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Before the Super Bowl, we heard that a Carson Wentz trade could be imminent. However, the Eagles are not close to completing a deal with any of the interested teams at this time, according to’s Mike Garafolo (on Twitter). 

The Bears and Colts are among the teams eyeing No. 11, but the other clubs involved remain a mystery. It’s believed that the other teams that missed out on new Rams starter Matthew Stafford could entertain Wentz — that list includes the Broncos, Panthers, and 49ers. Of course, the Panthers and Broncos would prefer a deal for Deshaun Watson, if they can work the Texans down to a reasonable ask. One of those two players will likely be the next domino to fall in the QB carousel.

The Colts, who just lost Philip Rivers to retirement, would be a logical fit for Wentz. Wentz, meanwhile, wouldn’t mind reuniting with former mentor Frank Reich.

Publicly, the Eagles have said that they’d like to move forward with Wentz, but the North Dakota State product still wants out. Any team taking him on would also be taking on his sizable contract, which runs through 2024. However, there’s an escape hatch after the 2022 season, which helps somewhat. In any case, the Eagles won’t be able to match the Stafford package of two first-round selections and a third-rounder. Stafford, at this point, has more appeal, and the Lions took on Jared Goff‘s hefty contract in order score all of that draft capital.

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25 comments on “Latest On Eagles, Carson Wentz

  1. bumpy93

    this situation needs to end ASAP. it seems as if Holly is holding out for two number ones the rumors are it’s ridiculous he’s not going to get it. he is going to to hold out and hope for a better deal and then the best deal he does have which seems like they at least have a number one pick offer from the colts and the bears everybody believes he’s going to hold out and those teams might turn elsewhere. if that happens he would play himself out of a first round pick maybe another player also. rumors are with the bears they’ll get #20 pick in this draft, Tarik Cohen, and Nick foles. rumors are with the colts the rumor is the #21 pick in this draft plus another pick in the 2022 draft. Howie is not going to get offers much better than those two rumored offers. hopefully he doesn’t get greedy and stay with the two first rounders and a third rounder for Wentz, if he does do that I could see those two teams turn around and go somewhere else, leaving Holly to have to bring wentz back in 2021 with all the problems from before and now even worse b/c he knows he was about to be traded, or he will be forced to take a lot lesser of a return. Howie get a deal done today. do not risk losing out on a first round pick because you are dreaming and thinking that Carson Wentz is even three quarters of Matt Stafford

  2. cbrookhouzen

    As a Bears fan, I wouldn’t overpay for Wentz. He appears to have a surly attitude and his play last season was Trubisky like. A #1, Cohen & Foles maybe but the contract is cumbersome if he continues to suck.

    • Polish Hammer

      He’s never shown a bad attitude, Teammates have gone on record and defended him. The only knock on him and even then it was the so-called anonymous source was about who we targets throwing the ball we all knew who that source was. But as far as being a teammate he’s a boy scout.

    • parx

      The bears will overpay for wentz because they are the most pathetic organization in modern sports history, and next offseason we will be looking for a quarterback again, the mccaskeys are idiots who do not care about their fans, the year end press conference made me want to puke, they must sell the team or the bears will never be anything but an 8-8 team with 1 good linebacker every couple years

      • rondon

        I wouldn’t call McCaskey an idiot. Maybe clueless about the game fits better? Ted Phillips continues to babble the same nonsense every off season and McCaskey just won’t get rid of him. I think Pace is back because he weaved a lot of double speak into a last chance, though why anyone who overpaid for Glennon and completely blew the Trubisky pick would be given yet another chance to screw it up, is beyond me. Yeah, McCaskey is clueless.

  3. phillyballers

    Hot Take: Nick Foles has more passing yards and TDs from this point forward.

    • Regi Green

      Nick Foles isn’t capable of starting 16 games.Been a starter for 4 different teams,couldn’t make it through 16 once.

      That’s Philly though.Idolize a movie character and backup QBs.

    • BG99

      And you should put down the bong and the bottle of tequila.

      Nick Foles is done.

      • Chief Two Hands

        Dude, be realistic…it can possibly be one or the other, but not both.

  4. cdewolf1

    The comments about what the Eagles are asking for in a Wentz deal are hilarious. Hasn’t anyone negotiated a deal before? That’s what a GM does if he’s competent. Carson Wentz is a valuable NFL asset, he appears to be in about the mid-range of starting QB’s, likely much higher if he had a serviceable O-line and talented receivers/backs. In a negotiation you always start high, you come off that position if you have to, and just before you consummate the deal you ask for a little bit more. Also, exercise some patience. Few people have that skill. Karrass negotiating 101.

    Personally I hope Carson stays. The dude deals with a make shift O-line and a bunch of subpar receivers. Other than Miles Sanders and the 2 TE’s, Wentz has weak talent around him. He’s running for his life half the time like Mahomes did in the Super Bowl. Look at what he accomplished with no blocking. He got crushed. Welcome to Wentz’s world Patrick. If memory serves Hurts spent some time on his back under defenders too with marginal passing results. It’s time to place the blame where it belongs and for Eagles fans to wake up to the real problem. It ain’t Wentz.

    • BG99

      I think it’s foolish to bring back a guy who doesn’t want to be back with the team that let him down.

      I’m not saying the Eagles are totally at fault. Not by a long shot.

      I am saying that he’s damaged goods thanks in large part to the Eagles. I also believe that mentally he can be fixed…but not in Philly.

    • rondon

      You must be an Eagles fan, because you’re very much over valuing your guy. First off, you’re not putting enough weight into the fact that the size of Wentz’s deal at a time when the salary cap will be lowered is an albatross. Teams like the Bears, with little cap space, would have to cut a couple of valuable assets, (and settle for cheaper options in their place) to accommodate it. I don’t see them doing that for Wentz. Considering how he’s declined since 2017 and is injury prone, and combine that with the risk of him not having a resurgence, the Eagles have to be looking at this like a salary dump.

  5. cdewolf1

    I’m sure Wentz is shell shocked after being crushed by the poor blocking and lack of open receivers for the past couple of seasons. The Eagles’ LT is a project player taken in the 7th round who had never played football until he was drafted… and he’s not their worst OL. They’re all old or hurt or both. They need to shore up the OL and get Carson a couple of talented skill position guys. The Alabama wideout would be a nice start. Trade Ertz who has lost a step and get some draft capital to build the line. Goddert is the future now.

    Wentz is a solid person and has the talent. His 2017 season proved that. He was elite. He also plays his butt off and competes despite the poor talent around him. If they have to deal him then I hope they get a lot back. Otherwise expect more of the same from Hurts or whoever replaces Hurts when his turn comes to face the unfair criticism.

    The GM is largely to fault for what we see here. Case in point, Jason Peters.

  6. MileHighFan

    Wentz’s current value is a reflection of three things: his declining stats, his injuries, and his huge contract. All three of those things add up to taking a massive risk that could sink your team for the next 3 years. I wouldn’t give more than a couple of 3rd round picks for him at this point.

  7. flagsrup

    If Wentz dosen’t want to be in Philly then he won’t be fixable in Philly either, especially with an almost totally revamped coaching staff except for Stout. Get him out of Philly as he won’t have his heart or soul into playing for the Eagles anymore. Hope Howie doesn’t screw this up!!

  8. Rich

    Statistically Goff and Wentz are very similar and fairly average with diminishing potential. Philadelphia was reported to want what the Lions got for Stafford in a trade for Wentz.

    While there may be more desperate teams as the QB supply shrinks, they shouldn’t be comparing Wentz’ value to Stafford, but rather the unload cost compared to Goff. Wentz has a bit of higher cost to cut after two-years as compared to Goff.

    • rondon

      Plus, there was a QB salary exchange with the Lions and the Rams. If the Eagles want someone to take on that albatross contract, the return will be way less than what the Lions got for Stafford. And Wentz is just not in the same league with Stafford. He’s had ONE great year while Stafford has had a fairly consistently higher level of play for much longer, on a far weaker team.

  9. n2northsiders

    Reports are the Bears are interested in Wentz. The Bears need an elite / franchise quarterback and Wentz ain’t it. I say, don’t waste draft capital on a guy who couldn’t win in Philly and most certainly won’t win in Chicago

  10. cdewolf1

    Wentz is either the best, or close to the best, QB option still available. Watson may or may not be available, and he’ll cost a boat-load of picks after last year’s production. Outside of Derek Carr, who’s only rumored to be available, who else is available? Marcus Mariota maybe? The Eagles need to hold tight with Carson and wait for a good offer, whatever that might be.

    Until this O-line gets fixed and some talented skill players arrive, even Patrick Mahomes would not succeed in this offense. Mahomes got destroyed in the Superbowl because he had no protection and he had ELITE offensive weapons in Hill and Kelce.

    Wentz got sacked 50 times in 12 games in 2020. Average of 4.2/game. Hurts for sacked 13x in 4 games, average of 3.25/game. That’s a little better, but not appreciably so. He also threw 6 TD’s and 4 picks, QBR 41. Wentz threw 16TDs, 15 INT’s and 49.6 QBR. There’s no significant difference in these stats. They’re both poor and both guys are talented. The reality is the talent around them stinks. With the weapons he had at Oklahoma, Hurts was Heisman worthy. With a healthy line and more weapons around Wentz in 2017 he was MVP worthy. Looks what he did with 4th and 5th string receivers in 2019. That was incredible.

    As for the injury issues. Wentz literally broke his back for one of the injuries and tore his ACL diving for a touchdown. He converted the 2 point conversion standing on a torn ACL and walked off the field on it. I’m not sure breaking your back makes you injury prone. Getting hit by 300lb guys 15 times a game can be bad for your body.

    Dude is tough and gives it his all. Hate that our fans can’t appreciate him and see the forest through the trees. If the Bears don’t want him real bad, keep number 11 under center and protect the guy. He’ll come around once he stays upright for a series or two.

  11. flagsrup

    If a guy says he doesn’t want to be with his team any more the best thing to do is to unload him via trade or just release him. Releasing him doesn’t eliminate the dead money hit and you would not get anything in return for him. So trading him is the only realistic alternative. He still has a strong arm, more so than anyone out there as a QB for trade and his playing faults appear to be correctable. Although he still hasn’t learned when to just throw the ball away. Perhaps if reunited with either Reich or Flip, he can become a complete QB as far as the locker room and coachability are concerned.

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