but spent more than he brought in which put him at odds with the team trying to renegotiate and even his own agent who was floating him money.

  6. All American Johnsonville Dogs

    Huh. Looks like racism is taught and learned…..not actually passed down genetically….and looks like anyone, regardless of skin color, can be racist. Go figure.

    • Ak185

      Question. How much responsibility does Louis Farrakhan, his predecessors, and the NoI deserve for preaching and teaching invented history to promote hate? We can blame Jackson, but I doubt he’d have posted that if it wasn’t sourced from a place he trusted. I personally don’t blame Jackson for not knowing the reason that “quote” was invented, and obviously he didn’t realize that it was invented.

  7. DonC.

    I don’t think Jackson is very smart you can tell by listening to him talk surprised Peterson &Lorie didn’t have the balls to cut him he doesn’t fit on this Eagles team

    • Polish Hammer

      You’re right he’s not. And considering he stole a paycheck last season he could’ve been a casualty prior to this because they loaded up at WR through the draft.

  8. Katsuro

    Philly had little choice in what to do for punishment. Had they not screwed up the Cooper mishap, Jackson would have been released, cap hit or not.

    Had they released him instead, the PR backlash would have been ridiculous

  9. locotrouble

    Talk about a racist comment! Needs to be let go and have a better life some where else besides the NFL. Not a roll model…

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