Lions Expected To Franchise WR Kenny Golladay?

You could make a good argument that Kenny Golladay is the top free agent wideout, but there’s a chance he won’t even make it that far. Multiple sources have told CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora that the Lions will ultimately slap Golladay with the franchise tag.

It would make sense for the Lions to follow that route, especially from a financial perspective. As La Canfora notes, the going rate for a player of Golladay’s caliber is probably around $19MM. The franchise tag is expected to come in around $16MM, which is a significant discount on a Pro Bowler. Plus, if the Lions commit to a full rebuild and clear house, franchising and subsequently trading Golladay would garner the front office some extra draft assets.

On the flip side, Golladay probably won’t be too thrilled about having to settle for the franchise tag, especially after he was unable to work out an extension with the organization during the 2020 season. The Lions have also hired a new coaching staff, revamped their front office, and traded franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford, an indication that they may be bottoming out before becoming contenders. While Golladay hasn’t been a headache during his tenure in Detroit (he even said that he’d welcome a return), the wideout would have non-financial reasons to not be thrilled with his situation.

The 2017 third-round burst onto the scene during his sophomore campaign, and he followed that up with a Pro Bowl campaign in 2019, hauling in 65 receptions for 1,190 yards and 11 touchdowns. Injuries limited Golladay to only five games in 2020, with the 27-year-old compiling 20 receptions for 338 yards and two scores.

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16 comments on “Lions Expected To Franchise WR Kenny Golladay?

    • I hope the Lions are looking to tag and trade. If he walks they get a 3rd comp but I think he could garner a 2nd and 5th in a tag and trade.

      • elmedius

        Yeah, but Jones and Amendola are probably gone too. There’s got to be someone other than Hockenson to throw to or Goff/draft pick don’t stand a chance.

        • downeysoft42

          Yeah I agree I think galloday locked up if it were to happen with hockenson and they have a few decent o linemen shouldnt result in a major loss of offense if swift can take a major role. Keep drafting and developing defense. Pull a panthers and draft it with all your picks.

      • BSHH

        Please excuse me if this is a stupid question: Would the Lions possibly get any compensation picks if Golladay walks next year after being franchised?


    • Perksy

      Can they afford him? They don’t have the greatest cap situation plus need pass rushers among other things.

  1. bradthebluefish

    “You could make a good argument that Kenny Golladay is the top free agent wideout”

    Even though he was injured for the majority of the season and barely surpassed 300 yards!? He’s a great WR but he’s not the top WR of 2021.

  2. jay13

    Good to see the Lions keeping Golladay off the market for now. I personally don’t want to see him go. If we could find a way to get out of the Jamie Collins and Hal Vaitai contracts, that would be fantastic(although Vaitai looked solid at Guard).

    • jay13

      My mistake, I meant Trey Flowers. Jamie Collins could play in any system. Flowers has not impressed me much.

      • Stat_head

        PFF ranks Flowers as the 9th best edge defender. He’s not the problem.

  3. phillyballers

    I wish they would update the OVERTHECAP number for the Goff/Stafford trade. That way we’d know how much cap space they actually have.

    That being said. You need weapons for any QB. Getting rid of your best offensive weapon is not a good plan. Franchise him, tag & trade him if you have to, but you then need to draft a WR in round 1 or 2. Ja’Marr Chase could be there. But I’d still probably go Micah Parsons – could be an Urlacher-type mainstay. That or trade down a slot and pick-up more picks.

    • oldleftylong

      Parsons is exactly what the Lions need to start the rebuild. WR can be addressed later rounds.

    • kzoobrewcrew

      Goff needs to rework his deal if he wants a shot at being a starter two years from now

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