Josh Gordon To Play In Fan Controlled Football League

Josh Gordon‘s most recent attempt at NFL reinstatement did not end with him playing during the 2020 season. The former All-Pro will try his hand at something quite different soon.

Gordon will play in the recently launched Fan Controlled Football league, according to Adam Schefter of (on Twitter).

The NFL rescinded Gordon’s reinstatement officially last month. Previously, he was on track to return late last season as a Seahawk. The Seahawks re-signed the oft-suspended pass catcher last year, doing so after claiming him on waivers in 2019 and using him in five games that year. A suspension ended Gordon’s 2019 season as well.

Fan Controlled Football, with which ex-Gordon Browns teammate Johnny Manziel is affiliated, is a seven-on-seven league that allows fans to call plays. Gordon will play for the Zappers, with whom Manziel plays, according to the team’s owner.

Gordon and Manziel played together on the 2014 Browns, though neither played much that season. Brian Hoyer quarterbacked the Browns for most of the 2014 campaign, and a 10-game Gordon suspension — which was an unfortunate harbinger of things to come — shelved him for most of the year as well. During Manziel’s second and final NFL season (2015), Gordon served a season-long suspension. But they are evidently set to reunite in one of the more unusual football leagues to emerge.

The Seahawks kept Gordon on their roster after his reinstatement effort failed. He will be an NFL free agent on March 17. Nearing 30 and still suspended, Gordon would not stand to generate too much interest on the market this year.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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16 comments on “Josh Gordon To Play In Fan Controlled Football League

    • Phil253

      And it’s Johnny Football off the silver platter with the white lines of um… Gatorade powder.

  1. LouGrozasToe

    Dude could have had 1-2 contracts at $40-80M, now he needs this to pay some bills?

  2. forwhomjoshbelltolled

    The biggest innovation in interactive television since Captain Power.

  3. markdavisbarber

    Browns, Patriots, Seahawks, and Zappers…..

    Think he contemplates that when his dealer is weighing out his product?

  4. Polish Hammer

    He take that time to clean up his act and then try and hope for his 18th chance at the NFL payday.

  5. lambeau gang

    Dumb question, but what happens if the Fan Controlled Football League doesn’t have any fans? Isn’t it a flawed strategy to utilize a fan base in such an integral manner from day one? First impressions matter a lot to the average viewer, so I’m not sure this league will thrive without a solid foundation from day one…

    • markdavisbarber

      If you have 1 fan on line picking plays —- then you have a head coach calling plays.

      I would guarantee the ownership has a group of people that is established and steers the voting. You don’t want fullback dive right on every play.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    I think I just found the inspiration I needed to create a Fool Controlled Football League. Which crowdfunding site would be best for that?

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