Jackson: Watson Interested In Broncos

Kareem Jackson‘s final two Texans seasons overlapped with the start of Deshaun Watson‘s Houston stay. Jackson left for Denver in 2019 and has one season remaining on his contract. He has spoken with his former teammate about his interest in the Broncos as a trade destination.

Watson is interested in Denver as a destination, per Jackson, who told TMZ Sports he has discussed this topic on multiple occasions with the disgruntled quarterback. The Broncos figure to be among the many teams interested in Watson, should the Texans make him available. Watson requested a trade last week, shortly after the Texans hired David Culley as head coach.

Like the Panthers, who are planning to make a push for Watson after being in the mix for Matthew Stafford, the Broncos present an intriguing wide receiver group. But Denver would not be able to put together the kind of draft pick package the Dolphins and Jets could. The Broncos hold the No. 9 overall pick, but the Jets and Dolphins have top-three selections and additional first-rounders this year. The Jets have two first-rounders this year and next. Watson, who has a no-trade clause that will allow him to approve his destination, is also believed to be open to most deals.

New Broncos GM George Paton exchanged offers with the Lions for Stafford, though the longtime Vikings exec balked at including promising young players on his new team in the deal. Those talks did include Drew Lock, however. Watson is certainly a more valuable asset than Stafford, going into his age-26 season on the heels of three Pro Bowls (to Stafford’s one in 12 seasons), so it will be interesting to see how serious the Broncos would be if Watson is made available. Acquiring Watson will require one of the best trade packages in NFL history.

The Broncos have used nine starting quarterbacks in the five seasons since Peyton Manning retired. They used a first-round pick on a passer in 2016 (Paxton Lynch), a second-rounder on Lock in 2019 and have acquired starters via the trade route (Joe Flacco) and free agency (Case Keenum). Before the Broncos signed Keenum in 2018, a few of their Super Bowl holdovers made pitches to Kirk Cousins. The team, which has seen almost all of its Super Bowl 50 cogs depart, remains in search of quarterback stability. Limited by this position, the Broncos ranked 30th in offensive DVOA in 2020.

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22 comments on “Jackson: Watson Interested In Broncos

    • Chief Two Hands

      I think that was made clear when it was reported he viewed the Jets as a favorable team to join.

  1. arty!

    If a burned out 32 year old Stafford is worth 2 1st’s, a 3rd and taking on a bad cap dump, then what’s Watson worth; 3 1st’s and players? It’ll be just another losing problem for him. No picks or young players to build around.

    • I Beg To Differ

      Stafford wasn’t worth that. Lions received that package for taking back Goffs contract.

      Stafford would have received less if Lions didn’t take back a bad contract.

      Panthers offered the #8 and probably had Bridgewater included in going back to the lions (21 mill a year).

      Watson will certainly receive a huge package.

      Texans should look for a third team to take Tua.

      • elscorcho the marlin

        He said a bad cap dump. That was Goff. You have to read, before you comment.

    • natsfan3437

      All the reports say they want two young players and at least 3 firsts and 3 seconds (as the bare minimum they would accept)

      • arty!

        8-what should be-starters off a roster isn’t the best formula for winning. I’m not disagreeing with you, but Watson waited a year too long for his own on field success.

        He could have said (in hind site) ‘I hated the Hopkins trade and won’t sign a new contract w/ the Texans….’last year. Now wherever he goes, they be short on picks and young talent to win.

  2. arodtotaetd

    lol? imagine not wanting a top 3 QB and top 2 QB for the future bc he wants out that’s crazy

  3. bestno5

    Could that be considered tampering…… not sure if that’s a thing in the NFL. It seems anyone and everyone who knows Watson is asking him where he wants to go and then they report it. Seems like the people that belong to other organizations shouldn’t be allowed to do that.

  4. bigcat20

    Forgot about the Jets getting Watson. We need to keep all of our great draft pick spots and build the team from them.
    Trade Darnold and get another good draft pick. Draft Zach Wilson with the 2nd pick and sign Flacco or Fitzpatrick to back him up.

    • bradthebluefish

      What’s Darnold worth in a trade? 2nd round pick? Third round pick?

  5. bradthebluefish

    Broncos could’ve made it work with Case Keenum. Even Flacco (who got injured mid season). Very annoyed in how the Broncos treated their veteran QBs of late.

    • Ak185

      No, Keenum was not the same player in Denver that he was in Minnesota. Keenum is an improviser who works best making plays outside the pocket. He did so well in Minnesota because he had a strong connection with his receivers who could adapt to his playstyle and change on the fly, and because the offense was comfortable marrying his improvisation with the steadiness of a reliable running game. Denver did not have the reliable run game and an even worse line than Minnesota did at the time. It was an experiment that just did not work.

  6. bowserhound

    Elways shadow has worked out for nobody not named Manning. That and the roster is currently horrible.

    Hard pass.

    • Ak185

      The roster’s pretty good for the most part, actually. There are a few holes, but the quarterback is really the main piece missing in Denver. Despite several injuries and question marks on defense (mainly at corner, defensive end, and possibly inside linebacker) the unit actually played really well last year. The “holes” are also not exactly pressing, except maybe at corner and running back. There is good reason to see Denver as an ascending team rather than a descending one, if a quarterback was added.

      Mostly, their problem going forward is their division. The AFC West could very well be the best division in football in the next couple of seasons if the Raiders and Chargers fix their respective defenses and Denver finds a quarterback. With Staley in L.A., that could happen soon. The Broncos will have to compete against a Raiders team that just missed the playoffs by a game or two and a Chargers team led by a phenomenal young quarterback just for the opportunity to challenge Kansas City.

  7. MileHighFan

    With all the picks/players the Texans are seeking the addition of Watson just turns your team into last year’s 4-12 Texans. Where’s the value in that?

    As for the Broncos, the only trade they should be pursuing with the Texans is to swap Von Miller for JJ Watt – two aging veterans who are no longer worth what they are being paid – but can plug a roster need for another year or two.

    • Ak185

      There’s not much reason to do that trade, though. At best, if both players play to expectations, you’d just end up with equivalent production. The Broncos already also have an aged defensive end with a productive history in Jurrell Casey that they traded for anyway. If Miller is flipped, it’d be for picks. I don’t see them ridding themselves of Miller without at least giving him a chance in Fangio’s system. That requires a restructure of his current deal, which it seems like Miller would be amenable to. If he is not, then there’s not much chance of him staying in Denver.

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