Giants Not Planning Deshaun Watson Pursuit

Certainly one of the many teams who would upgrade significantly at quarterback by acquiring Deshaun Watson, the Giants are not expected to entertain that prospect.

The Giants will not pursue Watson, according to’s Jordan Raanan (on Twitter). The franchise, as could be expected, is committed to Daniel Jones going forward.

With GM Dave Gettleman having surprised most by pulling the trigger on Jones at No. 6 overall in 2019, it should not surprise the franchise is fully committed to giving the former Duke prospect a third season at the controls. Last month, Gettleman said the Giants have “complete confidence” in Jones. The Giants are also expected to retain OC Jason Garrett, ensuring Jones will not have to play in three offensive systems in his first three seasons.

Jones’ contract runs through 2022, and the Giants will have the 2021 season to determine how they will proceed regarding the quarterback’s fifth-year option. That decision is not due until May 2022. Should the Giants exercise that option, Jones’ 2023 salary becomes fully guaranteed.

The Giants’ offense regressed from 18th in scoring in 2019 to 31st this past season, though their DVOA mark plunged only from 23rd to 26th in this span. Jones threw 24 touchdown passes in 2019 — fourth-most all time among rookie passers — but just 11 in 2020. He leads the NFL in fumbles over the past two seasons, with 29, but did not drop too far in Total QBR from 2019-20. That metric placed Jones 18th in 2019 and 20th in 2020.

Thus far, the Dolphins, Jets and Panthers have been the teams most closely connected to Watson. It will take a historic trade package to pry the three-time Pro Bowler from the Texans, who have continued to insist they are not interested in a deal.

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17 comments on “Giants Not Planning Deshaun Watson Pursuit

  1. arty!

    As a DC fan, I’m glad the Gmen are keeping Jones. It’s a funny business, Cards and DC had no problem tossing high QB picks, and some teams are bound and determined that their high pick QB will succeed.

      • arty!

        We’ve been awful for the past 20 years or so. To answer your question, yes it sucks getting excited about seeing diction rivals flail like us.

  2. Ak185

    The Giants really couldn’t put together a package to make this happen if they wanted to. Unlike the other suitors, the Giants don’t really have much to offer in draft capital, and player-wise don’t have much outside of their defensive line to offer, and it’s highly doubtful that those players will be traded or that they’d be enough to tip the scales in New York’s favor.

    They’re going to stick with what they have, and hope that they can sustain the momentum built up last year and finally turn the corner. If they don’t, Gettleman, Garrett, and Jones are likely out, and they start over. This is the year to prove that their trajectory is positive, and they need to do it with their players-otherwise the critics are likely correct and the overhaul will commence.

    • How do the Giants not have much to offer in draft capital? They own all of their picks over the next few seasons. It would clean them out, but they have plenty of picks to throw around.

      I agree with the rest, though. They have too many holes to fill and not a good enough team to justify spending all of that to acquire Watson. They need to just keep drafting (a WR, another OL, linebacker/defensive end) and trying to improve organically.

      • Perksy

        But the Jets and dolphins have multiple 1st and 2nd so it’s a lot easier. Giants are a rebuilding team without a surplus of draft capital, nor the cap space.

        • It doesn’t matter how much the Jets and Dolphins have. It matters what it would take to get Watson. And the Giants have enough, but it would bankrupt them for a while. I think we’re saying the same thing as far as the Giants are concerned, but I don’t see how the Jets and Dolphins have any bearing when the Giants could beat any offer if they’re willing to ruin the team for the next five years.

      • Perksy

        But in comparison the Jets and Dolphins have multiple 1st and 2nd round picks upcoming. The Giants not only do not have a surplus of picks, they do not have the cap space.

      • Ak185

        What I mean really is “extra” draft capitol. The Giants have done better than some teams in regards to retaining their picks, but moving Watson is going to take a lot extra, even just to compete with what teams who have those extra picks will be able to offer. moving Watson and still having a few picks to build for the future is going to take a lot of firepower. I could see how my comment could have read differently, rct.

        • Agreed. They could move mountains to get Watson, but then they’d potentially be a worse team going forward due to how much they would have to give up.

    • Not4

      While the jury is still very much out on Jones your comment is nonsensical in that virtually every commentator still seems to like Jones.

      Doubt he’ll ever be a top 5 guy but certainly still viewed as a guy a team can win with and likely can win games for a team

  3. jallopy

    I do like Jones but he’s got 1 more year in my opinion. If he doesn’t take a huge step forward they need to move on.

  4. MileHighFan

    If Watson was such a wunderkind his team would have won more than four (4) games. Anybody here think Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson would have won only 4 games with last year’s Texans team? That tells you all you need to know about how much you should give up to get Watson.

    As for Jones, I don’t think the Giants know what they have in him just yet. Now is the time to make that evaluation – while he’s still cheap and the team needs to use it’s draft choices to improve in other positions.

    • Not4

      See Mahomes, Patrick, Super Bowl LV.

      Without an offensive line even the beat QB in football cannot get it done.

  5. giants51

    He’s probably not going anywhere…. What team is going to sell the farm…..

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