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With Carson Wentz now a member of the Colts, the next quarterback domino to fall could be Sam Darnold. The former second overall pick’s status is up in the air, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s starting for the Jets next season or if he’s shipped out for whatever trade compensation New York can get. In a recent piece, Rich Cimini of runs through all the plausible scenarios for Darnold.

Trade him and draft a quarterback, keep him and take the best player available at number two, or keep him and trade down with a team looking for a passer. Cimini writes that “there are some who believe” the Jets could get more for Darnold than the Eagles got for Wentz. Philly, of course, got a third-round pick and a second-rounder that can turn into a first-rounder if Wentz plays 75 percent of the snaps for Indy this season. We heard just yesterday that potential compensation for Darnold would be a second-rounder, but apparently others in league circles think it would take more.

One league source highlighted to Cimini that Darnold is under team control relatively cheaply for the next two years as a reason why. If the Jets do decide to throw in the towel on Darnold and start over, Cimini writes that his “hunch” is that it would be for BYU’s Zach Wilson with the second pick.

Interestingly, Cimini says that a source from one team that had inquired with the Jets about trading for the former USC star “came away with the impression Darnold won’t be dealt.” We heard a couple weeks ago that multiple teams had called about Darnold, and it doesn’t sound like those calls were too productive.

Many have treated it like a foregone conclusion that Darnold will be dumped this offseason, but that sentiment is probably misguided. If he is dealt, one hypothetical trade that Cimini floats is between the Jets and Washington, with the teams swapping first-round picks (19 & 23), and Washington sending their second-rounder this year and their third-rounder next year.

If they stand pat at number two and don’t trade Darnold or trade down, Cimini currently projects them to take LSU receiver Ja’Marr Chase as the best player available. We should hear a lot more about Darnold in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned.

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34 comments on “Latest On Jets, Sam Darnold

  1. RyanO

    I remember reading before 2019 trade deadline that the only guys who weren’t available were quinnen & darnold so it will be interesting to see if Douglas has soured on him.

    Basically comes down to darnold vs qbs available to them at 2, not sure if they really are better. I do think Wilson has that ‘it’ factor to him though.

    I don’t see jets trading down unless a team overpays (maybe panthers) they already have a lot of picks Over next 2 drafts and need more blue chip players. Also don’t see them drafting a receiver at 2 don’t think any of them are Calvin Johnson good to take em there.

    I’d like to see them draft Sewell and move mekhi to RT and set up a dominant line for next decade and see what sam has next year. Maybe sign him to cheap extension before season w/ limited guaranteed $.

    • smytds

      @RyanO I think you’re right. That’s the best thing for a team that still has a long way to go to be viable.

      • phenomenalajs

        You’ve seen my comments before. I totally agree. Sewell should be the pick. Chase is good but he’s not the best player available at #2. I think the Jets could find a good offensive skill position player at #23. I’d love it if they signed Allen Robinson and took the best TE or RB available. The Penn State TE could be there at #23.

        • jopeness

          @padam & phenom, agreed, the WR corp means nothing if the QB has only 3 seconds to throw. Becton was a great pick and to follow that up with Sewell would be best way forward. both edges covered allow darnold to build a little more confidence and perhaps better decisions. if there isn’t improvement then they have their answer and then move on. it’s not like they are in a win now mode or have only a 2 yr window for success.

  2. afsooner02

    I can’t believe this guy would have that much value….why would you give up a first in a draft with potentially 7 QBs in it (I think there’s only 2 that will become long term QBs) to take a guy who in 3 seasons hasn’t shown any promise of being a franchise qb. I do understand the jets are a dumpster fire and he had protection or WRs to throw to, but what was that regression from 19 to 20? He looked absolutely lost so many times last year.

    I’d offer no more than a third for him and even that’s too much. I guess maybe if you get him on another team he might be a totally different QB, but he is going to need a serious QB coach and a LOT of studying and work to get him to average level in the league.

    But I guess he’s better than Rosen…..

    • padam

      Have you seen who he has had to support him on offense? And how about the coach? There’s a reason the kid was drafted third overall – I’d give him a little more slack and see what he can do. They have so many holes, fixing one you addressed only a couple of years later isn’t going to really solve anything unless that player is Lawrence. And even he would have a miserable time on that team until they could assemble some talent.

  3. parx

    How is Sam darnold worth that ridiculous draft compensation when he’s maybe the nfl quarterback who is worse than Mitch trubisky? This has too all be lies, every defense of darnold in these comments could 100% be used for Rosen his first year in Arizona and it was a 4 or 5 to get him? The jets are a dumpster fire but so are plenty of defenses darnold faced and he has never even put a good half of football together let alone a whole game, wentz is done but at least he played elite at 1 point in his career, darnold has done nothing ever at all

  4. GabeOfThrones

    If he isn’t good enough to start for the Jets why would he be good enough to start somewhere else?

    • mrshyguy99

      Because it isn’t fair to say he can’t start anywhere else because he had poor supporting cast and coach wasn’t that good . Alex smith was in this same spot and look at him now . Same goes for Sam give him a good coach and some players on offense and see what he can do

  5. billneftleberg

    Darnold was never given any kind of support by Gase, keep Darnold and draft Sewell and build a team that Saleh, can compete with. The Jets offensive and Defensive lines suck, and Douglas knows he has to build both up. He has Quinnen Williams and Becton but one player on each line can’t do it alone. So keep Darnold and let Saleh work with him, or more correctly the QB coach. Gase did nothing to help him

    • fathead0507

      Why so Wilson can have another terrible line , and less weapons in a division he has no shot to win for the next 5yrs

      • arty!

        A couple of reasons. First, off the field him & his wife would be in NYC, easy marketing there for both.

        As for the football side, use their 2nd first on a OL. Grab either Godwin or A Robinson as FA’s. Then you still have other picks to build around Wilson.

  6. letmeclearmythroat74

    I would say of the QBs available via free agency , I’d take Dalton. You can win with him. I would take him over Cam, Winston …. I actually think they could compete in that division with Dalton in Chicago … at least for a wildcard. Dalton is a better passer and game manager than Trubisky. However if they don’t get some weapons around any QB in Chicago … forget about it … says Lefty

  7. phillyballers

    You have to be realistic about your future.

    Which of these needs can/should be solved long term or bridge the gap via FA and where do you need to spend the draft capital. They need real talent at Corner, Pass Rushing, WR, OL.

    If they draft Pewell – they can cut Fant and move Becton to RT.

    At 23 they can draft a WR and cut Crowder. Would also cut Henry Anderson. Restructure CJ Mosely.

    That gives them about 72M to play with in FA, less 5 or so M to sign their draft picks.

    There will be so many cap causalities this year, the Jets could in theory put together a competitive squad of mercs. If they spend their money wisely. Corner, DE, DT, WR.

    I think Chris Godwin, Ju-Ju, Galloday? I think 1 headliner, 1 from the draft, and then depth in FA. Or bring back Crowder cheaper.

    • mrshyguy99

      At this point who knows but Shannon might want a more experienced QB like a waston or Matt who they try to trade for .

  8. SRT392

    I think they should trade Darnold and draft Wilson. Time to move on. Darnold may very well become a serviceable qb but I think that is his ceiling. Wilson on the other hand could become an elite qb plus the Jets have the picks and money to build around him.

  9. NYY42

    I am not saying Donald is better or worse than Tannahill but the Jets are in a tricky situation. Can imagine letting him go for a 3rd round pick and he turns into what they thought they had?

    And end up with a Ryan Leaf type draft pick at #2

  10. Dwindy1

    Trade Darnold and the draft picks the Jets got for Jamal Adams from the Seahawks back to Seahawks for Russell Wilson and see how it goes…

  11. MileHighFan

    That 2nd pick is what the Jets need to trade.

    Move down about 5 or 6 spots and get a couple 2nd rounders in the process that you can use to help Darnold out. All of a sudden you have three new starters and a quarterback with weapons.

  12. jwoh13512

    If your going to keep Darnold I’d trade down a few picks and pick up some extra draft picks. The jets have a lot of holes to fill so they should still get a real solid player a few picks later and then maybe another starter with the additional draft pick.

  13. CoachWe

    I think Darnold has skillz, but needs the help (weapons & protection). I had thought that the Pats would swap 15 for 23 for Darnold, but Washington is willing to throw in two additional high picks, which is surprising.

  14. mstrblstr2

    Trading Darnold is not the answer for the Jets. Put some protection in front of Darnold for a change and give the QB time to throw. Add an older experienced back up and trade the early 1st rounder for additional picks. The Jets don’t and haven’t managed their draft properly for years. Pick up an OL and a real RB, TE and stop playing stop gap players. Darnold was supposed to be a long term fix at QB and at times has shown flashes of brilliance but the supporting cast around him including coaches has been subpar. Changing QB’s now and leaving protection the same is going to net exactly what you have or worse with a rookie at the helm. Not too many Mahomes’ out there to turn it all around yourself. And like we saw in the SB, with lack of protection even Mahomes is just a little above average!

  15. vinman66

    Darnald is not going to amount to nothing but AVG. for the Jets to be a contender they have to start by trying to get a all star QB 1st. Then build from there. Like the Bills & Browns did.

  16. xpensivewinos

    He’s doing his best Jay Cutler impersonation in that photo…….

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