Mike Tomlin Has COVID-19

Unfortunate news to pass along, as Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has been diagnosed with COVID-19, sources told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter link).

Needless to say, Tomlin is now away from the facility as the team gets ready for free agency and draft prep. It sounds like there may have been something of an outbreak on the staff, as Rapoport notes that the team confirmed numerous personnel execs and coaches were sent home after multiple positive tests came up.

One of those positives was Tomlin, who despite having coached Pittsburgh for the past 14 seasons is still on the younger side of NFL coaches at 48. The pandemic wreaked havoc on the league all season, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change in the offseason even without games being played.

With almost everything related to the draft and free agency virtual these days anyway, this hopefully shouldn’t hinder the Steelers’ process too much. All of us here at PFR wish Tomlin a full and speedy recovery.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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11 comments on “Mike Tomlin Has COVID-19

  1. I just Butt-fumbled

    Damn, haven’t heard an NFL Coach/Player get the virus for a while now.

    • DarkSide830

      well to be fair, unless anyone wanted to pass it along no one’s needed to know since there were games to be played.

  2. Wade Herbers

    Won’t slow them down much I’d bet……..All onlin and over phones/texts……If he doesn’t get real sick he can handle all his work from home this time of year.

  3. rxbrgr

    For healthy people like I assume Tomlin is, this is kind of like making posts and generating traffic for an announcing like “Mike Pouncey contracts the flu.”

    • alwaysgo4two

      Do you realize that you have just walked into it? Get ready for a lot of numbers to come your way.
      I’ll just stand back and watch.

        • jsay2948

          Why do you have to be a jerk about it? Why can’t you just say “Hope he has a mild case.” Or “Get well soon.” – what is the purpose of this, other than to be a jerk and try to start something?

          • mario crosby

            Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  4. forwhomjoshbelltolled

    Mike Tomlin didn’t choose to get Covid, but he did choose UPMC.

    Or are the Steelers with AHN?

    Either way, he’s in good hands.

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